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clear remote control 7 tr 02 koss cl pro clear headphones west bend clear hot pot clear tech cd player 15 amp 125 volt fuse koss cl pro headphones am fm cd cassette preset west bend 8 fan 52000 west bend 8 fan am fm table radios indoor matching transformer vhf and uhf antennas matching adapter 50 75 ohm n matching adapter 50 75 ohm 7 amp 125 volt fuse 3 amp 125 volt fuse 125 amp 125 volt fuse 6 amp 125 volt fuse 5 amp 125 volt fuse 5 amp 125 volt fuses 4 amp 125 volt fuses 2 amp 125 volt fuse 8 amp 125 volt fuse 12 volt rotary switch 75 amp 125 volt fuse 75 ohm 50 ohm transformer matching adapter 50 75 ohms 125 volt 30 watt 5 position rotary switch 120 volt 35 amp 125 volt fuse 25 amp 125 volt fuse vhf and uhf adapters 60 amp 125 volt fuse 120 volt ac 40 amp fuse 10 amp 125 volt fuse 120 volt ac 15 amp fuse 12 amp 125 volt fuse a fuse for 800 watts 120 volts 120 volt ac motor speed control 120 volt ac 15 amp power cord 35 position rotary switch 11 position rotary switch 125 volt electronic fuse tl1237w tp rca indoor antenna telescopic dipole antenna du rags dipole tv antenna clear tech headphones fm radio in earbud antennas vhf coaxial fm telescopic dipole antenna 9 volt 300ma power cord uhf loop antenna magnetic telescoping antenna

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televisions clear products hiteker® 13 lcd flat screen color television hiteker® limited warranty policy for tl1337w-tp 4593 and tl1337w-tp n/s 4594 this product is warranted by hiteker to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in the normal noncommercial use of this product for a limited warranty period of clear casing digital atsc analog tuner built in so you can receive the digital broadcasts excellent reception and picture quality 13 lcd display that utilizes a 1280 x 800 high resolution screen 16:9 aspect ratio with adjustable functionality 16:9 16:9 zoom 4:3 4:3 zoom modes two speaker stereo sound with stereo headphone jack audio menu allows customized adjustment of bass treble balance and surround audio/video input jacks closed captioning capability 4593 4594 built-in menu channel and volume buttons permanently attached 3 prong ac cord approximately 5 ft long feet type stand this tv does not come with a remote control

clear products new sangean clear analog am/fm radio sr-35cl high quality rotary dial tuning system no-speaker earbuds are included optional use wrist strap included uses 2 aa size batteries not included dimensions 2 ¾ w x 4 ¾ h x 1 d ® radios ac adapter cd players cassette player enhance 4426 4427 with artec® digital antenna 4522 page 9 4426 sangean® am/fm clear table radio wr-1cl ® 4427 sangean® digital am/fm clear table radio wr-2cl ® 4605 $21.75 shipping weight 5.6 oz ® 4605 ® radios transparent polyurethane cabinet soft and precise tuning rotary tuning and volume controls internal/external antenna selector switch tuning led indicator band selecting knob with indicator stereo headphone jack rec out 3 7 watt full range speaker with enlarged magnet permanently attached hard-wired ac power cord dynamic bass compensation external am antenna terminal external f type fm antenna terminal enhance the reception of this radio by purchasing our artec® digital flat

headphones earphones earbuds clear products 4368 catalog number 4367 4368 4096 3707 4380 3930 2181 4495 4453 3939 3938 3937 3936 3593 3468 2925 2167 2166 2168 style clear tech cthpe90 clear tech cthp 250 clear tech cthp 820 clear tech cthp 1000 sentry ho10c sentry h0230cl sentry ho160 clear koss cl-24 8 ft koss cl-24 koss cl-80 koss cl-19 koss cl pro koss cl-9 koss cl-5 koss cl-3 koss cl-10 koss cl-4 koss cl-2 koss cl-20 plastic headband n/a yes yes yes yes n/a yes n/a n/a yes yes yes yes yes n/a yes yes yes yes frequency response 4 ft 20-20,000hz 10 ft 20-23,000hz 9 ft 20-20,000hz 6 ft 20-20,000hz 8 ft 20-20,000hz 4 ft 20-20,000hz 6 ft 30-20,000hz 8 ft 15-20,000hz 4 ft 15-20,000hz 8 ft 16-22,000hz 6 ft 40-20,000hz 4 ft dual entry 15-25,000hz 4 ft 50-20,000hz 8 ft 60-20,000hz 4 ft 80-20,000hz 8 ft dual entry 20-20,000hz 6 ft 40-20,000hz 6 ft 60-20,000hz 8 ft 30-22,000hz cord length impedance na na 32 ohms 40 ohms 24 ohms 32 ohms 32 ohms 16 ohms 16 ohms 123.5 ohms 32 ohms 60 ohms 32

