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new stefano mancuso and alessandra viola brilliant green the surprising history and science of plant intelligence an intriguing and entertaining exploration of plant neurobiology are plants intelligent can they solve problems communicate and navigate their surroundings for centuries philosophers and scientists have argued that plants are unthinking and inert—yet discoveries over the past fifty years have challenged this idea shedding new light on the complex interior lives of plants science biodiversity march 2015 hardcover $20.00 e-book $19.99 in brilliant green leading scientist stefano mancuso presents a new paradigm in our understanding of the vegetal world he argues that plants process information sleep remember and signal to one another—showing that far from passive machines plants are intelligent and aware part botany lesson part manifesto brilliant green is an engaging and passionate examination of the inner workings of the plant kingdom of related interest a

new dan fagin toms river a story of science and salvation 2014 pulitzer prize winner now in paperback environmental health april 2015 the true story of a small town ravaged by industrial pollution toms river won the 2014 pulitzer prize and has been hailed by the new york times as a new classic of science reporting now available in paperback with a new afterword by acclaimed author dan fagin the book masterfully blends hard-hitting investigative journalism scientific discovery and unforgettable characters rooted in a centuries-old scientific quest toms river is an epic tale of dumpers at midnight and deceptions in broad daylight of corporate avarice and government neglect and of a few brave individuals who refused to keep silent until the truth was exposed paperback $18.00 of related interest love canal lois marie gibbs diagnosis mercury jane m hightower 3 dan fagin is an associate professor of journalism and director of the science health and environmental reporting program at new

new the worldwatch institute state of the world 2015 confronting hidden threats to sustainability worldwatch explores climate change s hidden challenges we think we understand environmental damage pollution water scarcity a warming world but these problems are just the tip of the iceberg deeper issues include food insecurity financial assets drained of value by environmental damage and a rapid rise in diseases of animal origin these and other problems are among the underreported consequences of an unsustainable global system energy climate policy law april 2015 paperback $23.00 e-book $22.99 in state of the world 2015 the flagship publication of the worldwatch institute experts explore hidden threats to sustainability and how to address them eight key issues are addressed in depth along with the central question of how we can develop resilience to these and other shocks with the latest edition of state of the world the authorities at worldwatch bring to light challenges we can no

now available from worldwatch institute e-books now available newly released in electronic format all state of the world and vital signs editions dating from 1998 to the present state of the world state of the world 2012 state of the world 2011 state of the world 2010 moving toward sustainable prosperity e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-045-3 innovations that nourish the planet e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-628-8 transforming cultures from consumerism to sustainability e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-629-5 state of the world 2009 state of the world 2008 state of the world 2007 into a warming world e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-630-1 innovations for a sustainable economy e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-631-8 our urban future e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-632-5 state of the world 2006 state of the world 2005 state of the world 2004 special focus china and india e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-633-2 redefining global security e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-634-9 special focus the consumer society e-book $19.99 978-1-61091-635-6

new in paperback alan rabinowitz an indomitable beast the remarkable journey of the jaguar a journey of jaguar conservation and resilience from scientist and storyteller alan rabinowitz the jaguar is one of the most mysterious big cats in the world the largest cat in the americas it has survived an onslaught of threats due to an evolutionary history unique among wild felines and an indomitable spirit so strong it has shaped indigenous cultures on two continents in an indomitable beast the remarkable journey of the jaguar big-cat expert alan rabinowitz shares his own journey to conserve this entrancing species mixing personal discovery and scientific inquiry he sweeps his readers deep into the realm of the jaguar offering fascinating accounts from the field enhanced with maps tables and color plates an indomitable beast brings important new research to life ultimately rabinowitz shows us how the jaguar teaches us better strategies for saving species—and how to save ourselves

new jonathan barnett and larry beasley ecodesign for cities and suburbs a practical introduction to ecodesign and its benefits jonathan barnett and larry beasley demonstrate that a sustainable built and natural environment can be achieved through ecodesign which integrates the practice of planning and urban design with environmental conservation through business practices programs and regulations already in use in most communities ecodesign helps adapt the design of our built environment to both a changing climate and a rapidly growing world creating more desirable places in the process land use planning design june 2015 hardcover $80.00 paper $45.00 e-book $44.99 in six illustrated chapters the authors share ecodesign concepts and illustrate how to implement them they provide an array of solutions including the importance of conserving natural systems while also adapting to climate change minimizing highway and airport congestion through more compact development and increased

new margie ruddick wild by design strategies for creating life-enhancing landscapes renowned sustainable landscape designer shares innovative ideas can nature—in all its unruly wildness—be an integral part of creative landscape design in her beautifully illustrated book wild by design awardwinning designer margie ruddick stretches the boundaries of landscape design offering readers a set of principles for a more creative and intuitive approach to sustainable landscapes—one that looks beyond the rules often imposed by both landscaping convention and sustainability checklists landscape architecture design august 2015 paperback $45.00 e-book $44.99 wild by design defines and explains the five fundamental strategies ruddick employs often in combination to give life beauty and meaning to landscapes reinvention restoration conservation regeneration and expression drawing on her own projects from new york city to chengdu china she offers guidance on creating beautiful

new peter newman and jeffrey kenworthy the end of automobile dependence how cities are moving beyond car-based planning planning less car-centric cities in the end of automobile dependence newman and kenworthy look at how we can accelerate a planning approach to design urban transportation systems that can function reliably and conveniently with alternative modes they show how the automoblie can play a reduced and more manageable role the authors examine the rise and fall of automobile dependence using updated data on 44 global cities to better understand how to facilitate and guide cities toward sustainable outcomes land use planning august 2015 this is the final volume in a trilogy by newman and kenworthy on automobile dependence cities and automobile dependence in 1989 and sustainability and cities overcoming automobile dependence in 1999 like all good trilogies this one shows the rise of an empire in this case that of the automobile the peak of its power and its ultimate decline

new peter w culp robert glennon and gary libecap shopping for water how the market can mitigate water shortages in the american west an essential explanation of the economic intricacies of water access the american west has a long tradition of conflict over water but after 15 years of drought across the region it is no longer simply a conflict—it is a crisis in the face of unprecedented declines in reservoir storage and groundwater reserves throughout the west shopping for water focuses on a set of policies that could contribute to a lasting solution using market forces to facilitate the movement of water resources and to mitigate the risk of water shortages shopping for water begins by reviewing key dimensions of this problem the challenges of population and economic growth the environmental stresses from overuse of common water resources the risk of increasing water supply volatility and the historical disjunction between rural and urban residents over water consumption and

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