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82 vigorliner® the vigorliner® series is a collection of deciduous trees grown in containers for ease in handling and transplanting growers find them to be excellent field liners container growers praise them as ideal for shifting up into larger containers hence avoiding the risk of circling roots that can cause tree failure many years later vigorliner® trees are tailor-made for fall planting a practice that encourages root establishment that will support vigorous spring growth because healthy trees begin with fibrous well-developed root systems we produce most of our vigorliner® trees in specially designed air-pruning containers they feature evenly spaced vertical slots that eliminate circling roots and produce more fibrous root systems improved air circulation and drainage reduce incidence of root disease air-pruned branched white root tips are visible evidence of the healthy root systems of vigorliner® trees grown in 3vl 5vl and 7vl containers because the containers drain more quickly than conventional solid wall containers we’ve adjusted our soil mix to retain more water this will help you maintain your customary watering schedules page acer buergerianum trident maple 5 acer pensylvanicum striped maple 11 acer rubrum redpointe® maple 16 betula nigra river birch 23 betula nigra heritage® birch 23 carpinus caroliniana american hornbeam 25 celtis occidentalis hackberry 27 celtis occidentalis prairie sentinel® hackberry 27 cercis canadensis forest pansy redbud 28 chionanthus retusus chinese fringe tree 29 chionanthus retusus tokyo tower fringe tree 29 chionanthus virginicus fringe tree 29 cornus controversa june snow™ dogwood 29 cornus mas golden glory cornelian cherry 33 crataegus phaenopyrum washington hawthorn 34 fagus grandifolia american beech 34 fagus sylvatica green beech 35 fagus sylvatica dawyck purple 35 fagus sylvatica fastigiate beech 35 fagus sylvatica purple fountain beech 35 fagus sylvatica red obelisk beech 36 fagus sylvatica rivers purple beech 36 fagus sylvatica tricolor beech 36 franklinia alatamaha franklin tree 36 ginkgo biloba princeton sentry® ginkgo 38 halesia carolina monticola mountain silverbell 39 halesia carolina rosy ridge silverbell 39 koelreuteria paniculata goldenrain tree 41 koelreuteria pan columnar goldenrain tree 41 tough reusable and more earth-friendly than conventional containers air-pruning pots are made of 80 recycled material and use less plastic in the manufacturing process thanks to the increased vigor of trees grown in them we achieve a more consistent grade-out and yield of superior plants in our continuing effort to produce premium quality plants at competitive prices we are growing trees in these innovative improved containers at no additional cost to you we’re confident that you will experience fewer losses and better transplant success in your nursery and landscape projects and greater persian spire™ parrotia 3vl success for your customers page koelreuteria pan coral sun goldenrain tree 41 koelreuteria pan summerburst® goldenrain tree 41 liquidambar styr rotundiloba sweetgum 41 liquidambar styr slender silhouette sweetgum 41 liquidambar styr worplesdon sweetgum 42 liriodendron tulip tree 42 magnolia x loebneri ballerina magnolia 43 magnolia grandiflora d.d blanchard magnolia 43 magnolia grandiflora edith bogue magnolia 43 magnolia galaxy magnolia 43 magnolia x loebneri leonard messel magnolia 43 magnolia x loebneri merrill magnolia 43 magnolia virginiana moonglow® magnolia 43 magnolia stellata royal star magnolia 43 magnolia x soulangiana rustica rubra magnolia 43 magnolia lilliflora x stellata susan magnolia 43 metasequoia glyptostroboides dawn redwood 51 metasequoia glypto gold rush dawn redwood 51 nyssa sylvatica black tupelo 52 nyssa sylvatica afterburner® tupelo 52 nyssa sylvatica green gable™ tupelo 52 nyssa sylvatica gum drop® tupelo 52 nyssa sylvatica red rage® tupelo 53 nyssa sylvatica wildfire tupelo 53 ostrya virginiana american hophornbeam 53 oxydendrum arboreum sourwood 53 parrotia persica persian parrotia 53 parrotia persica persian spire™ parrotia 53 parrotia persica vanessa persian parrotia 53 page pistacia chinensis chinese pistache 55 quercus acutissima sawtooth oak 62 quercus alba white oak 62 quercus x bimundorum prairie stature™ oak 63 quercus coccinea scarlet oak 63 quercus frainetto forest green® oak 63 quercus gambelii gambel oak 64 quercus x macdanielii heritage® oak 64 quercus macrocarpa bur oak 64 quercus muehlenbergii chinkapin oak 65 quercus nuttallii nuttall oak 65 quercus phellos willow oak 65 quercus robur x alba crimson spire™ oak 66 quercus robur x alba skinny genes® oak 66 quercus robur x bicolor regal prince® oak 67 quercus rubra red oak 67 sassafras albidum sassafras 68 stewartia pseudocamellia japanese stewartia 69 styrax japonicus evening light snowbell 69 styrax japonicus fragrant fountain snowbell 69 styrax japonicus weeping pink snowbell 70 styrax japonicus snow charm® snowbell 70 styrax japonicus snowcone® snowbell 70 syringa reticulata ivory silk® tree lilac 71 taxodium bald cypress 71 taxodium cascade falls bald cypress 71 taxodium green whisper® bald cypress 71 taxodium shawnee brave® bald cypress 71 ulmus frontier elm 75