clear products typewriters typewriter supplies alarm clocks shavers hair dryer calculator watch please note these swintec® typewriters must be returned to swintec® for repair if warranty service is required exchanges for new units from the dealer jack l marcus inc are not allowed by swintec® alarm clocks ken-tech® clear electric alarm clock t-1939 clear casing snooze bar alarm permanently attached hard-wired ac power cord approximately 5 ft and optional use 9 volt battery backup for power outages 9 volt battery not included dimensions 4½ w x 2 h x 3 d typewriters ® swintec® 2410 clear typewriter automatic centering return underline and bold decimal tab relocation key and automatic word delete compact and lightweight prints on virtually any kind of paper dimensions 16.2 w x 4.6 h x 14.7 d 4560 4560 $8.75 shipping weight 9.7 oz batteries featured on page 10 3900 $224.75 3900 shipping weight 212.8 oz advance® quartz lcd alarm clock with clear see-through case 6024

fans lamps bulbs hot pots food insert power strip clear products electronics clear book light multi-swivel light that folds for easy storage comes with 3 volt bulb uses 2 aa size batteries not included dimensions 5½ w x 1 h x 3½ d folded west bend® clear 6 clamp-on fan 52006 clear plastic housing with all plastic screw type clamp on base no metal spring swivel base and adjustable direction fan head two speed motor easy to assemble etl listed 4562 4371 $2.75 3653 4371 shipping weight 2.5 oz 4562 $13.75 optimus® clear 6 desk fan f-0610c replacement 3 volt bulb for clear book light 4372 50¢ shipping weight .48 oz fans 2 speed energy saving whisper quiet motor clear casing and base and adjustable tilt angle head ul listed lamps/light bulbs west bend® clear clamp on lamp 51065 clear finish uses one standard 40 watt bulb maximum not included heavy duty clamp base clamp on any thick material maximum 2 or on any 1 diameter iron bar or pipe rotary on/off switch 8 height

electronics koss® porta pro i multi-pivoting earplates and adjustable headband collapsible for maximum portability and flexibility and ¼ stereo plugs for home and portable use headband contains metal headphones clock radios cd cases calculators clear headphones shown on page 5 koss® r/10 closed leatherette ear cushion design for isolation pivoting earcup for flexible movement stereo plug for portable use 528 koss® mac-5 dynamic element for extended frequency response supra-aural foam ear-cushion for hear-through sound and comfort and ¼ stereo plugs for portable and home use 1419 $24.50 shipping weight 5.6 oz 1014 $33.25 shipping weight 5.6 oz 528 $20.50 shipping weight 4 oz 528 1014 1419 catalog number style plastic headband cord length frequency response impedance earcup size koss® ktx-pro1a volume control on the cord for easy level adjustment stereo plug for portable use 1956 1956 $14.75 shipping weight 4 oz 1014 1419 528 1956 2657 2656 3517 koss porta pro 1 koss

video audio accessories lamps bulbs extension cords artec® an2 digital flat antenna the artec digital an2 digital flat antenna is a lightweight passive antenna no extra power is required it is also user-friendly and has a universal stand with 5 ft approximate coaxial cable it helps you receive the new digital television signals being broadcast over the air in your area this antenna also works with our sangean® wr-icl item #4426 and wr-2cl item #4427 radios shown on page 4 antenna may not enhance reception at all facilities electronics accessories new this clear remote control works with the hiteker® flat screen televisions models tl1237w-tp item #4558 tl1337w-tp item #4593 and tl1337w-tp n/s item #4594 uses 2 aaa size batteries not included dimensions 2 w x 8 ½ h x 1 d lamp/bulb 4003 4004 hiteker® clear remote control 7-tr-02 4522 sale 1333 antennas 4522 $12.50 shipping weight 7.5 oz 4572 $9.75 shipping weight 3.4 oz high intensity desk lamp grandrich hi-200 limited

grooming batteries shavers and trimmers shaving powder du rag batteries 1321 1959 1322 936 wahl® groomsman cordless beard and mustache trimmer 9906-717 multi-position beard length regulator three close trim attachments storage base blade oil cleaning brush beard comb and illustrated instructions uses 2 aa size batteries which are included wahl® stylique® cordless beard and mustache trimmer 9906-1647 includes trimmer three close trim attachments mustache comb cleaning brush oil blade guard holds all storage base and english/spanish instructions uses 3 aa size batteries not included wahl® groomsman rechargeable cord/cordless beard and mustache trimmer 9918-6171 runs with or without the cord recharging indicator light ac adapter/charger multi-position beard length regulator three close trim attachments storage base storage pouch beard comb blade oil cleaning brush and illustrated instructions norelco® tripleheader® lift and cuttm corded electric razor 6940lc patented