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Catalog 1947 - 1955 Chevy Truck Parts 4/2011

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table of contents m manifold dual intake 51 manifold howard intake 50 manuals 72-76 master cylinders disc brake 57 master cylinders stock 78-79 master parts catalog 74 mirror parts 122-123 miscellaneous 124-135 motor mounts original 94-95 motor mounts custom 51 muffler related items 105 mustang ii conversion 57-58 o oil caps 49,116 oil pumps 102 oil filter beehive 48 oil filter original 116 oil lines 116 owner s manuals 73 p radio speakers gaskets 143 radio tubes 144 new restored radio s 143 ring pinion 59 roll pan front or rear 153 running boards etc 132-134 s sales brochures 73 sales and service sign 124 salesman truck data book 74 seat kits covers 167-168,173 service bulletins 77 sheet metal bed 151-157 sheet metal cab 147-150 sheet metal front parts 155 sheet metal tools 158 shift boxes related 117,118 shift knob 61 shock absorbers etc 119,120 shock absorbers mounts 119 shock conversion 58 shop manuals 72 spindle castellated nut 84

decals · decals sales and service sign the same decals used on our ms102 and ms103 metal signs use on windows your own signs etc weatherproof vinyl approximately 11-3/4 diameter just like displayed in dealerships part no description de101 chevrolet each 8.95 de102 gmc each 8.95 de134 napco 4x4 each 8.75 · decals miniature service sign weatherproof vinyl approximately 3 diameter copies of de101 and de102 one of each use on windows your own signs etc part no description de103 miniature decals set 1.95 decals chevrolet and gmc all purpose weatherproof vinyl · chevrolet block letters approximately 1 x 8-1/4 also fits on 1947-53 hubcaps part no description de104 black decals each de105 red decals each · gmc famous script approximately 2 x 7-3/4 also fits 1947-55 hubcaps part no description de106 red decals each de107 white decals each de108 black decals each · dash block letters quality vinyl decal fits above radio speaker grille part no description de109b 1947-51 chevrolet

floor parts miscellaneous floor parts · starter boot seals out air coming into cab around floor starter rod installs in minutes part no description fl117 1938-57 each · master cylinder floor hole cover part no description fl127 1947-59 black rubber over metal 3-1/4 diameter each · running board bolt kits includes special flat top step carriage bolts part no description fl128 1936-55 1/2 and 3/4 ton pickup or big truck kit fl129 1936-55 1 ton pickup kit · running board to rear fender gaskets part no description fl230 1947-55 pair · floor shift boots boots were not originally used by gm on early trucks however this is a nice extra part no description fl165 1934-47 3-speed each fl136 1936-66 4-speed each 4.00 7.95 9.95 10.50 6.00 8.50 8.50 · floor shift foam collar fits between transmission and floor plate stops air leaks around 3 and 4-speed floor shifters originally used instead of or in addition to a boot part no description fl137 1934-47 3-speed and 1934-65 4-speed each

knobs miscellaneous knobs handles etc continued · brake release knob round black with white letter b paint gray for gmc part no description kb144 1954-55 chevrolet each 62 oldchevytrucks.com b 7.95 · heater valve rod knobs a more flat knob for adjusting water flow on the optional fresh air heater white letters state warmer part no description 8.50 kb130 1947-53 maroon each kb146 1954-55 black each 6.95 · cigarette lighter assembly finally a lighter with the correct gm knob not the one sold by most vendors that use a headlight knob show quality these are 12 volt units however they look great in the lighter position of any advance design gm truck part no description kb272 1947-55 12 volt each 28.75 orders 1-800-882-1913 tech help

mechanical brake parts continued · brake hoses front two required per truck part no description me136 1938-50 1/2 ton 1946-55 1st 3/4 and 1 ton 1951-55 1st 1-1/2 ton 1947-55 1st 2 ton each meb138 1951-59 1/2 ton each · brake hoses rear one required per truck part no description me136 1938-56 1/2 ton 1946-59 3/4 and 1 ton 1951-59 1-1/2 ton 1947-57 2 ton each · brake shoe adjusting wheel or shoe part no description meb101 1951-63 1/2 ton front or rear each · brake hose securing clip part no description meb100 each 17.50 14.95 17.50 7.50 .95 · brake lines formed and flared with fittings 100 authentic in application and appearance these are metal lines from master cylinder to wheel cylinder chevrolet and gmc 1/2 ton short original style bed part no description mee228 1947-49 oe steel 7 piece set all 1/4 diameter set 165.00 mee227 1947-49 stainless 7 piece set all 1/4 diameter set 185.00 mee230 1950 oe steel 7 piece set all 1/4 diameter set 165.00 mee229 1950 stainless 7

