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j16 nz 11 437-514 auto.qxp 4/03/2016 7:24 pm page 476 power connectors alligator clips jumper leads jumper lead kits 4mm banana socket to alligator clip heavy duty this kit has large alligator clips and heavy cable the alligator clips are approximately 50mm long and have jaw openings of about 10mm cable length is approx 300mm available in black or red Ò • 10 leads supplied 2 of each colour red black standard ideal for connecting devices for testing alligator clip size is approx 40mm jaw opening is about 8mm and cable length is approx 400mm qty 1 $15.90 $8.90 qty 10 qty 50 $14.30 $12.70 $7.90 $6.90 a super handy set of jumper leads to leave in the back of the car each battery clamp has a led light built in powered by built-in batteries so even in the dark you can find your way around the engine bay the jumper leads are fitted with a voltage surge protector to keep your vehicle electronics safe and are rated to 400a for heavy engine starting loads supplied in a clear plastic carry case pair cat pa-3696 qty 1 $11.90 qty 10 qty 50 $10.70 $9.50 pair pair cat hm-3020 hm-3022 qty 1 $1.90 $2.50 qty 10 qty 50 $1.60 $1.40 $2.00 $1.80 qty 1 $2.90 qty 10 qty 50 $2.60 $2.30 alligator clips • sold as a pair • 1 x red 1 x black Ò 26mm 32mm • voltage surge protection • 400a current rating • 8 x lr44 button batteries included • 3m long alligator clips with screw no soldering required large alligator clips with plastic finger grips and a screw for connection cat wh-6012 400a qty 10 qty 50 $2.90 $2.60 $2.90 $2.60 • catiii rated • sold as a pair red and black Ò heavy duty 400a 3.5m jumper leads with led illumination Ò qty 1 $3.50 $3.50 takes standard and fully insulated 4mm banana plugs and turns them into an alligator clip cat wc-6020 wc-6010 heavy duty standard cat pa-3668 pa-3669 cat iii rated banana alligator clip • 10 leads supplied 2 of each colour Ò each each qty 1 $42.90 qty 3 $38.60 qty 6 $34.30 • length 55mm • max jaw opening 12mm • sold as a pair or singly Ò extra-heavy duty 700a 4.5m jumper leads with led illumination 1 x red 1 x black pair these extra-heavy duty jumper leads have battery clamps with a helpful led light built in so you can find the battery terminals even in pitch black darkness rated at 700a they are suitable for higher cca cold cranking amp loads on big v6s v8s and diesel 4wds at 4.5m long they have that extra bit of length over your typical jumper leads which always makes the difference when dealing with large 4wd engine bays fitted with a surge protector to protect sensitive electronics and supplied in a handy clear plastic carry case leds powered by built in batteries included cat hm-3025 car battery type clips • all have insulated colour coded handles • sold in pairs cat hm-3010 hm-3012 hm-3015 hm-3060 hm-3085 current 15 30a 50a 200a 400a the 400 amp versions are very large and very strong you cannot put your finger in the end because it will probably give you a bite these are ideal for our 300w and 500w inverters length 55mm 70mm 98mm 130mm 155mm max jaw opening 14mm 20mm 25mm 35mm 22mm hm-3012 hm-3015 • voltage surge protection • 700a high current rating • 8 x lr44 button batteries included • 4.5m long Ò cat wh-6014 700a qty 1 $86.90 qty 3 $78.20 qty 6 $69.50 if you are reading this page you may have an application for highcurrent wiring for suitable heavy-duty cable check out pages 202 for cable down to “0” gauge you might also find the automotive cabling hardware and fuses on pages 481 to 483 interesting hm-3060 Ò 15a 30a 50a 200a 400a also look out for our new compact jump starter units on page 484 workbench sent to us by bill jaycar store clovelly park qty 10 $3.70 $4.10 $5.70 $10.70 $17.90 qty 50 $3.30 $3.70 $5.20 $9.50 $15.90 rated at 400 amps this pair of heavy duty battery clamps are ideal for making up jumper leads and for use with our inverters all metal parts are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel they can be taken and used anywhere without the risk of corrosion kbench great wor for more details visit www.jaycar.co.nz workbench 476 qty 1 $4.50 $4.90 $6.90 $11.90 $19.90 400 amp stainless steel battery clamps i cant wait to start using a 3d printer to print the parts for my 1 gauge model trains $100 pair pair pair pair pair hm-3085 cat hm-3010 hm-3012 hm-3015 hm-3060 hm-3085 www.jaycar.co.nz • sold per pair • current rating 400 amps • length 165mm • max jaw opening 50mm • 316 grade marine grade stainless steel Ò 400a pair cat hm-3086 qty 1 $5.90 want it fast how about next day delivery see page 4 for details.