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dual zone climate control motion and types of motion jaguar adaptive cruise control touch screen for cars car chassis set up radar controlled adaptive cruise control adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring system upper door trim adaptive cruise control manual lower front bumper grill british racing green adaptive front lights adaptive front lighting dynamic stability control adaptive front lighting system grills and bumpers cutting edge technology engine and transmission up to 100 g jaguar car steering wheel jaguar supercharger jaguar e seat jaguar sport jaguar touch screen navigation jaguar rear vented jaguar cruise control cruise control jaguar jaguar front bumper valances jaguar automatic transmission navigation system jaguar front bumper grill jaguar automatic transmission jaguar jaguar front grill automatic transmission jaguars jaguar front seat jaguar front bumper stability control jaguar jaguar s door trim jaguar front wheel well jaguar lower front grille jaguar alloy wheels center console jaguar jaguar center console jaguar steering system front bumper cover jaguar jaguar front bumper cover steering wheel jaguar jaguar steering wheel jaguar alloy wheels torque 24 on a jaguar jaguar wood trim steering wheel center console on jaguar car audio equalizers 8 liter car engine

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xfr 5.0 liter supercharged power 510hp vehicle shown xfr in italian racing red xfr-s 5.0 liter supercharged power 550hp vehicle shown xfr-s in french racing blue

sounds alive meridian™ trifield™ turn on the superb audio system of the xf and the cabin comes alive delivering 250 watt of pure audio fidelity surrounding you with exceptional sound quality you can personalize your jaguar even further to enhance your listening experience meridian the ultimate audio specialists have optimized two system specifically for the unique interior space of the two systems specifically for your unique interior space both are engineered to take your sound system to the next level meridian’s 380 watt sound system with 11 loudspeakers produces a seminal audio experience while the incredible 825 watt surround system uses no less than 17 loudspeakers including subwoofer to create sound that is just as the artist intended meridian achieves this by benchmarking acoustic performance against real musical instruments pioneered by meridian trifield™ technology ensures a perfect central image for each occupant and produces an holistic sound within

alive inside jaguardrive selectortm phosphor blue halo lighting settle in to the xf and the softly pulsing ‘start’ button greets you push and the engine engages and the xf awakes even as you lift your finger the precision-milled aluminum jaguardrive selector™ rises snuggly into the palm of your hand the engine gently throbs as the air vents invisible until needed roll open in unison and cool phosphor blue halo lighting illuminates the interior controls let the excitement begin ergonomically optimized the cabin of the xf is a space both contemporary and luxury created to focus on driver and passenger needs and to excite the senses comfort and quality reign supreme with form hugging seats real wood veneers piano black veneer and aluminum surfaces from the premium floor carpet and side trims to the polished stainless steel finishers there is luxury throughout the xf thoughtful design encompasses every feature the steering wheel position adjusts at the touch of a button

race inspired italian racing red†‡ french racing blue¹ satellite grey‡ rhodium silver‡ british racing green†‡ lunar grey‡

xf fascia and veneers knurled aluminum with piano black 38 knurled aluminum with carbon fiber knurled aluminum with gloss rich oak knurled aluminum with satin rosewood knurled aluminum with gloss figured ebony knurled aluminum with gloss burl

xf sport portfolio package seat soft grain leather seat soft grain leather upper fascia with stitch headlining suedecloth jet london tan and warm charcoal warm charcoal with london tan canvas or jet jet ivory warm charcoal with ivory canvas or jet upper fascia with stitch headlining suedecloth warm charcoal warm charcoal with ivory dove barley warm charcoal with barley canvas red zone and warm charcoal warm charcoal with red zone dove or or or jet

xf option packs a range of optional style packs is available providing an opportunity to upgrade your xf even further sport interior pack matching the powerful character of the xf a sport interior pack is available featuring double stitched soft grain leather sport seats which reshape and adjust to create a perfect fit from individually fine-tuned lumbar support to powerfully sculpted side bolsters they deliver exceptional lateral support during hard cornering with polished metal sports pedals and piano black veneer the sport interior pack is simply stunning interior shown xf with sport upgrade red zone and warm charcoal soft grain leather seats with red zone contrast stitch upper fascia in warm charcoal with red zone contrast stitch and knurled aluminum with piano black veneer