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new jonathan barnett and larry beasley ecodesign for cities and suburbs a practical introduction to ecodesign and its benefits jonathan barnett and larry beasley demonstrate that a sustainable built and natural environment can be achieved through ecodesign which integrates the practice of planning and urban design with environmental conservation through business practices programs and regulations already in use in most communities ecodesign helps adapt the design of our built environment to both a changing climate and a rapidly growing world creating more desirable places in the process land use planning design june 2015 hardcover $80.00 paper $45.00 e-book $44.99 in six illustrated chapters the authors share ecodesign concepts and illustrate how to implement them they provide an array of solutions including the importance of conserving natural systems while also adapting to climate change minimizing highway and airport congestion through more compact development and increased convenience of walking cycling and mass transit creating an inviting and environmentally responsible public realm out of parks streets and forgotten spaces and crafting regulations to fulfill consumer preferences and incentivize preferred practices of related interest sprawl repair manual galina tachieva the ecological design and planning reader edited by forster ndubisi jonathan barnett is an emeritus professor of practice in city and regional planning and former director of the urban design program at the university of pennsylvania he is an architect and planner as well as an educator and is the author of numerous books and articles on the theory and practice of city design along with penndesign colleagues gary hack and stefan al he teaches an online course designing cities available on coursera larry beasley is the former chief planner for the city of vancouver he is currently the distinguished practice professor of planning at the university of british columbia and the founding principal of beasley and associates an international planning consultancy beasley is a member of the order of canada his country’s premier civilian honor for lifetime achievement 9 island press www.islandpress.org 800•621•2736