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Catalog 1955 - 1966 Chevy Truck Parts 12/2010

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table of contents visit our website for special savings fuel system fuse block g 107 gas tanks gas tank grommets 21 gas tank related 21,107 gauge clusters related 157-158 generators 33,88 glass-window door vent etc 170 glass dash bezels panels 158 glovebox cardboard 20 glovebox door 19 20 glovebox lock and key glovebox parts and related 20 42 grilles and related grille support panels 42 h headlights related items 61-62 headlight rings/doors 61 headlight switches 31 headliner 165 headliner rubber 22 165 heat riser springs 99 heater components 109-112 heater control levers 59 111 heater control panel 112 heater knobs 58 110 heater valves high performance speed equipment 45-55 hood emblems 162 hood hinge 43 hood latch 43 hood related items 43 horn items 32 hubs 100 hub caps 160-161 114 hub cap clips i idler arms identification plates ignition coils 103 125 160 32 50 104-107 34 ignition cylinder with key 34 ignition switch housing bezel 34 59 inner fender seals etc 42 intake manifold

decals visit our website for special savings · decals sales and service sign the same decals used on our ms102 ms103 and ms155 signs use on windows your own signs etc weatherproof vinyl approximately 11-3/4 diameter just like displayed in dealerships part no description de101 chevrolet each 8.95 de102 gmc each 8.95 de134 napco 4x4 each 8.75 · decals miniature service sign a copy of each de101 and de102 both are waterproof vinyl approximately 3 diameter use on windows your own signs etc part no description de103 miniature decals set 1.95 decal cherolet and gmc all purpose weatherproof vinyl · chevrolet block letters approximately 1 x 8-1/4 part no description de104 black decal each de105 red decal each · gmc famous script approximately 2 x 7-3/4 part no description de106 red decal each de107 white decal each de108 black decal each 1.90 1.90 2.75 2.75 2.75 1960-61 you get longer truck life and a safer more comfortable ride with the difference in gmc s rugged chassis and

front parts visit our website for special savings bumper bolt and nut · bumper bolt with rounded polished stainless cap part no description fp109 1947-72 chevrolet and gmc with rounded stainless cap each · bumper bolt nut part no description fp110 1947-72 chevrolet and gmc each 2.75 .25 fp154 firewall related items · firewall interior covers black fiberglass reproduction interior cover with nice grain includes heat insulating firewall pad part no description fp154 1955-59 fiberglass each 122.50 fpf135 1960-66 fiberboard as original pair 54.50 · firewall cover retainers fasteners that secure fp154 and fpf135 cover pads to inner firewall part no description fp157 1955-66 set of 10 set · 4 hole firewall grommet for cables part no description fp151 1954-59 each · firewall grommets part no description fp129 1955-59 wiring loom each fp183 1936-59 speedometer cable each fp104 1936-59 starter wire or vacuum hose each el183 1960-66 main wiring harness each · front fender seal

knobs visit our website for special savings miscellaneous knobs handles etc continued · heater control levers perfectly replaces these normally broken die cast lever arms used on factory fresh air heaters part no description kb154 1955-59 chevrolet pair 24.75 kb191 1955-59 gmc pair 31.50 kb145 1964-66 chevrolet and gmc set of 3 set 30.00 · ignition switch clear bezel note for trucks with automatic transmission fits behind chrome securing dash bezel part no description kb155 1955-59 clear with white letters each 5.95 · turn signal levers with black knobs part no description kb181 1960 each kb164 1961-62 each kb182 1963-72 without tilt wheel each · turn signal lever knob part no description kb117 1955-59 black each kb165 1961-72 black each · air conditioning control lever dash bezels part no description kb192 1964-66 factory air only chrome set of 3 set 8.50 8.50 7.50 7.95 3.25 33.90 · orders 1-800-882-1913 · tech help 1-816-252-5857 · oldchevytrucks.com

mechanical visit our website for special savings brake parts continued · brake shoe hold down springs clips etc consists of three types of springs retainers and related hardware part no description me341 1951-66 1/2 ton front or rear per axle set · brake adjustment hole plugs fits in drum brake backing plate part no description meb146 metal type exact as original on early years each me145 rubber push-in type each · brake drums front part no description me151 1951-70 1/2 ton 2wd each me153 1953-59 3/4 ton and 1 ton each me421 1960-67 3/4 and 1 ton 2wd each meb150 1964-69 3/4 ton 4x4 each · brake drums rear part no description me151 1951-70 1/2 ton 2wd and 1955-59 1/2 ton 4x4 except positive track rear ends each me154 1953-59 3/4 ton each me4222 1960-70 3/4 ton 2wd with coil springs each me4221 1965-70 3/4 ton 2wd with leaf springs each 9.95 1.50 .50 54.50 95.00 79.95 124.95 54.50 135.00 145.00 145.00 division blocks we now stock the more in demand brass blocks used on your

