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j16 nz 10 403-436 security.qxp 4/03/2016 7:04 pm page 430 alarm switches sensors nc reed switch magnet alarm accessories dual quad element pir detectors reliable and effective dual and quad element pir detectors for home or office security applications both units are compact attractive and easy to install with the features to match each has a built-in automatic temperature compensation to help eliminate false triggers in certain environments 110 degree convex honey comb hemispherical infrared lenses are used and each unit has an extremely low current draw at 8ma both feature a swivel bracket for quick position adjustment this quad unit offers higher levels of detection than the dual element model • detection type dual element low noise pyroelectric sensor • led indicator walk test enabled by internal link • tamper switch specifications operating voltage current draw range field of view mounting height alarm output warm up period pulse count dimensions cat la-5044 la-5046 dual quad qty 1 $42.90 $48.90 qty 4 $38.60 $43.90 Ò qty 1 $11.90 toothed version to suit metal frames • dimensions 19l x 19diamm • surface diameter 24mm cat la-5076 Ò cat la-5075 la-5076 for timber frame for metal frame qty 1 $29.90 qty 4 $26.90 qty 8 $23.90 ideal for burglar alarms normally open but closed when near magnet see note below sm-1002 44mm 16mm 10w 200vdc max 0.5a max 1.0a max cat sm-1002 qty 8 $6.50 tapered version to suit timber frames • dimensions 31l x 9diamm • surface diameter 19mm cat la-5075 reed switch magnet assemblies reed switch qty 4 $7.20 available in two versions to suit timber or metal frames normally closed nc per pair with both versions normally closed contact nc reed switch Ò qty 1 $7.90 just drill a recess in your door or window and the magnet flush mounts to be invisible the reed switch segment is similarly mounted into the door frame or window frame wired into your system • 15a switching current • easy connection via wire terminals • no and nc contacts • isolated to protect the alarm panel • relay coil protection for spike free operation cat la-5558 qty 8 $5.50 flush mount reed switch magnet sets when it comes to large alarm installations there is often a requirement to have several sirens and strobe lights in order to do this safely the best way is to use an isolated relay module this enables you to supply an external power source so as not to overload the power supply on the alarm panel and switch high currents to multiple sirens and strobe lights specifications total length glass length contact rating switching voltage switching current carrying current cat la-5070 reed switch alarm relay module 2 x 15a Ò qty 4 $6.20 qty 8 $34.30 $38.90 1 8 programmed in learn mode any first to alarm sequential automatic from learn mode impact two colour led 27l x 22w x 87hmm cat la-5073 qty 1 $6.90 you have both types of contacts on the one unit normally open no and normally closed nc per pair temperature -40˚c to 80˚c la-5073 9v 16v dc normal mode 16.5ma alarm 15.8ma 12v intelligent pulse cat la-5072 no nc reed switch magnet this vibration/shock sensor has an intelligent microprocessor the sensitivity is automatically set in learn mode by the level of a recognised impact made to the protected area the number of impacts i.e pulse count required to generate an alarm is determined by the number of the recognised impacts made in learn mode fast and easy to install and can be mounted to wood steel glass and concrete Ò normally closed nc per pair burglar alarm industry standard reed switch intelligent shock sensor specifications supply voltage current pulse count latching modes sensitivity settings indicator dimensions tech talk Ò la-5044 9-15vdc 8ma nominal at 12vdc 12m max 110 degrees max 1.5m-2.4m nc when cover on 28vdc 0.1a 90 seconds 1 2 and 4 pulses selectable 104h x 66w x 47dmm Ò these are used to secure an alarm circuit on a door or window sold as a pair one has a magnet inside the other a reed switch they have powerful magnets with self adhesive or screw mount screw terminating size same as la-5070 contacts open when magnets are apart and closed when together qty 1 $2.50 qty 10 qty 25 $2.00 $1.80 qty 1 $6.90 $7.90 qty 4 $6.20 $7.20 qty 8 $5.50 $6.50 nc miniature reed switch magnet absolutely tiny these encapsulated reed/magnet switches with leads are ideal for home and car security their size should make them extremely easy to conceal so that potential thieves are less likely to disable them made from moulded plastic • white in colour • supplied with 300mm lead • dimensions 33l x 8w x 8.5dmm • width including mounting tab 15mm • hole spacing 18mm • wire lead length 300mm Ò normally closed nc per pair cat la-5074 mini reed switch qty 1 $8.90 qty 4 $7.70 qty 8 $6.70 tech talk normally closed this is when the switch contacts are touching in the presence of a switching magnet the contacts open when the magnet is removed this is the most common system in alarm circuits normally open circuit normally closed circuit moves away moves away magnet switch circuit open 430 magnet switch circuit closed www.jaycar.co.nz magnet switch circuit closed magnet switch circuit open want it fast how about next day delivery see page 4 for details.