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north africa journey to timbuktu original from au 14 days ex bamako itinerary day 1 bamako mali s capital is alive to the sound of music motorbikes and people trading their wares left right and centre day 2 djenne an early breakfast prepares us for a journey through dogon country stop off at the towns of segou and san before arriving in the lively market town djenne days 3-5 dogon trek after a visit to the local market we make our way to the bandiagara escarpment hike through villages and get a taste of traditional life through village visits stop by nombori known for it gardens between the village and the sand dunes see the masks of tirelli and continue on to amani for a visit to the sacred crocodile pool day 6 mopti after a final hike between cliffs and narrow corridors swap boots for bus and travel to the historic port town of mopti take the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour go solo and explore the bustling markets or soak up the serenity of the mosque days 7-9 niger river cruise

morocco morocco express original au$885 · nz$1125 9 days ex marrakesh departs weekly from mar to oct itinerary day 1 marrakesh head down to djemaa el-fna and be transported to a world of snake charmers spice merchants and fortune tellers this open-air circus is also a great place to feast on delicious local cuisine day 2 ait benhaddou travel to this world heritage-listed site recently a setting for `gladiator wander through the maze of narrow streets or relax by the poolside terrace as the clay walls turn pink under the gaze of the setting sun days 3-4 imlil escape to the tranqillity of the remote village of imlil our base for treks in the surrounding mountains enjoy traditional hospitality in our simple gite hike into the high atlas mountains or simply soak up the stunning scenery days 5-6 essaouira we leave the valleys of the magical high atlas mountains behind bound for essaouira with its whitewashed houses cobblestone streets and colourful fishing fleet essaouira is a

morocco slopes of toubkal active from au 8 days ex marrakesh itinerary day 1 marrakesh the adventure begins in marrakech spectacularly ringed by the tall sheer peaks of the atlas mountains discover the charms of morocco s `pearl of the south while rambling through the city s ancient quarters in the evening head to the enormous djemma el fna to watch it come alive with snake charmers acrobats jugglers and musicians the area also converts into a huge outdoor restaurant where all types of local delicacies can be savoured day 2 tizi oussem from imi n oughlad we take a leisurely walk through green terraces and beautiful wildflowers and cross the tizi techt pass enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the national park below a downhill walk takes us to the terraced village of aid aissa before we head back uphill to the remote berber village of tizi oussem at 1,900m above sea level and set among apple orchards cherry and walnut trees this is a picturesque home for the night day 3 lepiney refuge

morocco comfort morocco comfort 01 jan 28 feb · 01 oct 31 dec 01 mar 30 sep 12 days casablanca to marrakesh itinerary day 1 casablanca with its french-influenced heritage this busy port city has a distinctly european feel splurge at one of the bayside seafood restaurants or dive into a hole-in-the-wall inside the old medina for a local dining experience days 2-3 fes take a walk through the grand seaside hassan ii mosque before departing for fes considered one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the arab world following a guided walk there is ample time to explore this fascinating city to finish the day you may like to soak up the incredible views over the medina while sipping on a cocktail day 4 meknes be transported back to ancient rome at the hilltop city of volubilis in the afternoon we arrive at meknes the former imperial capital of morocco and once home to more than 50 palaces days 5-6 marrakesh with its atlas mountain backdrop maze of souqs and myriad tranquil gardens

egypt welcome to wow maybe you re thinking is there a country called wow for sure no but i call egypt like that because everywhere you go you say wow there is such a mix of monuments pharaonic greco-roman turkish coptic islamic as for nature it s a very magnificent tableau red sea mediterranean sea the nile deserts oases mountains then there s the egyptians the people who cannot live without smiling as an egyptian i feel so proud of my country or shall i say of my paradise working with intrepid gives me the chance to show how much i love it so shall i hear you say wow on my next trip esam abd el salam leader middle east basix basix au$1435 · nz$1825 22 days amman to cairo itinerary day 1 amman arrive early to experience the ruins of jerash and the ultra-saline waters of the dead sea days 2-3 petra explore the awesome stone structures of petra once the capital of the nabataeans day 4 wadi rum follow in the footsteps of lawrence of arabia and camp with local bedouins in this

