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26 27 standard features and materials footwear and gloves features contour_cut to improve flexibility and comfort all ion wetsuits come with the ion contour_cut it greatly enhances flex in the collar wrists elbows insteps and the back of the knees tatex_grip tatex_grip renowned for its abrasion resistant performance we found that tatex especially when wet provides incredible grip ion have set new standards with outstanding non-slip performance of our gloves especially when holding a bar boom or paddle when placed on the span it offers a reliable and comfortable fit in the footstraps tatex_glue tatex_glue by applying an additional layer of tatex_glue on the gbs_seams they become even more waterproof and tear resistant due to it being an incredibly complex process it is only applied to premium ion products w seam_reinforcements e all stress points that come under a lot of force are reinforced with either melco_tape on the inside seams or rubber logo patches on the outside of the suit

44 45 versatile f r o ntzip e x perienc e double lined semidry 5/4 dl item no 48602-4430 gbs icy cold cool mild warm tropic an ultra slim sealing technology on the outside for a longer lasting lifespan this fine seam sealing provides increased elasticity freedom of movement and comfort in one smart package it even works in a variety of colours creating an individual and technical look for our new ion select models product update powerseam 0°c – 9°c 32°f – 48°f onyx select power_seam w e ninja_knees w a t features tatex_protection seam_reinforcements seal_tite contour_cut drain_holes key_loop ninja_spine new by mimicking the concept of the ninja_knees we deliver the same freedom of movement to places we think it’s necessary by incorporating a small striped insert between the back and the buttock panels more flexibility is provided for rotation and stretch materials repellen-si e r semidry 4/3 dl item no 48602-4431

62 63 capture hybrid prog ressi v e j uni o r l ine line concept hybrid a performance orientated hybrid concept sure to give the mini shredder the best of both worlds skin and double lined neoprene incorporating high-tech design features from ion the windchill protection of this suit is nothing less than outstanding robust flexible and toasty warm the capture hybrid is the perfect companion for a young hotshot gbs wetsuit target group features gate_keeper water_gate only semidry styles seam_reinforcements contour_cut leg_loop drain_holes sunglass_loop key_loop s junior shredders looking for windchill protection and hybrid performance to give them the best of both worlds n i o grom level r w a price t e specs r 2 0 1 flex factor heat factor windchill factor 6 windchill protection added protection at the torso robust nylon and l-tex protection water_gate_plus semidry 5/4 hyb item no 48502-4609 carry-over item sizes and colorways lime/blue sizes junior 4/104 semidry 5/4 hyb

82 83 w o me n me n men wome n neo zip top men ls 2/1 sk neo zip top women ls 2/1 sk item no 48502-4202 carry-over item fl item no 48503-4217 carry-over item mid jim 2,5 mid mary 2,5 item no 48602-4101 new product fs item no 48603-4103 new product fs fl transitio sizes 46/xs 48/s 50/m 52/l 54/xl 56/xxl black colorways sizes 34/xs 36/s 38/m 40/l 42/xl black colorways n t features flat_lock flexible non irritating seams slip_loop fix the boardshorts sunglass_loop materials smooth_skin hot_stuff s_type neoprene e c sizes normal 46/xs 48/s 50/m 52/l 54/xl black colorways wate men wome n long john 2,5 long jane 2,5 item no 48602-4100 product update fs item no 48503-4110 product update features flat_lock key_loop glide_skin leg sealing sizes normal 34/xs 36/s 38/m 40/l 42/xl black colorways materials s_type neoprene legs bi_poly quickdry upper body fs r 2 0 w o me n me n monoshorty 2,0 dl 1 6 item no 48402-4120 monoshorty 0,5 dl carry-over item fs sizes normal 46/xs 48/s

100 101 neo accessories neo accessories line concept neo shelter jacket neo cruise jacket neo cosy coat neo hoody hooded neo vest 3/2 in the ion point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item therefore the neo accessories are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration extend your session with our selection of neo accessories – protecting you and keeping you warm n e me n me n neo shelter jacket neo cruise jacket item no 48602-4112 product update fl item no 48600-4113 o new product fl a c c hooded neo vest 2/1 neo hood 3/2 neo hood 2/1 bandit gaiter melange beanie safety beanie essoriewa neo logo beanie neo grace beanie wooly beanie neo bommel beanie sonic headband 3,0 ster sizes 48/s 50/m 52/l 54/xl black blue colorways sizes 48/s 50/m 52/l 54/xl green colorways 2 0 1 6 tank top men

118 119 harness technology construction wire tec new floating_buckle system a new patent pending line setup designed to spread the load evenly and banish irritating pressure points new a new feature that provides improved comfort and support by allowing the buckle to rotate both horizontally and vertically x-spine 2.0 – 3.0 support_cushion x-style shaped and thermo moulded eva protection that protects the back without stiffening the harness an internal neoprene cushioning provides a soft and comfortable support to the riders back invisible_seam invisible_seam lo_weight seamlessly connecting the supporting structure with the soft_edge ensures a smooth transition from the mid section of the harness to the neoprene rim essentially water resistant full moulded eva construction which guarantees a light weight harness even when in use twister a neoprene construction that allows the harness to twist around the body especially when worn without a wetsuit women´s x-spine new

138 139 windsurf overview windsurf waist harness hybrid support flex item no item no 48602-4736 tritium 48602-4731 radium select hawa item no item no 48602-4732 radius 48602-4730 radium trneesrsw 2 i 0 n 1 d 6 item no item no 48602-4730 maddox 48603-4745 jade surf windsurf seat harness support flex item no item no 48603-4746 pearl 48602-4739

156 157 small wheelie suspect bag l item no 48600-7001 product update item no 48600-7004 boardbags product update boardbag tec hnology new feature sizes 56 × 35 × 23  8 cm 35  10 l extendable weight 4,5 kg petrol colorways sizes 75 × 40 × 35 cm 70 l weight 1,65 kg black colorways features hand luggage hard bottom construction laundry compartment detachable shoulder strap features classic duffel bag double shoulder strap mesh pockets on the inside new feature rail_guard profile_tec put your mind at ease with the new rail_guard feature covering the full rail of the board the thick piping protects the rails from clumsy baggage handlers over zealous taxi drivers and all other kinds of impact based on a 8 mm basic foam layer a half circle foam profil with a thickness of 10 mm takes place working as a kind of damping system for your board at the same

174 175 x-over accessories roof rack pads 40 item no 48500-7062 roof rack pads 70 carry-over item sizes length 40 cm grey colorways item no 48500-7063 universal utility bag carry-over item sizes length 70 cm grey colorways features does exactly what it says on the tin a large water repellent bag to carry all your gear before hitting the water or for packing away the wet gear after your session seat towel waterproofed product update carry-over item sizes 35 × 35 × 55 cm black colorways features adaptable to all roof rack profiles non slip silicon print item no 48600-7055 item no 47130-8110 item no 47500-7008 sizes one size colorways materials t80  polyethylene 13  eva 7  polyester neo seat lover item no 47400-7010 universal utility bag zip new product black features the deluxe version of the universal utility bag new wide adjustable buckle and strap across mid section for a perfect fit no matter how

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