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octane interior dÉcor godiva sofa mojave main accent flooring 19 seismic interior dÉcor carpet sofa godiva main accent flooring carpet sofa mojave bedspread flooring carpet sofa bedspread flooring carpet seismic exterior graphics selections standard graphics with white sidewalls jayco’s roof vs other roofs scan the qr code to see the magnum truss roof system video standard graphics with optional aztec-grey sidewalls 4,500 pounds on a jayco roof vs other roofs the magnum truss tm roof system optional premium paint package 50 percent stronger living room extend your camping season with the jayco climate shield™ it protects against extreme heat and extreme freezing—even in temperatures as high as 100 degrees or as low as zero degrees fahrenheit scan the qr code to see climate shield video kitchen bathroom holding tank bedroom 0˚f 0˚f0˚f 0˚0˚ f f0˚f 0˚f0˚0˚ f f0˚f 0˚f0˚f0˚0˚ f 0˚ ff 100˚f 100˚ f f 100˚ 100˚ f100˚ 100˚ f f 100˚ f100˚ 100˚ f100˚ f f 100˚100˚ f 100˚ f100˚ f100˚ f f unit was tested in zero degrees f and 100 degrees f weather over an extended period of time in a controlled environment and all functions of the coach were fully operational including full fresh water tanks testing was done in a completely controlled environment therefore temperatures during testing may not represent actual temperatures in nature and cannot account for elements such as wind or moisture in actual use unit may not perform as well supplier of cooling components does not guarantee anything better than 20 degrees difference from ambient temperature in addition outside components are subject to freezing and require steps to properly insulate jayco’s warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing to learn more about climate shield and testing done by jayco visit www.jayco.com.