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12 High-Perf. Street/Strip .0045" .0050" .015" Street Moderate Turbo/Nitrous .0050" .0055" .015" Late Model Stock .0050" .0053" .015" Circle Track/Drag Race .0055" .0057" .015" Nitrous Race Only .0070" .0073" .015" Blown Race Only .0060" .0063" .015" Application Bore x Bore x Min. Gap Top Ring 2nd Ring Oil Ring Rail Minimum Gap Per Inch of Bore RING GAP CHART RING GAP FILING PROCEDURES Check the ring gap chart (below) to determine the appropriate end gap for your bore size and application The prefered method of ring grinding is to use a quality electric ring grinding machine. Where costs are a consideration the use of a manual hand crank style grinder works Always file from the ring face towards the inside diameter of the ring to avoid chipping and/or marring the face coating File only one end of the ring, using the unfiled end as a reference point Debur all gap edges with a sort stone or Cratex type product Note: The chart above is a general end gaps guideline. Each ring should be fitted to the particular cylinder in which they are to be installed. A difference in bore diameter of .001" should increase the ring gap by a factor of pi (3.1416, example: .001 x 3.1416 .00031). The gap on the second ring should always be larger than the top ring end gap, this will help to reduce top ring flutter. RING INSTALLATION ELECTRIC RING GRINDER ELECTRIC STYLE DEBUR WHEEL MANUAL STYLE RING GRINDER Magnified photo of incorrectly ground ring end gap. Please use extreme caution when hand grinding, it is possible to chip/flake the plasma moly out of the inlay groove. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN GRINDING RING END GAPS, TOO COARSE OF A STONE OR CUTTER CAN REMOVE MATERIAL TOO QUICKLY. BE SURE TO KEEP RING END GAPS SQUARE. GOOD BAD