mechanical visit our website for special savings engine components continued · valves exhaust part no description me248 1950-62 chevrolet 235 and 1954-62 chevrolet 261 engine each me249 1954-63 gmc 270 small port engine each me2492 1954-63 gmc 270 large port engine each mee412 1954-63 gmc 302 only engine each 16.40 19.50 16.40 12.95 · valve seats exhaust hardened when you have a concern of wearing down the original valve seats due to lack of lead in modern gasoline part no description mee127 1954-62 chevrolet 235 each 4.00 · valve guides description part no me524 1941-62 chevrolet intake each me525 1941-62 chevrolet exhaust each mee124 1939-59 gmc intake and exhaust each · timing gears camshaft choose either fiber or aluminum six cylinder part no description me439f 1937-62 chevrolet and 1939-59 gmc fiber for quieter operation each me439a 1937-62 chevrolet and 1939-59 gmc aluminum as original on trucks each · timing gear crankshaft description part no me440 1940-62

mechanical visit our website for special savings custom air conditioning and heating systems we now stock custom quality air conditioning units for most older gm trucks our complete kits less refrigerant are designed for your truck and operate on modern 134a coolant these systems integrate neatly into the factory heater control position and operate both a/c and heater functions they include a custom a/c heater and defrost combo which mounts directly to firewall under dash in most systems a/c and heater lines are routed through the factory firewall inlet hole with a provided neat rubber grommet and trim plate important the following systems include the special custom in-cab components that have been designed for your specific truck these kits do not include the more common under hood items such as radiator condenser compressor lines and engine compressor brackets · 1955-59 chevrolet inside cab this system is designed for easy installation with the deluxe lever control assembly custom

miscellaneous visit our website for special savings create your own cameo we can now provide most of the parts to help you create the rare and stylish cameo carrier if you have a short bed 1955-58 ½ ton you can have a cameo pickup the i.d body tag did not have a number that designates the cameo our company is famous for the small detail items necessary in gm truck restoration cameo specialty items are no exception look over the following if you need unique parts for your chevrolet cameo or gmc suburban carrier bed and rear bumper assembly you will be pleasantly surprised · cameo outer bed sides these full length fiberglass sides are equal or better than the originals we ve even added a hidden inside reinforcement to help increase their strength very smooth exterior surface note if you don t pick up these sides we must charge a $75.00 crating fee sorry but this is what we pay for crate materials and labor part no description msb300 1955-58 pair 998.75 crating materials and labor

sheet metal visit our website for special savings ·sheet metal tools these spotweld cutters are the professional s choice for removing spot welds they make body panel repairs easy by cutting around the spot weld and leaving the underlying panel undamaged the damaged panel can quickly be taken off the panel can be repaired and welded back on or a new panel be put back on using the spotweld cutters to make plug holes for welding our spotweld cutters are used in a regular hand-held drills there s no need to buy expensive spot weld guns to drill out spotwelds so whether you work in a high-end collison shop or in your garage restoring your dream machine these spotweld cutters will make life easier part no description tl093 spotweld cutter premium with skip proof arbor each 49.95 tl082 spotweld cutter premium with standard pilot each 32.04 tl224 spotweld cutter double-end each 18.50 tl096 spotweld cutter kit premium with skip proof arbor 3 3/8 cutters arbor w skip-proof pilot extra

upholstery visit our website for special savings carpeting continued · 4-speed 2 wheel drive and 4x4 s high hump in floor center part no description up200b 1955-59 black loop pile each up204b 1955-59 black cut pile each upc175 1955-59 specify color loop pile each up204so 1955-59 specify color cut pile each upc179 1960-66 black loop pile each upc187 1960-66 black cut pile each upc181 1960-66 specify color loop pile each upc189 1960-66 specify color cut pile each miscellaneous upholstery · gas tank covers a die stamped grained cardboard covering like original for tanks behind seat part no description up166 1960-66 each 139.95 139.95 145.00 145.00 139.95 139.95 145.00 145.00 33.90 chevrolet suburbans · orders 1-800-882-1913 · tech help 1-816-252-5857 · oldchevytrucks.com