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roof cross bars5 t4a13875 ski/snowboard holder5 6 c2a1538 watersports carrier5 6 c2z21730 jaguar branded cross bars required for fitting all roof carrying equipment engineered specifically for your vehicle a safe and secure jaguar branded system for transporting winter sports equipment incorporates slider rails for easy loading for four pairs of skis or two snowboards a versatile system for transporting a variety of water sports equipment including surfboard kayak or paddleboard tilts to facilitate loading/unloading roof luggage box5 6 c2c41628 roof sport box – large56 t2h7753 uv sunshade – front windshield t4a4216 spacious 14.4 cu.ft capacity lockable roof luggage box measuring 68 x 32 x 17 inches power-click quick mounting system with integrated torque indicator for easy and secure fixing with a single-handed grip the 15.2 cu.ft large roof sport box opens from both sides with handles on the lid and inside the box for convenient fitting loading and unloading gloss black finish and lockable for security tailor-made for the jaguar f-pace windshield and features jaguar branding reflects the sun s rays and helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cool 4pet package can be fitted with either rubber liner t4a5569 or rubber mat t4a16371 5requires roof rails 6requires roof cross bars personalization 97