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trial new pages 120-129 136-145 page change_26228 jacksons pp4-6 24/04/2013 15:26 page 10 security extras barbed tape razor wire concertina 20mm high tensile 1500mpa galvanized core wire 13mm 1 tolerance on dimensions 10 35mm features a wide central steel band which provides additional rigidity to the coil the blades are substantial and effective 30mm tip to tip 42mm centre to centre razor wire concertina specification option 450mm 730mm 980mm approx coil length 8m 10-12m 10-15mm extended diameter 400mm 620mm 820mm 54/55 54/55 54/55 3 5 5 coil diameter spirals turns per coil clips per spiral ref 2 3 327500 ● 327600 ● 327700 ● rolls of barbed tape medium 200m 328300 ● flat wrap barbed tape flat barbed tape dimensions approx coil ref coil height length m 329000 ● 12 500mm 329100 14 700mm 329200 14 900mm ● easy to install ● doesn’t hang outside your boundary 142 pics 1 loops of concertina barbed tape are firmly clipped together making them impossible to part 2 medium barbed tape 3 concertina razor wire in posts with ‘y’ extensions 4 flat wrap barbed tape has even spirals that provide a neat appearance with no over-hang 5 concertina barbed tape set on the inside of fence on special supports 4 5 buy on line or call 0800 414343 for sales or advice ● stock items m made to order cannot be cancelled once ordered n check for availability t while stock lasts i includes bolts and screws