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residential roofing certainteed hip and ridge accessories shangle® ridgetm accessory · for use with grand manor shangle® carriage house shangletm and centennial slatetm · 12 x 18 with 8 exposure · covers 10 lineal feet per box · two full layers for extra protection and depth · algae resistant · matches all grand manor carriage house and centennial slate colors pre-cut for easy installation with a centering notch for a no-miss side-to-side alignment presidential starter · required for presidential shaketm tl and presidential shaketm · 13-1/4 x 40 · covers 36 lineal feet per bundle when applied in required double layer · must be applied in two overlapping layers · ensures factory-straight eave edge · assures class a fire rating · saves time and money by avoiding the use of expensive field shingles · available in all presidential tl and presidential shake colors high-performance starter · for use with grand manor shangle® and hatteras® · 10 x 36 · 34 pieces

residential roofing tamko shingles heritage® laminated 30 ar · double-layer fiberglass mat construction · winds up to 70 mph · 10-year algae-relief · shingle size 12 x 37 · exposure 5 · 30-year limited warranty 5-year full start slate north country slate natural slate north country slate standards quarters heavies 3/16-1/4 1/4-3/8 3/8-1/2 1/2-3/4 650-800 lbs square 800-1200 lbs square 200-1800 lbs square 1800-2500 lbs square heritage® premium laminated · 30-year limited warranty 15-year full start 5-year limited transferability · 15-year limited wind warranty for winds up to 110 mph · shadowtone feature adds depth and dimensional appearance · 10-year algae relief-algae cleaning limited warranty that provides for · cleaning of discoloration caused by certain algae growth that may occur in areas with high humidity · rustic beauty of wood shakes extra heavies · grade astm c 406 grade s1 expected service life 75 years · grade astm c 406 grade s2 expected service

residential roofing underlayments and felts roofers selecttm high-performance underlayment · lays flat and is extremely resistant to wrinkling · reduces the likelihood of slipping for increased safety · doesn t tear away from fasteners when walked on or in strong wind · meets underlayment requirements for the certainteed integrity roof systemtm · available in convenient four-square rolls 36 wide x 144 long rolled roofing tamko rolled roofing tamko® slate surfaced roll roofing · constructed from tamko s organic mat impregnated with hot asphaltic saturant then coated on both sides with weathering grade asphalt and surfaced with mineral granules · roll dimensions 36 x 36 · coverage per roll 1 square 19 selvedge edge roll roofing · constructed from tamko s organic mat impregnated with hot asphaltic saturant then coated on both sides with weathering grade asphalt and surfaced with mineral granules in a 17 wide path starting at the edge of the sheet towards the center this

residential roofing roof ventilation ridge vents air vent inc shinglevent ii multi-pitch filtervent venturivent plus filtervent rolled ridge vent peak performertm product shinglevent ii shinglevent ii-9 shinglevent ii-7 multi-pitch filtervent venturivent plus hip ridgetm vent peak filtervent flash filtervent utility filtervent peak performertm i peak performertm ii new description 12 wide shingle-over ridge vent 9 wide shingle-over 7 wide shingle-over aluminum ridge vent aluminum ridge vent shingle-over ridge vent filtered shingle-over hip vent shingle-over ridge vent in a roll aluminum peak vent for contemporary roof designs aluminum vent for roof/wall junctions aluminum vent for specialty applications shingle-over ridge vent in a roll unfiltered shingle-over ridge vent in a roll filtered size 4 4 4 10 8 4 4 20 venting pack venting pack venting pack 28 28 net free area 18 sq in per ft 16 sq in per ft 16 sq in per ft 18 sq in per ft 18 sq in per ft 18 sq in per ft 12 sq

residential roofing metalroofing standing seam metal pans custom made any length over 30 colors available 24 gauge steel 16 oz copper lead coated copper terne ii forming speed 50 ft min maximum sheet width 28 minimum sheet width .16 max steel gauge 24 ga min steel gauge .30 ga max aluminum gauge .032 max copper gauge 20 oz 12 j&l j&l building materials

commercial roofing commericalroofing 14 j&l j&l building materials

commercial roofing sbs app modified modified bitumen certainteed flintlastic gmstm sbs modified bitumen roll roofing products ® self-adhering materials certainteed flintlastic sa ® self-adhering sbs modified bitumen mid ply and cap sheet and sbs modified bitumen base sheet for sa roof systems flintlastic sa base roll dimensions thickness weight coverage 66 6 x 39-3/8 1.5 mm 84 lbs 2 sq flintlastic sa mid ply 33 11 x 39-3/8 3.0 mm 68 lbs 1 sq flintlastic sa cap sheet 33 11 x 39-3/8 4.0 mm 97 lbs 1 sq 8 colors match landmark steep slope shingles sbs modified bitumen products constructed with a high performance non-woven polyester support mat 4 mm and 4.3 mm · size 39-3/8 x 34 2 · coverage one square · approximate weight 100 ibs per roll 89 lbs sq.ft · top surface mineral granule · back surface light sand finish release agent flintflashtm sa self-adhering sbs modified bitumen pre-cut flashing for sa roof systems · roll dimensions 33 11 x 9-3/4 or 19-5/8 ·

commercial roofing epdm epdm roofing system versigard versigard ballasted roofing system ballasted designs incorporate a loose-laid insulation and membrane and the use of ballast or pavers as securement insulation · versico iso is recommended for use with all of versico s versigard roofing systems and is required in a versico total systems warranty · standard board size is 4 x 8 with a thickness range from 1 to 4 and is also available in tapered form · versico polyisocyanurate insulation is ul and/or fm approved as a system component in certain roofing assemblies · versico iso is a polyisocyanurate insulation with foam core insulation boards faced on both sides with a medium weight fiber-reinforced felt this dimensionally stable durable insulation offers maximum thermal efficiency versico roofing system warranties versigard fully-adhered roofing system fully-adhered systems require mechanical or adhesive attachment of the insulation and bonding of the membrane to the

insulation insulation&housewraps j l building materials inc j l building materials inc everything a contractor needs for any size project j&l building materials inc j&l

insulation tapered systems insulation atlas roofing corp tapered polyiso insulation tapered acfoam®-ii tapered acfoam®-iii tapered acfoam®-composite tapered acfoam®-composite/gb gemini pre-cut crickets housewrap energy smart polyiso dupont tyvek tyvektm stuccowrap · designed for eifs stucco · engineered texture channels moisture down and out of the wall · does not wick moisture like felt · reduces susceptibility to cracking · 5 ft x 200 ft per roll call for pricing and availability polyiso insulation acfoam®-ii acfoam®-iii acfoam recover board acfoam composite acfoam composite gb acfoam supreme duponttm straightflash · jambs and heads of rectangular windows · dimensions 4-inch width x 150 feet call for pricing and availability duponttm flexwraptm · a moldable flashing material made with tyvek® an elastic material a polyolefin film and a highly adhesive butyl sealant · applications round top or custom shaped window 3-d sill protection wall interruptions i.e dryer