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trial new pages 126-135_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:24 page 12 bollards timber and metal jacksons bollards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as pictured here from a d their type varies according to their uses from simple light weight timber bollards for demarcation purposes separating pedestrians from traffic or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles timber bollards a machine rounded chamfered b machine rounded grooved c square with shaped top d square with shaped top grooved 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 150mm 0.9m ref 131400 m 131900 ● 132400 m 132900 m 133900 m 1.2m ref 131500 m 132000 ● 132500 m 133000 m 134000 m 150mm 175mm 150mm 175mm 272100 n 272300 m 274200 m 274600 m 272200 n 272700 n 274300 n 274700 n 1.5m ref 1.8m ref 2.1m ref 2.4m ref 132100 ● 132600 m 133100 m 134100 m 132200 ● 132700 m 133200 m 132220 ● 132300 ● 132800 m 133300 m 274000 ● 272400

agricultural equestrian and demarcation trial new pages 126-135_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:24 page 13 abcdefghj

trial new pages 120-129 136-145 page change_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:26 page 4 verge protection marker posts stainless steel bollards ● all timber used throughout is superior quality jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years ● planed all round ● easy to install ● reflectors provide added safety verge protection marker post posts come complete with either amber red or white reflectors installed height 600mm 1 verge protection marker post the verge protection marker post is 600mm long 95 x 95mm section planed all round they have a galvanized tube fitted into the bottom of the post for an easy installation tube length 450mm and come complete with two high visibility reflectors to be fitted on site amber red or white reflectors are available please specify 2 ref 200880bm ● 200882bm ● 200888bm ● post with either amber reflector red reflector white reflector reflectors can be purchased separately and come complete with fixings/screws

car stop the car stop folds down flush with the ground level when it is not is use however when it is raised it creates an obstacle which prevents the vehicle from moving the car stop unit needs to be positioned so as to trap the vehicle between a front barrier which can be either a garage door wall or any other fixed object they can also be used to prevent access the cars stops are secured in a concrete block and include a sump for drainage supplied with galvanized padlock and two sets of keys ref 591050 ● lorry stop car and lorry stops barriers lorry stops are ideal for preventing damage in situations where lorries may inadvertently come into contact with buildings fencing and other vehicles the lengths of circular hollow section are firmly fixed to the ground in strategic positions creating a physical barrier for the lorries wheels to automatically stop at they are surface mounted which makes them easy to install made from 178mm diameter 5mm chs supplied in 3m lengths ref

trial new pages 120-129 136-145 page change_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:26 page 6 demarcation devices and landscape timbers diamond rail fencing 1 2 posts for diamond rail fencing with birds mouth top 100 x 100mm section softwood planed finish galvanized strap to be formed on site and secured to post with 50mm nails see page 154 posts for diamond rail fencing 0.9m long 1.2m long rails for diamond rail fencing 70 x 70mm nominal section 2.7m posts at 1.35m centres ditto 1.8m posts at 1.8m centres ref 200900 n 201000 n galvanized strap 640600 ● 640300 ● for diamond rail 201100 ● post and chain fencing 3 posts for chain fencing jakcured softwood 100mm square section planed shaped top 1.5m 350900 n chain galvanized 50mm x 6mm links spikes in every other link price per metre 350600 ● hooks galvanized for attaching chain to wooden posts including screws 350700 ● 1 2 3 4 5 6 silver rail fencing 4 posts are 125 x 75mm section jakcured soft wood with