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rear window blind for jaguar cars jaguar adaptive cruise control performance of jaguar v8 engine diagrams of the car engines you get in the car jaguar xj v8 supercharger jaguar xj 8 engine jaguar xj 6 engine jaguar xj engine rear seat entertainment radar controlled adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring system rear bench seats rear bench seat upper door trim adaptive cruise control rear seat screen rear wheel drive adaptive cruise control manual chrome grille surround rear window blinds rear window blind rear seat window panel all wheel drive front seat adjustment manual gear shift adaptive front lights adaptive front lighting rear side windows adaptive front lighting system steering wheel controls sport and technology pack hands free system cup and cup holder the roof from inside heating and cooling heat and cool up to 100 g jaguar car steering wheel jaguar mesh grills jaguar mesh grille jaguar hood louvers jaguar touch screen navigation jaguar cruise control cruise control jaguar jaguar gear shift jaguar v8 engine jaguar rear seat jaguar front grill center console jaguar jaguar center console jaguar front seat navigation system jaguar jaguar brake caliper jaguar s door trim

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xj arrive in style the xj turns heads and attracts glances its fusion of honed dynamic lines and sculpted elegance is designed to fulfill the core jaguar values of beauty purity simplicity and consistency the objective was never ‘merely’ to create the most beautiful luxury sports sedan but to produce a more efficient shape where the pinnacles of aesthetics and aerodynamics work together in complete accord you haven’t just travelled in the xj you’ve arrived vehicle shown xjl portfolio in rhodium silver

touch to control see to believe a single 8-inch color touch-screen in the center console provides multi-function control and displays the three primary functions audio climate control and satellite navigation for a hands-free experience the system also offers voice control of audio navigation and telephone connectivity phone connection satellite navigation make phone calls using your touch-screen or steering wheel controls with your mobile linked to the hands-free system or stream audio content wirelessly to the entertainment system with bluetooth® technology the navigation system of the xj gives clear instructions and if necessary congestion alerts with alternative routes and if fuel runs low the touch-screen displays details of the closest gas stations driving while distracted can result in a loss of vehicle control do not operate adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will effect your safety or the safety of others only use mobile phones and

powerful responsive smart 8-speed transmission drive mode and sport mode stop/start technology the xj is driven by a choice of exceptional engines built to satisfy different driving requirements but always ensuring outstanding performance and handling they all feature an 8-speed transmission for whisper smooth gear changes delivering both a more responsive ride and fuel economy benefits drive mode or sport mode can be chosen with the jaguardrive selector™ sport mode allows full manual gear shift control of the xj using one-touch paddles mounted behind the steering wheel even in the automatic drive mode the paddles allow temporary override for the instant power needs that maneuvers like passing demand stop/start technology also improves fuel efficiency by detecting when the engine isn’t required and shutting it down – eco stop once the brake pedal is released eco start re-starts the engine without hesitation immediate seamless and better for the environment jaguar

exterior colors solid metallic ebony cashmere rhodium silver satellite grey† polaris white caviar† carnelian red† metallic paint †xirallic metallic paint for availability please consult your local jaguar retailer

veneers piano black 44 carbon fiber gloss rich oak satin rosewood gloss figured ebony gloss rich oak with linear laser

xj portfolio and supercharged continued seat soft grain leather stitch/piping ivory sport and speed pack interior upper fascia suedecloth headlining seat soft grain leather stitch/piping upper fascia suedecloth headlining jet jet ivory jet ivory jet ivory or jet ivory truffle truffle ivory ivory jet jet ivory or jet ivory oyster oyster ivory or jet