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Catalog 1967 - 1972 Chevy Truck Parts 5/2011

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points of interests · with few exceptions during 1967-72 chevrolet 1/2 and 3/4 tons used rear coil springs except for the suburban most all gmc s had rear leaf springs these leaf springs were an option on chevrolets · · the factory installed am ­ fm radio was first available in trucks in 1970 not 1967 it used a single under dash speaker this was not a stereo unit during 1962-72 the deluxe fleetside trim was bright anodized aluminum rather than stainless steel in 1961 and older this newer trim had been adopted throughout the automotive industry and saved in production costs general motors as most other manufacturers were caught off guard when federal regulations began requiring side marker exterior lights the 1967 truck the first of the six years series was already in the market place gm s only option was to stamp marker light rectangular holes in the vehicle sides to hold these new lights thus the 1967 is the only truck of these series to not have these lights it was not until the

cab parts steering wheels etc continued · steering wheel horn button retaining and repair kit secures horn button to steering wheel includes retaining cup stamped plate insulation ring and necessary fasteners part no description cbs302 1969-72 kit · steering column seal fits around steering column part no description cbs308 1967-72 upper column seal grommet at dash each fl231 1967-72 lower column seal at floor each miscellaneous cab items · gas filler neck grommets surrounds body hole in cab where gas neck protrudes part no description cb325 1967-70 pickup large trucks and 1969-72 blazer i.d 2 each cb195 1971-72 pickups and large trucks i.d 1 1/2 each · cab windlace pickup and big trucks part no description cb233 1967-72 has mitered upper corners as original pair 19.95 6.80 12.95 5.50 5.50 36.75 · cab windlace suburban this special windlace kit is just for the 1967-72 suburban it not only provides the factory seal for the two front doors but also the unique right side

electrical miscellaneous electrical items · taillight wiring loom black plastic split loom to protect wiring exact as original part no description lg280 1960-72 foot .85 · wiring harness gutters vinyl horizontal as original protects wires that pass across truck engine compartment just like gm part no description fpw252 1967-72 attaches to firewall each 12.15 fpw253 1967-72 attaches to radiator support each 12.15 · wiring harness clips part no description el175 fits all years each · spark plug wire sets description part no elw544 1955-72 v-8 265 283 327 and 350 set elw543 1963-72 six cylinder 230 250 and 292 set turn signal items · turn signal switch assembly fits in column below steering wheel very close to gm design works great description part no el430 1967-72 non-tilt wheel each el431 1967-72 tilt wheel and automatic transmission each each el432 1967-72 tilt wheel and 3 speed transmission 1.75 26.50 19.95 38.50 40.50 40.50 · turn signal switch assembly exact gm design

knobs knobs etc continued pa rk · shift indicator dial lens the clear dial lens with white letters shows shift pattern of turbo-hydromatic transmission part no description cb217 1970-72 without tilt wheel each cb218 1971-72 with tilt wheel each · shift indicator housing black surrounds clear dial lens on steering column lens not included see above part no description cb320 1971-72 without tilt wheel holds cb217 each cb321 1970-72 with tilt wheel holds cb218 each · shift pointer the small pointer behind the dial on automatic transmission steering column part no description cb223 1970-72 with tilt wheel each cbs300 1971-72 without tilt wheel each · brake release knob rectangle with white letters inside threads part no description kb167 1969-72 black each · tilt wheel release lever with black knob part no description kb168 1969-72 each · door lock knob buttons description part no kb247 1967-72 black each kb170 1967-72 chrome each · fresh air knob for opening the air vent

mechanical brake parts continued · park brake cable equalizer bracket attaches to front of intermediate cable.from original tooling description part no meb107 each 5.50 1966-72 · park brake cable firewall grommet prevents metal to metal contact where cable enters cab description part no fp223 each 3.00 1967-72 · disc brake rotor part no description me622 each 39.95 1971-72 1/2 ton,for 5 bolt wheels meb165 1971-72 3/4 and 1 ton,for 8 bolt wheels each 79.50 · disc brake calipers fulley loaded rebuilt included pads and mounting bolts ready to install plus core charge part no description reme091 1971 left 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton 4x2 each reme090 1971 right 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton 4x2 each reme092 1972 left 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton 4x2 each reme093 1972 right 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton 4x2 each reme094 1971-72 left 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4x4 each reme095 1971-72 right 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4x4 each me639 core charge for above brake calipers core 39.00 39.00 39.00 39.00 45.50 45.50 8.00 · wheel bearings with race

