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wireless home security system oasis control panels oasis control panels are modular systems whichprovide50addressesforwirelessdevices 01 to 50 it is based on a main board which offers 4/10 hard-wired zones the main board can be extended with other expansion modules­theja-82risaradiomodulewhichenablesyoutoenrolupto50ja-8xwirelessitems tothecontrolpanel,theja-82cisamodulefor another 10 hard-wired inputs which expand the capacity of the control panel to up to 14/30hard-wiredzones.oasisusesthereliable 868 mhz communication band for radio communication the security of wireless communication is maximized by the use of a floating ja-82k code and digital transmissions installation is done easily via a directly or remotely connected computer wireless detectors of the oasis system are powered by 3.6v lithium batteries witha3yearlifetime.thecapacityofbatteries ischeckedregularlyandneedofreplacementis reported.connecteddevicescanbeassignedto 3 sections:a b or c.assignments to sections either

and oasis sirens ja-68 voltage standbyconsumption peakconsumption outputs 12vdcfromthecontrolpanel 4ma 50ma 8semiconductorswitches +1switchoverrelay 1a/60v 10sec universal output module the module provides eight factory pre-programmedsemiconductoroutputsandaswitchover relay output and is suitable for the systems of the ja-80oasis ja-63profi and ja-65maestro series the relay can be configuredusing10dipswitcheswhichallowsfor multiplefunctionassignment.thereisnolimitto thenumberofja-68modulesusedinthesystem and the ja-68 module can be combined with gsm,lanorpstnlandlinecommunicators communicators andsirens maximumcurrentforsingleoutputactivation 200ma maximumcurrentforc,ncornoactivation minimumoutputactivationtime complieswith en50130-4,en55022 ja-80a communicationband voltage calculatedbatterylifetime siren max.acousticsignalofsiren max.timeofflashing communicationrange enclosureprotection dimensions operatingenvironment 868mhz jablotronbat-80lithiumbattery included approx.5years

wireless detectors compact pir motion detector this new compact wireless pir detector is givinggreatperformanceandlessvisualimpact it works with jablotron s oasis alarm system itisdesignedtodetecthumanbodymovement over112m²offloorspaceinsidebuildings.the detection pattern can be modified by optional lenses communicationband voltage communicationrange detectionmethod coverage angle optionallenses dimensions securitygrade complieswith calculatedbatterylifetime ja-83p 868mhz approx.3years 5min.sleepingmode approx.300mopenarea dualpirwithdigitalprocessing 2levels 12m 120° corridor,curtain,pet 85x60x55mm 2en50131-1,clc/ts50131-2-2 en50131-5-3 etsien300220,en50130-4 en55022,en60950-1 3.0vlithiumbattery,typecr123a pir motion detector theja-80ppirmotiondetectordetectshuman body movement inside buildings with many entran es the response is either instant c or delayed built-in tamper sensors protect against unauthorized contact the detector performs regular self-testing and regularly reports

oasis ja-82m communicationband voltage invisible window-opening detector 868mhz 2xlithiumbatterytypecr23543v approx.200mopenarea 192x25x9mm en50131-5-3 the ja-82m is designed for the detection of windows door opening an invisible magneticsensorisinstalledintoplasticorwooden windowframesandisthereforetotallydiscreet thedetectorissuitableforusewiththemajority of manufactured windows some types of me al orkisalreadypreparedfortheinstallat w tionofthisdetectore.g.maco batterylifetime approx.3yearsmax.of5activations/day communicationrange dimensions securitygrade 2en50131-1,clc/ts50131-2-6 ja-80s communicationband voltage calculatedbatterylifetime communicationrange recommendedmax.coveragearea acousticpowerofthebuilt-insiren dimensions complieswith 868mhz 1xlithiumbatteryaa3.6v approx.3years approx.300mopenarea 50m3 80db/m detectionmethods opticalchamber/temperaturesensor optical smoke detector this smoke detector reacts to visible smoke or exceeding a critical temperature in a room

wireless thermostats programmable indoor thermostat thetp-83 is a programmable home thermostat withaweeklyprogram.itisusedforcomfortable and saving temperature regulation the device is capable of recognizing warm-up persistence characteristicswithin2daysandwilladjustthe settingsaccordinglysothatahighlevelofoperationalcomfortisachieved.itisnotnecessaryto find out how early the heating should start in ordertogettoacomfortabletemperatureatthe desired time the required timing is configured automatically the thermostat is set and programmedbytheturningknob.itcommunicates wirelesslywiththereceivingunitsotheinstallationofthethermostatisreallyeasy.thethermocommunicationband voltage lifetimeofbatteries regulativetemperaturerange temperatureregulationaccuracy tp-83 868mhz 1xalkalinebatteryaa1.5v approx.1year +6to+40°c settableinsteps ±0.1;±0.2and±0.5°c theanti-freezeguardswitchesontheheaterwhen thetemperaturesinksto 6°csettable+6to+40°c thefreezewarningpanicissentwhen