egypt discover egypt original 01 jun 31 aug 15 days ex cairo departs every sun selected thu itinerary days 1-2 cairo with its eclectic mix of ancient and modern cairo is a great place to start it is an extraordinary feeling to behold the nearby pyramids and sphinx for the first time days 3-4 aswan nestled between the desert and the nile aswan is an exotic gateway to the rest of africa visit a local nubian village for a night of food music and dance a side trip to abu simbel is possible days 5-6 felucca sit back and take in rural egyptian life while drifting down the nile on a felucca at night we slumber aboard under the stars days 7-8 luxor a donkey ride takes us to the ancient hieroglyphs and royal tombs of the valley of the kings we also visit the spectacular temple complex of karnak day 9 hurghada cross the desert for an overnight stay in ad-dahar near the red sea resort town of hurghada days 10-11 nuweiba catch a ferry across to the sinai region where desert terrain feeds into

egypt egypt experience comfort 01 jun 31 aug 12 days ex cairo itinerary days 1-2 cairo colourful cairo simply overflows with character visit the majestic sphinx and the sole surviving wonder of the ancient world the great pyramid of giza wander the halls of the massive egyptian museum and lose yourself among the ancient treasures on display be sure also to spend some time brushing up on your bargaining skills in the souqs days 3-4 alexandria travel to alexandria via the coptic church complex at wadi natrun which dates from the 3rd century ad in alexandria head underground and delve into the mysteries of the kom ash-shuqqafa catacombs before a fresh seafood lunch days 5-6 aswan in picture-perfect aswan explore the vibrant market watch the sunset over the nile from our gliding felucca and later enjoy a traditional nubian dinner a short flight to abu simbel takes us to the massive stone temples of ramses ii carved deep into the mountainside days 7-9 nile river visit the unfinished

egypt cairo to istanbul original 01 jun 31 aug 21 days cairo to istanbul itinerary day 1 cairo chaotic and colourful cairo excites the senses day 2 mt sinai climb to the summit for panoramic views day 3 nuweiba snorkel the spectacular underwater world of the red sea day 4 aqaba take a ferry to biblical jordan and the resort of aqaba day 5 wadi rum spend the night under the stars with local bedouins days 6-7 petra explore captivating petra an ancient city carved out of a sheer rock day 8 madaba today offers a chance to float in the dead sea and wander through madaba famous for its byzantine mosaics day 9 amman climb to the old citadel for views over the city days 10-11 damascus wander the ancient streets of damascus visiting the stunning umayyad mosque and its many bazaars day 12 palmyra the remains of this former silk road city rise hauntingly from the desert day 13 krak des chevaliers see the former headquarters of the knights hospitaller days 14-15 aleppo visit the striking

middle east jordan egypt unplugged basix 01 jun 31 aug 9 days amman to cairo departs selected sun itinerary day 1 amman arrive early and visit the roman ruins of jerash or the site of jesus baptism by the banks of the river jordan days 2-3 petra hidden by towering walls of rock the ancient city of petra is an incredible sight day 4 wadi rum travel through extraordinary desert scenery and sleep under the starry skies with our bedouin friends days 5-6 nuweiba cross the gulf of aqaba to reach the red sea beach camp of nuweiba snorkel through beautiful reefs or kick back on the golden sands day 7 mt sinai enjoy fantastic desert views from the top of mt sinai and visit st katherine s monastery built around the site of moses burning bush days 8-9 cairo with its crowded souqs treasure-filled museums and nearby pyramids cairo provides the perfect end for our adventure accommodation guesthouses/hotels 5 nts beach hut 2 nts desert camp 1 nt transport bus ferry taxi group size max 12

middle east arabian nights original 01 jun 31 aug 9 days ex muscat itinerary days 1-2 muscat this enchanting city is flanked by barren peaks on one side and the gulf of oman on the other see why this is probably the most beautiful of all gulf cities on a guided walk past the city s grand palaces forts and an old souq day 3 finns beach head along the rugged coastline to the fishing village of quriyat still guarded by its 17th century watchtower at our beach campsite dive into the sublime waters of the gulf or relax on the white sandy beach day 4 qahid there is much to see en route to our camp by the arabian sea travel to the breathtaking canyon oasis of wadi shab see dhows traditional sailing boats in action at the port town of sur and enjoy a picnic lunch at a desert oasis day 5 desert camp take an exhilarating drive across the rich red dunes of the wahiba sands keep an eye out for bedouins who roam the lands herding their goats and camels enjoy omani hospitality as we camp under a