mechanical engine components continued · timing gears crankshaft part no description me512 1937-39 chevrolet and 1939-59 gmc six cylinder each me440 1940-62 chevrolet six cylinder each 72.50 25.00 · piston sets six cylinder when replacing pistons always add new piston rings includes pins cast iron when available only add an a after the part numbers below to order aluminum replacements 1941-53 216 engine part no description me448s std 1941-53 chevrolet 216 engine set 225.00 me44802 .020 1941-53 chevrolet 216 engine set 225.00 me44803 .030 1941-53 chevrolet 216 engine set 225.00 me44804 .040 1941-53 chevrolet 216 engine set 225.00 me44806 .060 1941-53 chevrolet 216 engine set 225.00 me659s std 1941-62 chevrolet 235 engine set 245.00 me65902 .020 1941-62 chevrolet 235 engine set 245.00 me65903 .030 1941-62 chevrolet 235 engine set 245.00 me65904 .040 1941-62 chevrolet 235 engine set 245.00 me65906 .060 1941-62 chevrolet 235 engine set 245.00 me660s std 1954-62 chevrolet

mechanical suspension parts continued · shock absorbers name brand made in the usa heavy duty part no description me189f1 1950-55 1/2 and 3/4 ton front each me189r2 1950-55 1/2 ton rear each me189r3 1950-55 3/4 ton rear use your lower sleeve bolt and nut each me833 1950-54 1 ton front pair 24.50 24.50 24.50 56.00 ·shock mounts we have these heat forged and stamped as original we were not satisfied with bent and welded get-by reproductions the result is the best quality at the same price part no description mes134 1950-55 front and rear upper each 29.00 mes135 1950-55 rear lower each 24.50 mes133 1950-55 front lower right and left pair 31.50 mes134 mes135 mes133 · shock absorbers single action lever type original lever action type units are totally rebuilt to operate like new equal to new in quality and long life painted and ready to install should outlast the modern telescoping style 4 to 1 plus core charge part no description reme815 1934-46 left front and 1947-49 right

paint paint exterior continued · basic colors gmc continued see page 1 35 for paint color descriptions part no description pt807q 1951-53 mahogany brown quart 45.00 pt807g 1951-53 mahogany brown gallon 132.50 pt808q 1951-53 polar gray quart 45.00 pt808g 1951-53 polar gray gallon 132.50 pt810q 1954 cocoa brown quart 45.00 pt810g 1954 cocoa brown gallon 132.50 pt812q 1954 huron green quart 45.00 pt812g 1954 huron green gallon 132.50 pt813q 1954 neptune green quart 45.00 pt813g 1954 neptune green gallon 132.50 pt814q 1954 sahara tan quart 45.00 pt814g 1954 sahara tan gallon 132.50 pt815q 1954 teal blue quart 45.00 pt815g 1954 teal blue gallon 132.50 56.50 pt816q 1954-63 chrome yellow quart pt816g 1954-63 chrome yellow gallon 169.50 · red and maroons chevrolet part no description pt405q 1936-52 swifts red quart pt405g 1936-52 swifts red gallon pt407q 1936-72 omaha orange quart pt407g 1936-72 omaha orange gallon pt409q 1947-52 cape maroon quart

sheet metal fenders and related items · lower rear fender patch panels replaces the area often rusted out where running board bolts to front of rear fender shaped to nicely weld in place 6 high saves original gm fenders made in the usa part no description smf400l 1947-55 rear fender at running board 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton left each 31.50 smf400r 1947-55 rear fender at running board 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton right each 31.50 suburban panel and canopy express these panels are now available fit were running board bolts to front of rear fender produced in a small specialty shop in the usa · lower rear fender patch panel fits front of the rear fender part no description sm572l 1947-55 left 6 high x appox 10 wide each sm572r 1947-55 right 6 high x approx 10 wide each · quarter patch panels fits between rear fender and door made in usa part no description sm570l 1947-55 left each sm570r 1947-55 right each · rear inner fender body patch panel front of rear fender opening made in usa part no

used parts we are one of the leaders in sales of used truck parts for 1934-72 chances are good we will find your needs in our large inventory inquire about items not listed here note the following items is just a few of the many we often stock they are in good restorable condition call us for availability and condition · air cleaner 1941-53 oil bath style attaches to top of carburetor · ash tray 1947-53 or 1954-55 chevrolet or gmc · battery floor hole cover 1947-55 with latch metal needs bead blasting and painting · brake drums front or rear 1/2 ton turned ready to install 1938-50 front with hubs 1938-50 rear 1951-59 front with hubs 1951-59 rear · bumper front 1947-55 ready for painting or chroming · bumper braces front 1947-55 chevrolet or gmc needs sand blasting · doors without hardware 1947-50 1951 1952-53 or 1954-55 no rust out · exhaust and intake manifold combination chevrolet 216 or 235 engine · factory fresh air heaters with good core and motor 1947-52 core and