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operation of the parts of a car the time of the end crimping tool for non insulated lugs usb to mini usb usb a to usb a 25 pin to 9 pin connector 12 volt dc to 9 volt dc 12 volt dc to 48 volt dc 48 volt dc to 12 volt dc 35 x 20 x 20 40 volt dc to 12 volt dc 20 x 20 white 20 x 20 5 both to 5 both what are the parts of the book what are the parts of the books 25 pin sub to 25 pin sub d cable 25 pin to 25 pin connector 24 volt dc to 12 volt dc led 15 pin to 25 pin connector 30 x 30 mm 35 x 35 x 30 f type lead to f type lead 12 pin to 12 pin connector switch to switch cabling 24 volt dc to 12 volt dc 13 pin to 8 pin 13 pin to 5 pin 25 x 25 25 x 25 x the wiring diagram of the battery and the alternator put your hand in the hand tools and equipment and their meaning the function of the library 10 x 10 x 12 14 set screws in the 1 14 length the use of the library 20 tools the material type and the use of it h and r 30 30 vhf uhf tv antenna vhf and uhf antennas car cigarette lighter socket anti static wrist strap picture of vhf uhf tv antenna infrared dual channel wireless headphones 12 volt cigarette lighter socket pwm solar charge controller 75 ohm coax cable cat5 e 24 port patch panel valve regulated lead acid battery cigarette lighter plug to usb pcb mount dc socket momentary push button switch cigarette lighter plug to clips tin plated phosphor bronze

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order however you like kit back catalogue visit your local jaycar store with almost 100 stores in australia and new zealand our network of retail stores continues to grow come and visit us at one of these locations see our website or the back cover for full address phone and trading hours details our friendly experienced staff look forward to showing you our extensive range of products call our toll free hotline 0800 452 922 our experienced techstore staff are waiting to take your order techstore operates monday to friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and saturday 10.30am to 6.00pm www.jaycar.co.nz/kitbackcatalogue or see page 130 we maintain in our central distribution warehouse an extensive range of discontinued electronic project kits on our website each of these kits has a full description and where available a link to the original article on the kit order online www.jaycar.co.nz place orders from the convenience of your home on our secure website 24 hours a day 7 days a week post your order

j16 nz 01 11-67 workbench.qxp 3/03/2016 3:52 pm page 59 anti-static treatment anti-static products static control both in the workshop/factory and in the field is anti-static field service mat bag becoming increasingly important for reliable manufacture repair and this mat is ideal for field service people who need an anti-static work area when on the or installation of large surface mount lsi based boards we offer a move the mat folds complete line of static control products for virtually any situation out to a work area of approximately 600 x 600mm at one end there are 2 pouches and a ground lead and wrist strap are included a very useful tool • pouch size approx 200 x 300mm Ò cat th-1776 qty 1 $59.90 qty 3 $53.90 qty 6 $47.90 qty 3 $17.90 qty 6 $15.90 workshop tools 4 piece mini pick hook set these hook tools have stainless steel heat treated points and are ideal for use on o-rings springs snap rings washers checking soldering joints general hobbyist kit building and

j16 nz 02 68-132 projects n.qxp 3/03/2016 3:35 pm page 113 microscopes microscopes digital microscope for iphone® 4/5/6 unleash your inner scientist this microscope allows you to observe specimens with a significant level of magnification via your iphone® it is very easy-to-use and lightweight enough to carry around on your explorations simply place your specimen in the holder or directly under the base of the microscope then place your iphone® on the non-slip base to observe the specimen onscreen using your iphone® camera app the built-in light illuminates the specimen and the dial on the side allows you to adjust focus zoom in on the specimen using your iphone® camera app’s zoom function capture your findings as photos and videos and share them great for checking out small insects flowers or whatever excites your scientific mind compatible for use with iphone® 4/5/6 includes 6 specimen holders • 6 specimen holders • built-in led light •

