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security extras cobra-spike® security comb barbed wire 1 cobra-spike security topping in areas where security minimum maintenance aesthetic appeal and superior perimeter protection is required cobra-spike provides protection against intruders sizes supplied in 1.52m lengths fixing cobra-spike comes drilled ready for fixing cobra-spike compact spikes 65mm long pitch of spikes 60mm depth of spikes 95mm 2 cobra-spike-compact galvanized galv and coated ref ● ● side view end view cobra-spike standard spikes 110mm long pitch of spikes 80mm depth of spikes 95mm galv cobra-spike coated cobra-spike 010988 ● 010990 ● side view end view security comb sizes supplied in 1.8m lengths the double row of spikes is 40mm wide and depth of spikes 25mm fixing security comb comes drilled ready for fixing 3 1.8m lengths galvanized security comb galv coated security comb “danger” signs 329330 ● pics 1 cobra-spike-compact 2 cobra spike 3 security comb fixed on fence panel top security chain link and misc trial new pages 120-129 136-145 page change_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:26 page 9 010800 ● 910800 high tensile barbed wire best jacksons galvanized barbed wire twin strand made to b.s.s length 200m 1.6mm 321660 ● cobra-spike® is a registered trade mark of h s jackson son fencing ltd 141