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toll-free 1-800-825-8202 dear friends toll-free fax 1-800-283-7537 www.jfschmidt.com it took a long time but those “better times ahead” that i wrote about in my 2012 catalog letter have finally arrived positive reports of increased demand and brisk sales from customers all across the country are very encouraging market pressures have resulted in significantly higher prices for finished trees in most areas and just in time because the recession sure didn’t drive down expenses along with prices we learned some important survival skills during the years that turned out to be the biggest recession since the great depression continuing to do more with less while being more focused and efficient helps us hold down prices while growing top quality trees for example our decision a decade ago to transition from overhead sprinklers to drip irrigation was an expensive investment it’s paying off today in energy and labor savings and essential water conservation drought and looming water shortages also confirm that our new plant development efforts are on the right track selecting trees for heat and drought tolerance has been a priority for keith warren who headed our r&d department for much of his 40-year career though he retired from full time employment in 2014 he’s working closely with his successor guy meacham to introduce some exciting new trees this spring and into the future bringing new and improved tree cultivars to the marketplace goes hand in hand with our commitment to maintaining our quality while meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations letters like this one from a customer who purchases truckload quantities of liners from us every spring inspire us to improve with every passing year we are grateful for your business on behalf of the schmidt family and our production and sales staff we thank you for your confidence our trees in this year of improving sales we wish you good health good cheer and a profitable year ahead j frank schmidt iii president and ceo our mission integrity and innovation guide our commitment to grow the world’s finest trees and provide exceptional customer service we accomplish our mission through teamwork with our employees in an environment of fairness respect loyalty and mutual success we are a family run company dedicated to the advancement of the entire horticultural community “we received the last load from schmidt yesterday i just wanted to drop you a note and say i am quite impressed with the material with the industry shortages i was prepared to see smaller than normal material schmidt has always been very good at supplying above average on the grade and quality and i would have to say that the loads this year are some of the nicest i have seen.”