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tearing up the rule book t he jaguar i-pace concept previews a production car that will arrive at retailers in 2018 it will be a smart five-seat suv both a sporting performance car and a family vehicle rolled into one its groundbreaking design performance competitive range and charging times will make it an electric alternative to a traditional premium suv the design and engineering teams at jaguar have taken full advantage of the opportunities presented by electrification a cab-forward sporting driving position exceptional interior space and of course zero tailpipe emissions and instant acceleration the battery pack and motors have been designed and engineered by jaguar to deliver outstanding efficiency with an targeted range of more than 220 miles on the us epa cycle charging is easy and quick with 80 percent charge achieved in 90 minutes and 100 percent in just over two hours using 50kw dc fast charging the interior of the concept features premium materials and beautiful tactile

what lies beneath under the skin the i-pace concept is radically different from a combustionengined car instead of a gasoline or diesel powertrain it has a state-ofthe-art electric propulsion system designed and developed by jaguar land rover for optimum performance and efficiency battery management system this highly sophisticated control unit is fundamental to the performance and range of the i-pace concept it ensures the battery operates at optimum efficiency under a variety of conditions battery pack the liquid-cooled 90kwh lithium-ion battery uses the latest pouch cells chosen because of their high energy density and excellent thermal management it is positioned as low down as possible and right between the axles dropping the center of gravity and improving vehicle agility “this is an uncompromised electric vehicle designed from a clean sheet of paper we developed a new architecture and selected only the best technology available the i-pace concept fully exploits the

i-pace concept exterior design “no other project i’ve worked on has given me the sheer thrill that this one did” ian callum director of design jaguar w ind back to early october t-minus six weeks before the launch of the i-pace concept and ian callum is in his office with his red f-type r parked in full view right outside “it was a beautiful evening last night,” he says “so i primed the iphone with music and just went driving three hours around warwickshire oxford and the cotswolds it was the most fantastic three hours and i did think to myself ‘why don’t people get this pleasure out of driving anymore?’ with ian callum it always comes back to the cars a tireless enthusiasm for cars in general and jaguar vehicles specifically is all part of callum’s brand it’s sustained him through a long and illustrious career defined by the creation of timeless beautiful sports cars deceptively simple silhouettes he’s

i-pace concept exterior design enormously successful first-generation car signaled the beginning of callum’s refashioning of jaguar and it’s very clear – it always is with ian callum – that the i-pace concept is only the beginning as he stands up to head to yet another meeting it’s evident that it is not just three-hour blasts in that red f-type putting a twinkle in his eye “i think what’s really great about this car is that we didn’t set ourselves any rules don’t try and make it look like an f-type or give it an e-type boat tail because that’s nice to have just accept the fact that this is a whole new jaguar vehicle and takes the rules to a whole new level.” opposite clockwise from top left the sharp rear end was dictated by aero efficiency cleverly positioned ducts maximize air flow distinctive “double-j” led lights the strong rear haunches enhance the car’s athletic stance t he potential

inside line with an unrivalled blend of cutting-edge technology and tactile controls the i-pace concept showcases a vision for future jaguar electric

i-pace concept interior design beautiful details the i-pace concept is the first jaguar to usher in a new interior design language focusing on features that blend digital craftsmanship with mechanical precision 02 laser-etched veneer 03 signature lozenge pattern “beautifully crafted gps coordinates locate the jaguar design studio – birthplace of the i-pace concept” “our new heritage-inspired monogram design on the seats has a contemporary twist it’s a work of art in its own right” 01 bespoke-finished rotary controllers 04 jaguar print labels 05 meridian speaker trim “there’s a wonderfully tactile haptic feel to the dials – just like a chronograph watch” “showcasing the surprise-and-delight design ethos of jaguar these details symbolize the warmth and wit unique to this british brand” “at first the precision-crafted meridian lettering catches the eye look again and the detailed speaker pattern becomes

electric performance with 400hp and 516 lb-ft of instant electrifying torque the i-pace concept is a true driver’s car a sporting

i-pace concept performance “the i-pace concept accelerates from 0-60mph in around 4 seconds” ian hoban vehicle line director jaguar land rover handling characteristics to achieve this it uses the sophisticated double wishbone and integral link suspension setup proven in the xe xf and the f-pace it will stop just as efficiently too an electric brake booster replaces the normal vacuum servo ensuring maximum flexibility in the brake system control and maintaining excellent pedal feel the electric motors and lithium-ion battery in the i-pace concept are designed to deliver the best possible performance and range the i-pace concept delivers a targeted range of more than 220 miles on the us epa cycle and using 50kw dc fast charging achieves zero-to-full charging capability in just over two hours 80 percent charge capacity can be reached in just 90 minutes with this kind of range and efficiency there’s no doubt the i-pace concept is an electric vehicle that will perform

power to perform designed and developed by jaguar land rover the battery pack and electric motors enable optimum performance efficiency and range battery pack the i-pace concept features a liquid-cooled 90kwh battery comprising 36 modules enclosed within a structural aluminum housing the state-of-the-art thermal management system is designed to maintain the battery’s optimum operating temperature window for maximum efficiency and durability each module contains the latest lithium-ion pouch cells which use nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry these cells were selected for their combination of high-energy density and because they can maintain a higher current longer which means that the battery can deliver both range and sustained performance compared to some other cell types they also offer considerable future development potential a heat pump is an integral part of this system by scavenging heat from the outside air to help warm the vehicle’s interior the heat pump can

join the revolution be the first to register your interest in the i-pace go to jaguarusa.com all illustrations photographs and specifications shown here are based on the jaguar i-pace concept vehicle final u.s specifications design equipment and accessories have not been determined therefore u.s production vehicles will differ from the one shown ​ all pricing and figures for acceleration power speed range and charging are manufacturer’s estimates based on best information available at time of publication jaguar i-pace production vehicles will be tested and certified prior to release with official figures available prior to any customer order production vehicles will be tested and certified prior to release with official figures available prior to any customer order for more media information visit