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Catalog 1934 - 1946 Chevy Truck Parts 5/2011

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table of contents · · · · · · · · · s radiatorsupportpads 39 radiators&items 69 radioantenna 111 restoredradio 111 ring&pinion 47 rockerarmshaft 77 runningboardtobedapron 114 103 runningboards runningboardsitems 3,103-104 3 k · keyblanks · kickpanels · knobs l · · · · · · leafsprings&items 47,91-92 licenseplatebracket 39 licenseplatefasteners 98 lifters 77 lightbulbs,sixvolt 56 lugnuts 91 98 126 49-50 · tires andtubes · toolbag · transmissionparts · truckcover · turnsignalkits&etc u 98 98 68-69 104 30 71-72 · universaljoints · upholsteredseatkits 124-126 · usedparts 128-129inquire v · · · · · · vacuumadvance valves valvecover&etc voltagebooster voltagereducers voltageregulators 73 78 42 27 27,111 26 · salesbrochures 58 · salesman sdatabooks 58 19 · seatbumpers · seatcovers 124 m · shiftknobs 50 · shockabsorberandlinks 92 · manuals,miscellaneous 57-61 · shockabsorberconversion 47 · mastercylinder&etc 62 · shopmanuals 57 ·

cab related parts cab mount kits · cab mount kits completewithspecializedbushings,washers,bolts,blocks,springs,andpads part no description cbk153 1934-36highcab kit cb205 1939-46partiallyfits1934-38pickupsandlargetrucks kit cbk155 1939-46panelandsuburban kit stop body noise 45.50 69.50 59.50 · wood blocks floor rail connectscowlassemblytocabsiderailsatfloor.shapedanddrilledasoriginal.includes twoblockswiththepropersixtaperedmachinebolts part no description 1934-46 kit 11.90 cb206 · wood blocks cab mount fitatrearundercab part no description cb247 1936-46includedincb205 pair miscellaneous cab items · clutch head screws blackinteriorscrews.approximately100items part no description cb101 1934-46chevrolet set 7.95 23.95 · header panel fitsabovewindshieldincabinteriorandhasholesforleftandrightwindshieldwipermotorplates touchesfrontedgeofheadlinerboard part no description cbh151 1936-38fiberglass each 125.00 cbh155 1939-46fiberglass each 125.00 · header panel wiper cover plate

floor parts floorboard sections fiberglass · floorboard sections fiberglass tough black fiberglass to replace your rusted-out unit part no description fl168 1936 low cab-38 4-speed each fl169 1939-40 4-speed each 1941-46 3-speed each fl153 fl154 1941-46 4-speed each note cut 3 diameter hole for master cylinder floor cover miscellaneous floor parts · starter boot stops air coming into cab around starter rod description part no fl117 1938-57 each · starter rod felt floor seal description part no fl118 1934-46 each · master cylinder floor hole cover part no description fpf130 1936 low cab-46 rounded metal plug as original each · running board bolt kits includes special flat top step carriage bolts description part no fl128 1936-55 1/2 and 3/4 ton pickup or larger truck kit fl129 1936-55 1 ton pickup kit · running board to fender gaskets part no description fl240 1939-40 1/2 3/4 1 and 1-1/2 ton front fenders pair fl225 1941-46 1/2 3/4 1 1-1/2 and 2 ton front fenders pair

high performance high performance speed equipment continued · ring and pinion for differential 1/2 ton finally a rear end ratio is available that allows your 1/2 ton pickup to cruise at highway speeds these new sets change the 4.11 ratio on the 1940-53 closed drive line to 3.55 your trucks personality is now completely changed nothing is visible outside engine rpm is reduced almost 20 part no description hp163 1940-54 3.55 ratio set 449.95 · differential bearing bushing and seal kit 1/2 ton for use with hp163 ring and pinion set above when you require all wearing parts replaced kit includes such items as pinion and carrier bearings pinion and wheel seals gaskets torque tube bushing etc individual components are listed in mechanical section part no description hp165 1940-50 1/2 ton kit 395.00 · differential cover inspection plate chrome a new 10 bolt chrome cover 1937-62 1/2 ton is in our mechanical parts section · axle to leaf spring attaching kit allows you to replace your

literature manuals miscellaneous continued · chevrolet and gmc how to paint your car author pat ganahl unveils dozens of secrets that will help anyone paint their own car from simple jobs to full-on door jambs and everything paint jobs ganahl covers everything you need to know to get a great looking coat of paint on your car part no description li202 128 page color 8 1/2 x 11 each 39.95 · rebuilding the small block chevy one of the best books on rebuilding the 265 283 327 and 350 small block v-8 includes 650 photos to make your rebuilding a success shows performance upgrades engine removal and instillation how to avoid costly mistakes tips from master mechanics selecting the correct parts and getting quality machine work a must if you will be restoring a small block chevy the detailed 150 pages will simplify your job and make communication with your mechanic much easier part no description li574 each 30.00 · casting number guide six cylinder finally we have found a listing of

