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easy tion alla inst le simp ng mi ram prog your silent and loyal servant the gd-04 is a gsm remote controller it sends smses calls switches appliances on/off and guards david cannot speak to you but is understood by

basic features relay operated by mobile phone two output contacts x and y each 5a/250v output can be used as · a switch operated by sms messages customized message text can be set for switching on and off e.g switch on the light switch off the light and open the sun-blinds close the sun-blinds command execution can be confirmed by david via sms messages · a time switch which can be controlled by mobile phone the time period can be set from 1 s to 10 hours · a relay operated by a phone call you can set up to 50 phone numbers for each relay if there is a phone call from a preset number the device will not answer the call but the relay will react as a switch or time switch a phone call made this way is for free and can be used for opening garage gates door locks switching the lights on etc the number of times entry is allowed can be set for each authorised number eg you can allow the customer to open the parking lot gate 30 times and then further entry is no longer

the gsm antenna is connected via an sma connector reporting to a mobile phone the four input terminals a to d can report their activation or deactivation by sms message e.g power failure for freezer and power restoration to freezer · every sms report can have up to 30 letters · there can be up to 8 phone numbers set for each terminal for the reports · david can also emphasise each sms report by a phone call · david can also check the level of the credit on the sim card and warn you about low credit if a prepaid sim card is in use the functions of david can be set by sms message from a mobile phone a simpler way and also for free is to use the web page no registration required only filling in a simple form is needed david needs 12 v dc or can be mains-powered by an

david can do even more the basic featuressnadnébejeextended by using additional modules which are sold separately programování davida je can a mozné temi zpsoby zasláním nkolika jednoduchých textových instrukcí sms zprávou podle manuálu davida vyplnním pehledného internetového formuláe s pehlednou nápovdou na webové stránce nebo komfortn pipojením davida pes programovací kabel gd-04p pímo k pocítaci a nastavením jeho chování pomocí programu gdlink program je soucástí dodávky gd-04p nebo ke stazení na www the gd-04a back-up battery is a physically expanded housing which contains a back-up battery david can be powered by the battery for 12 to 24 hours in the case of power failure the exact period depends on the relay status and on the gsm signal strength the battery is recharged while david is mains powered the gd-04d dtmf module is installed inside david and connected with an internal connector when using this module the output

the gd-04r radio module is installed inside david and connected with an internal connector the module contains a transmitter and a receiver so david can easily communicate with the wireless components of an oasis system this offers a wide spectrum of possibilities wireless detectors and buttons can activate gd-04 inputs one detector or an oasis button can be enrolled to each input then the user of david can sent different sms reports · calls for assistance in an emergency by pressing a button rc-80 87 88 and 89 · report movement in the area ja-80p and 85p detectors · warn in the case of fire ja-80s detector · report glass breaking ja-85b detector · report door or window opening ja-80m and 82m detectors · report gas leakages ja-80g detector · report exceeding the minimum or maximum temperature tp-82 and 83 thermostats the user can also receive information about the current temperature in the monitored place by sending an sms up to 4 places can be monitored ­ one thermostat

application examples david reports panic fire intrusion flooding power failures device malfunctions danger of freezing overheating current temperature door opening daily communication

david controls lights watering various devices parking lot entry garage doors door locks heating in the house air-conditioning sun-blinds switching on a sauna glasshouse ventilation well

recommended wireless devices rc-87 wireless personal button wrist-worn or as a necklace ld-63hs flood detector ­ it is hard-wired to david´s input basic technical specification of david power supply 11 to 13 v dc consumption 20 to 400 ma rc-88 wireless wall button ja-80p wireless motion detector frequency range gsm 900 950 1800 1900 mhz transmitter power 2 w for gsm 900 1 w for gsm 1800 rc-80 wireless key-fob the user can select between 2 and 4 buttons to activate the inputs or control the output relay directly ja-80m wireless door window opening detector or opening the external contacts david requirement one sim card inputs 4 terminals react to connection to gnd outputs 2 relays with 5 a/250 v safety fuse environmental class ii indoor 10 °c to +40 °c dimensions without antenna 76 x 110 x 33 mm antenna 75 mm ja-82m invisible wireless window opening detector tp-8x wireless thermostat can be used for tracking the temperature only or also for heating regulation model tp-82 has