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f-t ype project 7 a legend is

f-t ype project 7 05 a mission to excite 06 the spirit lives on 08 inspiration meets passion 11 evocative design 15 visceral performance 16 bespoke engineering 19 rewarding handling

amissiontoexcitef-type project 7 is an exclusive limited-edition performance car from jaguar land rover’s special vehicle operations svo svo has been specifically established to design and engineer a range of high-performance production models and derivatives luxury products and limited-run collector editions each f-type project 7 will start life at jaguar land rover’s advanced manufacturing facility before being transferred to the new technical centre for hand-finishing to exacting specifications f-type project 7 is the first model to be developed at svo’s state-of-the-art technical centre in warwickshire uk

thespiritlivesonf-type project 7 is inspired by a truly legendary jaguar race car – the inimitable d-type which marks its 60th anniversary this year jaguard -t y p e one of the most revolutionary and iconic racingcarsevermade thejaguard -t ypewon the legendary le mans 24-hour endurance eventthreetimes i n 1 9 5 5 1 9 5 6 a n d 1 9 5 7 the d-type raised the bar with its revolutionary monocoque construction and beautiful bodywork that was not only aerodynamically superior to the competition but also a true design icon remaining to this day one of the most famous automotive silhouettes with a ferocious 3.8-litre six-cylinder twincam engine and jaguar’s advanced technology such as disc brakes the d-type took three back-to-back le mans 24 hours race wins and earned its place in the history books in fact between 1951 and 1990 jaguar triumphed at le mans on seven separate occasions – the perfect platform for the project 7 name in spirit and form the new f-type

wheninspir at ionmeets pa ssion initially created as a concept car driven by nothing more than the inspired enthusiasm of jaguar’s designers and engineers the original f-type project 7 was built in under four months and revealed to the world at the goodwood festival of speed 2013 the response was nothing short of sensational the unprecedented clamour and excitement generated by f-type project 7’s incredible looks awesome sound and jaw-dropping performance was beyond all expectation right then we knew this was a car we couldn’t keep to ourselves 08 the production of f-tytpe project 7 was announced at the goodwood festival of speed 2014 exactly one year after its debut with just 250 vehicles being produced globally f-type project 7 is one of the rarest and most sought-after jaguar cars ever

evoc at i v e purposefuldesignf-type project 7’s distinctive body is a stunning combination of the key design lines of the world car design awardwinning f-type and the swooping form of the d-type-inspired fairing behind the driver’s head a new front bumper lowered windshield and a host of aerodynamic modifications – including a carbon fibre front splitter side sills rear diffuser and adjustable rear spoiler – enhance f-type project 7’s aggressive looks rollover hoops for both driver and passenger are neatly integrated into the car’s lines the two-seater interior features lightweight race-inspired sabelt sports seats finished in a quilted racing-style diamond pattern echoing jaguar’s historic vehicles located between the seats is a unique commemorative plaque signed by jaguar’s director of design ian callum iancal lu mdirec to rofdesign jag ua r

visceral thrillingperformance at the pounding heart of f-type project 7 is jaguar’s acclaimed 5.0l v8 supercharged engine in unbridled 575ps/680nm form it has been enhanced by a dedicated team of svo engineers into the most powerful engine to have ever graced a production jaguar fuelling and mapping changes have unleashed an extra 25ps over the standard engine and the quickshift transmission shift points are recalibrated to suit this tremendous output enables the aluminium-bodied car – which weighs in at 1585kg – to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds and reach an electronically-limited top speed of 186mph 300km/h f-type project 7’s immense levels of performance allied to the visceral exhaust note and open-top design makes for an utterly exhilarating driving experience

bespokeengineering cutting-edge technology svo engineers have built on the key ingredients of the f-type – its compact size lightweight and extremely stiff body – to exceed the performance metrics of any other jaguar road car f-type project 7 features bespoke suspension with uniquely-tuned springs and dampers and greater camber in the front suspension geometry the aerodynamic elements have been carefully designed to generate additional downforce in the most balanced manner a significant weight reduction of 80kg has been achieved advanced dynamic technology on project 7 includes a uniquely-tuned electronic active differential ead utilising an array of electronic sensors allied to an electric-motor-driven multiplate clutch ead automatically redistributes torque between the rear wheels for excellent on-the-limit control 16 torque vectoring by braking tvbb enables the car to maintain the perfect line through a corner when the system detects signs of understeer it

intuitive r e wa rdinghandlingf-type project 7 is an incredibly responsive and focused expression of the award-winning jaguar f-type sports car the stiffness of the chassis the aerodynamic modifications and the lighter weight all deliver an instantly tangible difference f-type project 7 responds quickly to direction changes with the extra downforce generated – 177 more than in a standard f-type convertible – further enhancing driving dynamics the electronic active differential and torque vectoring by braking systems work progressively and in tandem to maximise stability traction turn-in and overall agility the overall result is a fast cornering stance with a great sense of control delivering a superbly rewarding experience for even the most demanding of drivers

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“t hisistheperfectm ac hinetogetoutofthegar ag eonasun day afternoon and just drive for thesheerj oy ofit ” iancal lu m directorofdesign j ag ua r important notice jaguar land rover limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the the company plan includes 25 reduction targets in operating and specification design and production of its vehicles and alterations take tailpipe co2 emissions waste to landfill logistics efficiencies 15 place continually while every effort is made to produce up-to-date and water consumption 10 all based on per vehicle built since literature this brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide to 2007 in addition the manufacturing assembly co2 emissions of each current specifications nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any jaguar built in the uk since 2009 is 100 offset for each tonne of particular vehicle distributors and dealers are not agents of jaguar land co2 emitted in the assembly process jaguar invests in

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