j16 nz 04 161-195 emech.qxp 4/03/2016 2:57 pm page 168 ventilation fans 12vdc fans continued 90mm 2 wire 120mm ball bearing ip55 80mm ball bearing ip55 tech talk tech talk ip55 dust proof rated ip55 dust proof rated 4 specifications voltage v current ma dimensions mm air volume m3/min air volume cfm speed rpm noise dba bearing housing impeller connections Ã’ yx-2521 12vdc 320 90 x 90 x 25 1.67 59 3000 36 sleeve plastic fibreglass filled plastic fibreglass filled flylead cat qty 1 90mm yx-2521 $24.90 12vdc fans qty 4 $22.30 specifications voltage v current ma dimensions mm air volume m3/min air volume cfm speed rpm noise dba bearing housing impeller connections qty 10 $19.70 continued 120mm thin ball bearing 2 wire Ã’ yx-2523 12vdc 200 80 x 80 x 25 1.2 42 3100 32 ball plastic fibreglass filled plastic fibreglass filled flylead cat qty 1 80mm yx-2523 $31.90 qty 4 $28.90 Ã’ 168 cat qty 1 120mm yx-2518 $35.90 qty 4 $32.40 qty 10 $28.90 www.jaycar.co.nz Ã’ cat qty 1 120mm

j16 nz 05 196-238 plugs.qxp 4/03/2016 3:11 pm page 222 multi-pin audio/video connectors din mini din tech talk mini din plugs originally a german standard these connectors are available in versions from 2 to 13 pins once widely used these are now seen less on av equipment the 2 pin version is used for some loudspeakers and 5 pin version is still used for connecting midi electronic musical instruments older pc keyboards pp-0362 line din plugs pp-0364 pp-0365 suits mac® computers pp-0366 pp-0300 pp-0302 pp-0304 pp-0305 pp-0370 Ò type 4 pin nickel plated 4 pin nickel plated 4 pin gold plated 6mm 6 pin nickel plated 8 pin nickel plated cat pp-0362 pp-0364 pp-0365 pp-0366 pp-0370 qty 1 $4.90 $2.50 $7.90 $2.50 $2.50 cat ps-0372 ps-0368 qty 1 $2.50 $2.90 qty 10 $4.10 $1.90 $7.20 $2.10 $2.00 qty 50 $3.70 $1.70 $6.50 $1.90 $1.80 4 6 pin line sockets pp-0306 pp-0308 pp-0310 Ò type 2 pin 3 pin 5 pin 5 pin 240˚ 5 pin premium die cast 6 pin 7 pin 8 pin cat pp-0300 pp-0302

j16 nz 06 239-296 power.qxp 4/03/2016 3:04 pm page 276 powerboards powerboards continued 5 way remote controlled powerboard powerboards often sit in hard to reach places so they re usually hard to turn off in order to reduce wasteful power consumption from devices in standby mode there are 4 switched sockets for general electrical appliances and 1 socket designed for appliances that always stay on such as telephones modems or medical equipment with the powerboard specifications rated voltage total load overload protection surge protection standby power consumption cord length dimensions ms-6154 240vac 50hz 10a 2400w 10a resettable 30,000a 1050 joules <0.5w 900mm 387l x 65w x 30dmm remote control devices connected to the 4 switched sockets can be switched off/on individually or all 4 can be switched off simultaneously led status indicators sit above each socket and the board features a manual switch in the event your remote goes walkabout the remote is uniquely coded to avoid

j16 nz 08 317-346 computer.qxp 4/03/2016 4:04 pm page 331 video converters adaptors video converters display converters adaptors continued vga usb audio to hdmi audio/video converter displayport to displayport male lead connect older pcs up to more modern displays such as lcd s and plasma screens just plug the vga and usb cable into your pc and it will output a hdmi signal with audio/video doesn t get much simpler than that as the converter requires no external power a displayport lead primarily used to connect a video source to a display device such as a computer monitor • supports displayport v1.2 three types to choose from • fantastic for turning that old laptop or pc into a media centre for use on your big new flat screen specifications vga cable usb cable supports powered converter unit Ò ac-1639 300mm long 1200mm 165mhz/1.65gbps per channel from usb port 80l x 55w x 11hmm Ò qty 1 $99.90 qty 4 $89.90 qty 10 $79.90 hz 60 30 30 cat wq-7450 wq-7452 wq-7454 qty

