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j16 nz 02 68-132 projects n.qxp 3/03/2016 3:35 pm page 112 robot green power kits learn about green power salt water fuel cell engine car kit continued hobby solar module ideal for powering solar projects hobbies model solar cars and educational applications 3 cells per module rated at 1.5v specifications open circuit voltage short circuit current dimensions weight zm-9012 1.5v 500ma 148l x 74wmm 33g Ò cat zm-9012 qty 1 $24.90 qty 2 $23.60 qty 4 $22.40 deluxe solar educational kit a series of do-it-yourself experiments to acquire the basic knowledge of solar energy supplied with a solar panel which incorporates 3 x 1.5v cells for series or parallel connection • assembly time 3 hours • suitable for ages 8 • dimensions 120l x 100w x 91hmm the kit comes complete with • solar cell module with plastic stand • musical unit • plastic lamp • small dc motor with stand • wire with motor clips • 4 jumper wires • nuts and plastic spanner • colour spinner discs • paper aeroplane and bird models • plastic turntables with 4 sizes 5/8 1 1.5 and 2 inch • plastic fan spinner • 14 page solar energy booklet explaining the why hows of solar energy • suitable for ages 8 Ò Ò cat kj-6694 qty 1 $36.90 salt water fuel cell engine car kit spare cartridge qty 3 $33.20 qty 6 $29.50 experiment with solar energy the energy source of the future our solar educational kit is designed to let you build your own solar models the kit comes complete with • solar cell module • solar energy booklet explaining the why hows of solar energy • small dc motor • screws and nuts • wire with motor clips • colour spinner discs • paper aeroplane and bird models • plastic turntables with 4 sizes 5/8” 1” 1.5” and 2” • plastic fan spinner • suitable for ages 8 Ò cat kj-6690 qty 1 $23.90 qty 3 $21.50 qty 6 $19.00 cat kj-8967 qty 1 $59.90 qty 3 $53.90 qty 6 $47.90 qty 1 $11.90 qty 3 $10.70 qty 6 $9.50 qty 1 $15.90 qty 3 $14.30 keep your kids entertained for hours with these small robotic creatures that fit into the palm of their hands these autonomous high speed creatures mimic the behavior of an insect they will run and scurry around on an even floor table and flat surface they have the ability to change direction if they hit an obstruction or wall and can also flip upright if they end up on their back the vibrating motor inside this creature rotates a counterweight and propels the robotic creature forward a fun and safe way to entertain the kids for hours they are the perfect collectible robot pet for your kids • assembly time 43 seconds • suitable for ages 5 • dimensions 260dia x 30hmm qty 3 $6.65 cat kj-8994 a bit of fun automated electronic bugs qty 6 $12.70 this simple little kit demonstrates how helicopter flight is possible assemble the blades blow up the balloon then attach to the blade axle and the air from the balloon will pass through a passageway of each blade causing them to spin this rotational motion coupled with the angled blade design allows for enough downward force for the kit to fly qty 1 $7.40 what better way to learn about our own solar system than leaving your own marks on each of the planets assemble your own planetarium model paint it and add highlights to create a glow effect watch the 30cm model glow in the dark it’s out of this world featuring the sun mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus and neptune our condolences to pluto Ò balloon powered helicopter propulsion kit www.jaycar.co.nz qty 6 $25.50 $6.90 • snap to build no glue required at all • dimensions 220l x 170h x 60dmm • suitable for ages 3 • highly accurate digital clock module • metal electrodes wire • instructions and fluid beakers perfectly safe for children and highly educational do not eat fruit/veg after using as batteries • clock dimensions 65w x 30h x 12dmm • suitable for ages 10 cat kj-8908 qty 3 $28.70 $7.75 planetarium educational kit you can generate enough electricity to run a digital clock by plugging electrodes into common potatoes an amazing chemical experiment which also works with tomatoes lemons apples even soft drink or beer all parts except fruit/veg supplied including Ò qty 1 $31.90 $8.60 a green powered car no batteries or motors required and it is not even subject to weather conditions like its solar powered counterparts this futuristic car kit operates entirely using air and it travels up to 80m on one single tank this kit balances the fun and learning perfectly a built-in hand pump with pressure meter is built in the car for easy operation and also as an indicator in measuring how volume of air is collected into the tank build this fun and educational kit and discover and learn about air pressure pumps valves transfer of energy and green power all that with the thrill of a speedy car Ò potato clock cat kj-8937 ramp not included • dimensions 190l x 160w x 290hmm • suitable for ages 10 science project kits Ò cat kj-8960 kj-8961 air power engine car kit solar educational kit 112 an entertaining educational kit demonstrating the concept of a salt powered automotive engine it gives the next generation a look at alternative means of propelling cars of the future it works with a combination of salt water and magnesium plates when salt water is added it dissolves the magnesium to form hydrogen which is attracted to the cathode creating a flow of electrons a detailed step by step assembly manual for connecting the myriad of components is included and the car engine can be configured as a v8 or flat engine the cylinders also move up and down as the car moves forward the finished vehicle is 4 wheel drive and the body will twist as it navigates its way over small pebbles and bumps watch a demonstration video on our website you may require the use of a side cutter and flat/phillips head screwdrivers qty 6 $5.90 • assorted colours • dimensions 45l x 17wmm • batteries included • suitable for ages 5 Ò cat yg-2891 sold each qty 1 $9.90 qty 3 $8.50 qty 6 $7.50 want it fast how about next day delivery see page 4 for details.