mechanical engine components continued · motor mount front for six cylinder engines fits in your original steel housing part no description me216 1932-55 1st each 11.50 measure me217 me218 · motor mounts rear per side for six cylinder engines part no description me217 1937-47 3 wide each me218 1948-53 1/2 ton only 2 wide each · valve cover stud top seals part no description me214 1934-53 chevrolet 216 engine and 1939-59 gmc pair · valve cover acorn nuts for securing cover to head non-polished stainless steel looks original part no description me213 1934-53 chevrolet 216 engine and 1939-59 gmc pair · engine gasket sets 6 cylinder american made quality gaskets overhaul gasket sets part no description me475 1935-36 chevrolet 207 engine set me7201 1936-38 gmc 230 oldsmobile engine set me210c1 1937-53 chevrolet 216 engine and 1941-49 chevrolet 235 low pressure engine set me721 1938 gmc 223 pontiac engine 1/2 ton only set me210g1 1939-62 gmc 228 236 248 and 270 engine set

mechanical heater system continued · heater hose part no description me769 5/8 specify length foot · heater hose clamp part no description me204 original flat type as used by gm each · heater duct tubing connects heater to defroster duct under dash cut length to fit part no description me283 1936-46 1-1/2 diameter set 1.75 1.75 26.95 miscellaneous mechanical · crankshaft pulley sleeve metal sleeve fits over original crankshaft eliminates unwanted worn groove on crankshaft created by timing cover seal which may cause oil leaks pulley must be removed to install part no description me256 1937-72 chevrolet six cylinder and 1939-59 gmc six cylinder each 7.95 · hub cap wheel clips secures original hub caps to factory wheels made with spring steel as original nicely replaces rusted and broken clips part no description me150 1936-60 1/2 ton each 1.50 · wheel cylinder block attaching bolt rear part no description mee244 1936-50 all hollow bolt plus 2 washers for mee246 each 3.95 gm

miscellaneous running boards etc · running boards fiberglass 1941-46 1/2 ton we finally found a pair of original 1/2 ton running boards that were the necessary quality to make the best molds this product looks just like the originals they bolt to your fenders and braces like the gm units if you don t have new old stock gm metal boards ours should be your choice for the perfect restoration these black fiberglass 1941-46 running boards separate the men from the boys they are also excellent with step plates ms215 or ms215g part no description msr223 1941-46 1/2 ton left each 295.00 1941-46 1/2 ton right each 295.00 msr224 · running boards fiberglass top quality to perfectly fit your special truck made from new old stock patterns so they are correct in dimensions excellent for use with the aluminum decorative step plates ms215 or ms215g fits chevrolet and gmc 1/2 ton short bed part no description ms222 1934-36 left and right includes proper diamond tread pair 390.25 ms223 1937-38 left

sheet metal fenders fiberglass continued · rear part no description sm255l1 1934-36 left 1/2 ton panel suburban and pickup each 385.00 sm255r1 1934-36 right 1/2 ton panel suburban and pickup each 385.00 sm256l 1937-38 left 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 385.00 sm256r 1937-38 right 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 385.00 sm400l 1939-46 left 1/2 and 3/4 ton panel and suburban each 344.40 sm400r 1939-46 right 1/2 and 3/4 ton panel and suburban each 344.40 sm257l 1939 left 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 385.00 sm257r 1939 right 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 385.00 sm258l 1940-46 left 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 358.00 sm258r 1940-46 right 1/2 and 3/4 ton each 358.00 note:due to a narrower bed on the 1939 its rear fenders are wider than those on the194046 these 1939 units are also excellent when using wide tires on the more custom 1940-46 trucks for those using this wider fender on the 1940-46 we also have the appropriate wider running boards msr225 see the miscellaneous section under running boards · fender protectors stop

window items · window channel premium quality properly cloth coated and lined stop the rattling or breaking of your roll up door glass will give years of top service glues in place part no description wi201 1934-46 black cut into 3 pcs per side for 1934-35 pair 48.50 · glass setting tape tightens glass in metal frame part no description wi101 for roll-up windows and windshield frames sold per foot foot .90 · window outer seal slides into horizontal track on inside and outside of door helps stop rattles and drafts identical to original four pieces part no description wi416 1936-46 set 12.75 · windsheild wing nut holds swing out windsheild frame brass you paint black as original part no description wi412 1929-36 each 29.95 · window handle part no description wih349 1939 with black knob left or right each 35.00 wih350 1940-46 with tan knob left or right each 35.00 note either of these can work on 1934-38 however are not authentic in appearance · window handle escutcheon fits