j16 nz 09 347-402 sight.qxp 4/03/2016 4:16 pm page 385 speaker cabinet hardware speaker/equipment cabinet fittings strap handle spray-on contact adhesive incorporates metal sections on each end which hold the handle and the rubber strap part returns flat after use • strap is steel reinforced • 2 x 8-10g screws required Ò cat hs-8022 255mm x 27mm qty 1 $7.90 qty 5 $7.20 qty 10 $6.50 this pressure-sensitive contact adhesive is in an aerosol can and bonds to paper fabric leather rubber foam vinyl concrete metal in fact almost any surface no more spills and dribbles from a tube or sticky screwdrivers and plastic applicators from applying glue to a surface great for laying innerbond and speaker carpet in/on speaker cabinets etc • cannot be sent by air freight or post Ò pocket handle cat na-1504 400g suitable for chipboard speaker cabinets or metal enclosures qty 1 $21.90 qty 4 $19.70 qty 10 $17.30 qty 1 $21.00 qty 5 $18.70 qty 10 $16.70 grill cloth • panel

j16 nz 11 437-514 auto.qxp 4/03/2016 7:18 pm page 440 comms equipment uhf transceivers cb radios continued 3w uhf cb radio tradies pack 5w uhf cb radio tradies pack keep in touch at the worksite large venue or on the convoy with this handy tradies pack the floating transceivers included in this pack are suitable for professional or recreational use a 10km line-of-sight range will allow you to keep in contact over large distances and ip67 rating means it can be submersed in up to 1m of water and they float includes voice operated speaker/mics so you can talk hand s free charge on the go with the in-car charger this handy case has everything you need to keep in touch at the worksite office or on the road trip 2 x 5w uhf transceivers 2 x mini speaker microphones 2 x vox headset/microphones charging dock with mains adaptor and 12v power adaptors for in-car charging up to 20km line-of-sight range will allow you to keep in contact over large distances the compact speaker microphones are

j16 nz 11 437-514 auto.qxp 4/03/2016 7:28 pm page 494 led driving flood lights external lights spotlights sl-3920 continued sl-3921 sl-3922 sl-3990 sl-3992 6,300 lumen ip68 6.5 solid led driving/spot/floodlights 10,140 lumen extreme 8 led driving/spotlights with a pair of these fitted to the front of your vehicle you have the equivalent of over 1000w of halogen light or over 12,000 lumens in the new speak they are built tough as nails as well with an ip68 water and dust proof rating powder-coated diecast aluminium main body unbreakable polycarbonate lens marine grade stainless steel fasteners and high grade electronic circuitry to protect the 7 cree® xm-l leds and drive them at maximum efficiency you would be hard pressed to find a better led light at a better price each unit supplied with a 2m wire harness with waterproof connector and 2 bracket options to suit different applications for off-road use only whether you re a serious 4wd off-roader long haul truckie or just want

north island find your store trading hours mon-fri 8.30am to 5.30pm saturday 8.30am to 5.00pm sun 10.00am to 4.00pm new location for late night trading hours and exceptions check your local store listing for public holidays trading hours check our website www.jaycar.co.nz new zealand office 16-18 fisher cresent mount wellington 1060 new zealand administration account enquiries phone 09 258 5191 fax 09 276 1257 int l phone +61 2 8832 3100 australian head office australia with over 80 stores in australia and 13 in new zealand we are struggling to fit them all on the back of the catalogue if you’re looking for australian store details call our staff on 1800 022 888 or visit our website www.jaycar.com.au techstore web www.jaycar.co.nz email techstore@jaycar.co.nz post po box 12241 penrose 1642 freecall 0800 452 922 0800 4jaycar phone 09 258 5200 fax 09 276 1257 office mon-fri 8.30-5.30 international web www.jaycar.com email techstore@jaycar.com phone +61 2 8832 3245 office