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Catalog OASiS - Electronic security system (2010) in various languages

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oasis highlights a maximum 50 wireless devices detectors remotes sirens a 4 wired inputs on the main board up to 30 more with ja-82c module a maximum 50 registered users a 868 mhz supervised oasis radio protocol a gsm gprs remote access gsm gprs lan tel or telephone communicator can be selected a ip sms and contact id communication to arc a voice messages sms and alert calls to phones a 2.2 ah back up battery a en 50131 grade 2 certified wireless wired system hybrid professional installation oasis security system features a installation is very considerate to the interior gsm gprs reporting w a ireless devices are powered by lithium batteries with a lifetime of 3 years as a minimum i a n the case of an alarm it notifies a security services agency and informs you via your mobile phone a a ll keypads in the system have a built-in contactless rfid card reader ensuring easy control of the system up to 50 cards or codes i a s able to inform you who came to or left the house and when

wireless components oasis ja-82k control panel ja-82r radio module enables you to input up to 50 wireless items of the ja-8x series into the control ja-82c hard-wired input module expands the capacity of the control panel by 10 hard-wired input terminals depending on the control panel type the hard-wired inputs may be expanded from 14 to 30 ja-81f e system keypad wirelessly operates and programmes the system contains a reader of access cards rfid and has an input terminal to connect a sensor detecting door opening the ja-81e is a wired version of the keypad and is connected via cable ja-80s fire detector combines an optical smoke detector with a temperature sensor it has a built-in siren to set off the alarm locally and a test button ja-80g gas-leak detector reports combustible gas or fume leakages it uses a sensor with heat-treated platinum fibre the detector is powered from the mains and besides a wireless signal it also provides a relay output to shut down the gas inlet ja-80a