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2 capability drivetrain 1 selec -t errain ® tractionmanagementsystem every renegade® equipped with an available 4x4 system arrives with a jeep® selec-terrain® traction management system it offers a variety of settings that deliver ultimate driving stability by coordinating various vehicle systems including throttle control transmission shifting transfer case traction control and electronic stability control esc 7 choose from up to five sure-footed modes auto snow sand mud and exclusively on trailhawk,® rock 1 3 2 trailrated ® every jeep vehicle bearing a trail rated® badge is designed and built to go anywhere do anything® and perform with exceptional 4wd capability each must successfully pass five performance test categories traction articulation maneuverability ground clearance and water fording.16 3 jeep ® activedrive this fully automatic and available 4wd system features a single-speed ptu that combines authentic jeep brand-engineered capability

uconnect ® uconnect ® brings a range of communication and your world enriched by great connections entertainment services straight into your vehicle radio there are no cords at this station but we’ve got just about everything else including 150 channels of the best satellite radio content with exclusive entertainment sports comedy news and commercial-free music when siriusxm® meets uconnect,® it really sings additionally stream from your desktop or download the free siriusxm app on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all-access19 when out of your jeep® brand vehicle it’s all included in your first-year trial all bundled together within a robust system with so many convenient options to choose from discover how you would like to connect phone prioritize different phones so multiple drivers can connect and call uconnect syncs with your compatible phone’s contacts allowing you to call by name and view your contact’s name on the touchscreen

1 most capable small suv ever is based on historical u.s unibody b-suv segment competitors as identified by wards auto small crossover and small suv segments years 1985 – 2014 4x4 capability based on jeep b-suv offering low-range power transfer unit ptu with 20:1 crawl ratio low-range 4x4 capability 2 based on jeep brand small suv segmentation based on latest available competitive information 3 when properly equipped based on jeep brand small suv segmentation 4 based on jeep brand small suv segmentation 5 requires a mobile phone equipped with the bluetooth hands-free profile visit uconnectphone.com for system and device compatibility 6 the advanced front air bags in this vehicle are certified to the new u.s federal regulations for advanced air bags children 12 years old and younger should always ride buckled up in a rear seat infants in rear-facing child restraints should never ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger front air bag all occupants should always wear

j e e p c o m 8 0 0 9 2 5 jeep jeep is a registered trademark of fca us