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200mph 0-60mph in 3.3seconds 122kg of downforce at

0-60 200 3.3 mph secs mph 600 power output 700 ps nm front splitter extends 60 mm electronic active differential cooler reduces temperature by 30 0.2 secs quickshift gear change 80 lateral stiffness increased by 27 longitudinal stiffness increased by 330 of the major engineering content is unique introduction

spectacular in performance and in style the body of project 8 has been thoroughly redesigned to offer the downforce and aerodynamic performance necessary for a 200mph car it also looks stunning computational fluid dynamics cfd has helped to hone every surface fold and crease to minimise turbulence and drag the car cleaves the air cleanly yet has enormous downforce to ensure project 8 hunkers down on the road or track at speed the deep front splitter rear diffuser and large rear wing all add to the design drama but they re there for a reason to manage airflow and increase downforce and grip – boosting stability speed and control the carbon fibre front splitter and rear aero wing can be manually adjusted especially useful for optimal performance on the track the large aperture in the carbon fibre bonnet creates a low pressure area that sucks hot air from the massive engine bolstering power and aero efficiency the special lightweight forged alloy wheels – stronger and

a cabin that grabs you the new magnesium-framed performance or optional carbon fibre racing seats are designed to grip you tight so you re at one with the car when driving hard the car becomes an extension of you you feel in perfect control always in charge at ease with the most extreme jaguar saloon ever the high-definition digital tft instrument display gives you the important information at a glance gearshifts are by paddles mounted behind the 3-spoke alcantara-wrapped steering wheel or using a carbon fibre trimmed pistolshift selector a feature inspired by fighter jets and unique to this model in the xe range in project 8 connectivity is mostly about the conjunction between you and the road but for connecting to the internet navigation and car-specific apps jaguar incontrol touch pro ensures a seamless in and out of car experience audio is by meridianâ„¢ one of the finest in the car industry and specially engineered by the british specialists that s assuming you never tire

technical details 2,075mm vehicle height standard height 1,436mm track height 1,421mm headroom maximum front headroom with fixed metal roof fitted 971mm rear headroom 948mm legroom nominal front legroom 1,055mm nominal rear legroom 889mm loadspace capacity loadspace volume 450 litres loadspace width between arches 924mm length at floor 1,004mm 1,436mm turning circle kerb-to-kerb 11.29m 2,835mm