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o p e n airfreedominteriorw hen it co m es to o p en-a ir driving not hing t ra nsfo rm s lik e w ra ngler 2 5 ]  innerglow convenient interior courtesy lights illuminate the front footwells and cup holders while an available electrochromatic rearview mirror automatically darkens to help eliminate the blinding glare of headlamps 1 1 ]  sunrider ® softtop let the sun shine in with this easy-to-use fold-back sunroof feature and its special three-ply fabric that’s quiet and watertight standard a premium sunrider® soft top adds further durability and sound dampening and includes an easy-to-wash dust blocker that helps keep your top in tip-top shape available 3 2 ]  freedomtop ® hardtop strong secure and available in either black or the exterior paint color of your wrangler sahara® or rubicon.® a three-piece modular design lets you bring in the sun as you see fit remove 3 either front panel or both or leave them in place and remove 3 the

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w henoneadventureends anotherbegins 1 fourwheeler magazine 2 siriusxm subscriptions for audio and data services are sold by siriusxm to follow your trial subscription if you decide to continue listening after your trial the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates fees and taxes apply to cancel you must call siriusxm at 1-866-635-2349 see the siriusxm customer agreement for complete terms and more information at www.siriusxm.com all fees and programming subject to change your equipment and features for siriusxm services will vary depending upon the vehicle you select and may be limited in select markets 3 be sure to follow all instructions in owner’s manual for removal of top and doors and lowering of windshield driving with doors off and windshield down is for off-road use only 4 the advanced front air bags in this vehicle are certified to the new u.s federal