mechanical fuel system continued · carburetors six cylinder part no description reme695 1963-67 chevrolet 230 and 250 manual choke each reme698 1969-70 chevrolet 250 monojet each reme380 1967-69 gmc stromberg 305 and 351 v-6 each reme775 1969-72 chevrolet 250 and 292 automatic choke each me267 core charge for above carburetors core 135.50 149.50 340.00 145.00 50.00 · carburetors small block v-8 part no description reme583m 1960-68 chevrolet rochester 2 barrel v-8 manual choke each 175.00 reme583a 1960-72 chevrolet rochester 2 barrel v-8 automatic choke each 254.25 me584 core charge for above carburetors core 35.00 · carburetor repair kits part no description 1955-67 chevrolet rochester 2 barrel 283 v-8 kit me585 1963-67 chevrolet rochester 250 six cylinder kit mee136 1970-72 chevrolet rochester 250 six cylinder kit mee135 · throttle cable assembly part no description 1971-72 from gm tooling each me722 23.50 31.75 32.90 24.80 · carburetor gas filter an authentic gm option

miscellaneous parts · truck cover the patterns create a nice standard fit that follows the contours of your truck the construction is a 3 layer non-woven gray breathable lightweight material almost totally dust proof the soft flannel like inner layer protect your truck s finish great for inside use excellent outside on a limited basis fabric is breathable so moisture and condensation can easily evaporate extra uv resistance part no description mst191 1967-72 1/2 ton shortbed fleetside 115 wb each 279.95 1967-72 1/2 and 3/4 ton longbed fleetside mst192 127 wb each 299.95 ·truck covers universal truck fit a great light weight single layer cover designed for protecting your truck during inside storage very close to a custom fit clean with a garden hose not designed for longterm outside storage part no description mst179 1967-72 chevrolet/gmc shortbed each 89.50 mst196 1967-72 chevrolet/gmc longbed suburban/panel each 93.75 · license tag attaching plate rear heavy steel formed

sheet metal bed sheet metal for the custom truck · tailgate custom non-lettered these units are made for both the custom and everyday driving truck to keep cost low they do not have the chevy or the gmc letters they are however exact in all other areas and include the tailgate ends for easy installation in primer part no description sm176 1954-72 stepside like original except no stamped letters each 155.50 sm185 1954-72 like sm176 except has seven vertical rows of louvers each 205.00 sm317 1954-72 like sm176 except louvers which gives the appearance of a chevrolet bowtie each 209.95 smt201 1954-72 stepside with large embossed bowtie each 225.00 smb124 1967-72 chevrolet or gmc no stamped letters fleetside each 199.95 · tailgate covers stepside a full metal 18 gauge cover with curves on top and bottom fits over existing tailgate weld in place part no description sm275 1954-72 smooth surface each 58.80 sm276 1954-72 a full cover like sm275 but has seven rows of louvers each

trim · front fender side emblem chevrolet these chrome die cast and painted emblems perfectly replace the originals american made from original gm tooling show quality note often these moldings and emblems are available used at half price check on availability description part no tr220 1967-68 10 emblem pair 70.10 tr268 1967-68 20 emblem pair 70.10 tr221 1969-70 cst/10 pair 48.05 tr277 1969-72 c/10 pair 48.05 tr222 1969-72 custom/10 pair 73.45 tr223 1969-72 custom/20 pair 73.45 tr224 1971-72 cheyenne/10 pair 48.05 tr225 1971-72 cheyenne/20 pair 48.05 tr226 1971-72 cheyenne/30 pair 45.20 tr227 1971-72 super pair 44.10 tr250 1971-72 deluxe pair 44.10 tr286 1968-72 4x4 pickup suburban or blazer 1/2 and 3/4 ton pair 49.95 trt125 1969-72 k/5 blazer each 29.85 · front fender emblems chevrolet engine size in cubic inches chrome die cast with black paint as original show quality from gm tooling note often these moldings and emblems are available used at half price check on

upholstery miscellaneous upholstery · kick panels these carpeted panels are a nice extra covers the original metal in-cab panel and looks like they should have been put there by gm matches the adjacent floor carpeting note inquire on other colors part no description upk201 1967-72 chevrolet and gmc black loop pile pair 44.95 upk202 1967-72 chevrolet and gmc black cut pile pair 44.95 for fast service:orders 1-800-872-1913 tech help 1-816-252-5857 oldchevytrucks.com