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power to perform designed and developed by jaguar land rover the battery pack and electric motors enable optimum performance efficiency and range battery pack the i-pace concept features a liquid-cooled 90kwh battery comprising 36 modules enclosed within a structural aluminum housing the state-of-the-art thermal management system is designed to maintain the battery’s optimum operating temperature window for maximum efficiency and durability each module contains the latest lithium-ion pouch cells which use nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry these cells were selected for their combination of high-energy density and because they can maintain a higher current longer which means that the battery can deliver both range and sustained performance compared to some other cell types they also offer considerable future development potential a heat pump is an integral part of this system by scavenging heat from the outside air to help warm the vehicle’s interior the heat pump can deliver a double-digit increase in range – even in freezing winter conditions when needed most “the electric motors are hollow permanent magnet machines which together with the concentric transmission offer the best power density and efficiency and the lowest weight they give the i-pace concept sports car performance” dr wolfgang ziebart technical design director jaguar land rover electric motors the i-pace concept is powered by two synchronous permanent magnet electric motors integrated into the front and rear axles each generates 200hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and is paired with a concentric singleratio transmission as soon as the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal the motors provide regenerative braking comfortably slowing the vehicle down and recharging the battery in the process using the drive button within the transmission controls integrated into the center console the driver can increase the level of regenerative braking if desired the corresponding increase in deceleration means that in stop-and-go traffic for example the driver can drive with just a single pedal with no need to apply the brakes to slow the car the driveshafts pass through the center of the motors because this is the most spaceefficient layout possible the motors have an outer diameter of just 9.21 in and measure 19.68 in long these compact dimensions deliver packaging benefits within the vehicle contributing to the impressive luggage compartment volume in the i-pace concept the motors are also light and extremely efficient making them ideal for this high 36 performance electric vehicle response is immediate and this instant torque delivery combined with all-wheel drive traction enable the i-pace concept to accelerate from 0-60mph in approximately four seconds 37