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i-pace concept performance “the i-pace concept accelerates from 0-60mph in around 4 seconds” ian hoban vehicle line director jaguar land rover handling characteristics to achieve this it uses the sophisticated double wishbone and integral link suspension setup proven in the xe xf and the f-pace it will stop just as efficiently too an electric brake booster replaces the normal vacuum servo ensuring maximum flexibility in the brake system control and maintaining excellent pedal feel the electric motors and lithium-ion battery in the i-pace concept are designed to deliver the best possible performance and range the i-pace concept delivers a targeted range of more than 220 miles on the us epa cycle and using 50kw dc fast charging achieves zero-to-full charging capability in just over two hours 80 percent charge capacity can be reached in just 90 minutes with this kind of range and efficiency there’s no doubt the i-pace concept is an electric vehicle that will perform in the real world and compete with vehicles powered by the best internal combustion engines 32 33