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what lies beneath under the skin the i-pace concept is radically different from a combustionengined car instead of a gasoline or diesel powertrain it has a state-ofthe-art electric propulsion system designed and developed by jaguar land rover for optimum performance and efficiency battery management system this highly sophisticated control unit is fundamental to the performance and range of the i-pace concept it ensures the battery operates at optimum efficiency under a variety of conditions battery pack the liquid-cooled 90kwh lithium-ion battery uses the latest pouch cells chosen because of their high energy density and excellent thermal management it is positioned as low down as possible and right between the axles dropping the center of gravity and improving vehicle agility “this is an uncompromised electric vehicle designed from a clean sheet of paper we developed a new architecture and selected only the best technology available the i-pace concept fully exploits the potential that evs can offer in space utilization driving pleasure and performance.” electric motors the i-pace concept features two extremely efficient synchronous permanent magnet motors arranged concentrically with the transmission to make them as compact as possible integrated into the front and rear axles the two electric motors deliver a total output of 400hp and 516lb-ft – and high performance all-wheel drive 08 dr wolfgang ziebart technical design director jaguar land rover 09