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new mike lydon and anthony garcia tactical urbanism the first and full-color guide to tactical urbanism land use planning may 2014 6 x 9 256 pages four-color throughout paperback $21.95 978-1-61091-526-7 e-book $20.99 978-1-61091-567-0 island press trade selling territory worldwide of related interest good urbanism nan ellin short-term community-based projects—from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives—have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists planners and policymakers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond these quick often low-cost and creative projects are the essence of the tactical urbanism movement whether creating vibrant plazas seemingly overnight or re-imagining parking spaces as neighborhood gathering places they offer a way to gain public and government support for investing in permanent projects inspiring residents and civic leaders to experience and shape urban spaces in a new way tactical urbanism

new the worldwatch institute state of the world 2014 governing for sustainability a clear and optimistic approach to governing for sustainability from today’s environmental-thought leaders citizens expect their governments to lead on sustainability but from largely disappointing international conferences like rio ii to the u.s.’s failure to pass meaningful climate legislation governments’ progress has been lackluster that’s not to say leadership is absent it just often comes from the bottom up rather than the top down action—on climate species loss inequity and other sustainability crises—is being driven by local people’s women’s and grassroots movements around the world often in opposition to the agendas pursued by governments and big corporations these diverse efforts are the subject of the latest volume in the worldwatch institute’s highly regarded state of the world series the 2014 edition marking the

new timothy beatley blue urbanism exploring connections between cities and oceans from the godfather of the concept of ‘green urbanism’ comes a new approach to integrating ocean health into our urban planning and policies what would it mean to live in cities designed to foster feelings of connectedness to the ocean as coastal cities begin planning for climate change and rising sea levels author timothy beatley sees opportunities for rethinking the relationship between urban development and the ocean modern society is more dependent upon ocean resources than people are commonly aware of—from oil and gas extraction to wind energy to the vast amounts of fish harvested globally to medicinal compounds derived from sea creatures and more in blue urbanism beatley argues that given all we’ve gained from the sea city policies plans and daily urban life should acknowledge and support a healthy ocean environment land use planning oceans july 2014 6 x 9 184 pages 45

new nico larco kristin kelsey and amanda west site design for multifamily housing creating livable connected neighborhoods a uniquely practical handbook for planners developers and designers to help promote livability and sustainability in suburban areas the united states is over eighty percent urbanized yet over half of the population still lives in suburban settings characterized by low-density automobile-dependent development with separated land uses these disconnected and isolated models of development have been linked to increased greenhouse-gas emissions and reduced quality of life health and social connections in site design for multifamily housing creating livable connected neighborhoods the authors explain that creating more livable and vital communities is within reach and the design and development of multifamily housing is a key component to reaching this goal multifamily housing is an important component of increasing density which is necessary to achieve connectivity for

new alliance for biking walking bicycling and walking in the united states 2014 benchmarking report an essential resource for government officials and advocates working to promote bicycling and walking bicycling and walking in the united states 2014 benchmarking report is an essential resource and tool for government officials advocates and those working to promote bicycling and walking the benchmarking project is an on-going effort by the alliance for biking walking to collect and analyze data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states and the 52 most populous u.s cities this fourth biennial report also includes 17 new small and midsized cities as a pilot benchmarking effort data highlighted in this report reveal bicycling and walking levels and demographics public health indicators bicycle and pedestrian safety the economic impact of bicycling and walking funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects written policies on bicycling and walking bicycle infrastructure bicycling and

new edited by george wuerthner eileen crist and tom butler keeping the wild against the domestication of earth a passionate call for wild nature is it time to embrace the so-called “anthropocene”—the age of human dominion—and to abandon tried-and-true conservation tools such as parks and wilderness areas is the future of earth to be fully domesticated an engineered global garden managed by technocrats to serve humanity the schism between advocates of rewilding and those who accept and even celebrate a “post-wild” world is arguably the hottest intellectual battle in contemporary conservation science nature may 2014 6 x 9 248 pages paperback $24.95 978-1-61091-558-8 e-book $23.99 978-1-61091-559-5 island press short selling territory worldwide of related interest in keeping the wild a group of prominent scientists writers and conservation activists responds to the anthropocene-boosters who claim that wild nature is no more or in any case not much

newly designed hardcover national association of city transportation officials urban bikeway design guide second edition a new and accessible design of the urban bikeway design guide second edition nacto’s urban bikeway design guide quickly emerged as the preeminent resource for designing safe protected bikeways in cities across the united states it has been completely re-designed with an even more accessible layout the guide offers updated graphic profiles for all of its bicycle facilities a subsection on bicycle boulevard planning and design and a survey of materials used for green color in bikeways the guide continues to build upon the fast-changing state of the practice at the local level it responds to and accelerates innovative street design and practice around the nation the national association of city transportation officials nacto is a membership network that provides support and resources for city transportation officials in cities of all sizes member cities are

new peter h gleick the world s water volume 8 the biennial report on freshwater resources the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available about the world’s freshwater resources produced biennially the world’s water is the most comprehensive and up-toto date source of information and analysis on freshwater resources each new volume examines critical global trends and offers the best data available on a variety of topics related to water volume 8 features chapters on hydraulic fracturing fracking water footprints sustainable water jobs and desalination financing among other timely issues water briefs provide concise updates on topics including the dead-sea and the role of water in the syrian conflict the world’s water is coauthored by macarthur “genius” peter h gleick and his colleagues at the world-renowned pacific institute since the first volume was published in 1998 the series has become an indispensable resource for professionals in

new thomas j wilbanks and dan bilello john davis climate change and energy supply and use big wild and connected technical report for the u.s department of energy in support of the national climate assessment developed to inform the 3rd national climate assessment and a landmark study in terms of its breadth and depth of coverage and conducted under the auspices of the u.s department of energy climate change and energy supply and use examines the known effects and relationships of climate change variables on energy production and supply including oil gas thermal electricity and renewable energy knowledge of today’s available energy forms is constantly surfacing and changing in the face of climate change making it increasingly important to enhance communication about various energy supplies this report on energy supply and use summarizes current knowledge especially emerging findings about implications of climate change for energy production and supply oil and gas thermal

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