wireless house alarm control panel the ja-63kr control panel is a hybrid system with 4 hard-wired and 16 wireless zones 2 wireless detectors can be enrolled to one zone the control panel is also produced in aja-63kversionwhichoffersonly4hard-wired zones both versions are compatible with the gsm communicator ja-60gsm and the pstn line communicator ja-65x the control panel has a built in power supply and also enables the placing of a 12 v battery up to 2.2 ah programmingofbothcontrolpanelsispossible fromthebuskeypads,throughdirectconnection toapcwithcomlinksoftware,remotelywith the use of the modem function of the ja-65x communicator or through the ja-60gsm communicator with the internet application on www.gsmlink.cz the protection of wireless communication is performed by floating code communicationband numberofhard-wiredzones switchingoffanoutputzones numberofsubsystems operatingcodes eventsmemory voltage backupbattery externalsirenoutput alarmrelayoutput

and remote controls rc-22 communicationband voltage calculatedbatterylifetime communicationrange dimensions complieswith 433mhz 6vbatteryl1016 approx.1year 100mopenarea 80x80x15mm enetsi300220,ets300683 anden50134 wireless remote control alarge-sizewirelessremotecontrolmainlydesigned as a panic or emergency button for ja-6x seriesalarmsystems.itcanalsobeusedforthe extensionofthefunctionalityofasecuritysystem such as automation and the wireless control of appliances the rc-22 sends out two different commandsbypressingeithertheaorbbuttons rc-28 communicationband voltage calculatedbatterylifetime communicationrange dimensions 433mhz 6vbatteryl1016 approx.1year max.50mopenarea 80x28x15mm wireless door bell button the rc-28 remote control is a single-channel transmitter that is used with the uc-260 acousticindicatorasawirelessdoorbellbutton itcanalsobeusedwithupto8othersounders whereeachonehasadifferentmelodyforeasy identification the button is compatible with otheruc-2xxrelayreceivers

wireless sirens wireless outdoor siren theja-63awirelessback-upsirenisdesignedfor wirelesscommunicationwithradio-enabledcontrolpanelsoftheja-6xseries.thesirenprovides acousticsignallingwhenthepropertyhasbeen intruded it also signals the system set/unset status and signals the setting and unsetting of the system being carried out built-in tamper sensorstriggeranalarmifthereisanyattempt to tamper with the siren communication with thecontrolpanelistwo-way.thesirenprovides regular control of functionality back-up battery status and testing the radio connection for alonger communication range an optional an-01aexternalantennacanbeused communicationband voltage backupbattery siren acousticsignalling strobelighttimer communicationrange optionalextendedrange securitygrade certificatefromnbu dimensions workingenvironment ja-63a 433mhz 230v,50hzadapterincluded 6v,1.3ahincluded piezoelectric,109db inaccordancewith controlpanelsettings 60minutes max.100mopenarea an-01aexternalantenna available

wired detectors sd-280 voltage smokedetection smokesensorsensitivity temperaturedetection fire-alarmtemperature lowbattery acousticsignalling dimensions complieswith 9-15vdc optical,lightdispersion m=0.11-0.13db/m pursuanttoen14604 a2classpursuanttoen54-5 +60°cto+70°c signalizationoptical min.85db/3m 126mm,heigh65mm en14604,a2en54-5 en50130-4,en55022 optical fire detector this device is designed to detect the presence of fire inside residential or commercial buildings.thedetectorhasabuilt-inlocalwarning siren with an optical memory of the alarm it combinesanopticalsmokesensorwithaheat sensor which can react to the inadequate rise of the temperature in the room the detector has selectable alarm triggering conditions smoke or heat smoke only heat only smoke and heat the sd-401 is the stand-alone versionpoweredbya1.5vaaalkalinebattery gs-133 gs-130 voltagegs-133 voltagegs-130 sensitivity lel buzzersoundlevel relayoutput detectionmethod enclosureprotection dimensions 12vdc

gd-04 david application heating control heheatingsystemcanbeswitched t on/offremotely witchedonheateriscontrolledbythethers mostattp-83accordingtoaweeklyprogram avidreportsonthecriticaltemperatures d bysmsmessagesonauser smobilephone heinformationaboutcurrentroomtempet ratureisincludedinastatussmsmessage windowopeningautomaticallyblocks a theheatingsystemandsavesheatingcosts blockingthe heatingsystem whenawindow isopened gd-04r heatingoperating viaamobilephone gd-04 thermostat switchingon theboiler reporting on critical status hevariousstatusescanbemonitoredin t thepremisesthroughdetectorsanddavid reportstotheuserwithsmsmessages examples a-80swirelesssmokedetectorwarns j inthecaseofafirestarting d-12hard-wiredflooddetector l reportsongrowingwaterlevel a-81muniversaltransmitterandwireless j dooropeningdetectorhasaninput foranexternaldetectorandcantransmit anystatusinformation status guarding flood reporting gd-04r firereporting reportto amobilephone gd-04 ld-12 opening of entry gate or

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