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pointed pen available again b368 ames compendium of practical ornamental penmanship by daniel t ames 1883 reprint 1978 60pp 8.5 x11 in a three-ring binder $20.00 sale $14.23 eight pages of good instruction on writing and letterforms spencerian copperplate are followed by examples and alphabets flourishing birds feathers etc is next followed by pages of 19th-century ornamental lettering of all sorts a great resource for those interested in pointed pen writing b4229 copperplate calligraphy a pointed pen workbook by laura di piazza 2017 44pp 8.5 x11 paper $12.95 for each of the lowercase letters capitals and numbers this copybook-style workbook provides a model letter with ductus stroke direction and sequence in black letters to trace over in gray and then space to practice the letter freehand the letters are presented in alphabetical order great for practice in conjunction with other instructional resources b4225 pointed pen scripsit i 37.1 designed and edited by michael clark

b4014 bewegt schreiben – schreiben bewegt we write inspired – writing inspires 2012 114pp 8.24 x11.75 paper $49.00 sale $39.20 lushly produced catalog for an exhibition that marked the 25th anniversary of the schreibwerkstatt klingspor offenbach over 80 works are shown in full color from karlgoerg hoefer maria hoefer hans schmidt jean larcher hermann zapf and over 50 other talented scribes and lettering artists all members of this calligraphy society in english and german foreword by benno aumann “about writing” by dr sttefan soltek and “25 years of schreibwerkstatt klingspor offenbach” by gottfried pott the exhibition’s curator the brief captions title tools and materials dimensions are in german in the book’s innovative binding the cover is not glued to the sewn spine but instead is scored and folded and wraps around b4162 an introduction to arabic calligraphy by ghani alani 2016 80pp 8.7 x11.1 hardcover $24.99 in this

pads paper p88 borden riley kraft paper pad 12 x18 carol dubosch likes this kraft paper pad it accepts ink well and stands up to embossing standard brown kraft paper 60 lb weight 50 sheet clothbound not acid free not for archival pieces $19.52 jnb $16.59 erasers e31 tombow mono dust catch eraser made of a tacky black polymer that catches and holds the “dust” created when erasing guidelines and other pencil marks no small eraser bits to dust off as the eraser is used up you slide it forward out of its paper sleeve 100 recycled which protects the rest of the eraser until it is needed approx 2 x 15/16 x 7/16 $1.59 e32 tombow mono light eraser this white plastic eraser is designed to easily remove graphite p78 fabriano pencil marks with a light touch to avoid damage to studio 90lb delicate papers and other sensitive surfaces a paper hp watercolor pad sleeve 100 recycled with rounded corner edges keeps a low cost high-value pad the unused eraser surface clean until it is

b4140 ladies of letterpress a gallery of prints by jessica white and kseniya thomas 2015 192pp 11.1 x14 paper $40.00 sale $17.23 presents work from over 80 presses each with a woman at the helm you get to see an amazing range of pieces from greeting cards to broadsides and posters printed in a variety of type lettering and illustration styles each piece is accompanied by details of paper inks and press used in its printing along with a profile of its printer the photography and printing are superb often showing the paper texture and the bite of the printing into the sheet an unusual feature is that all the pages are perforated so you can detach and post or frame any of the 80 full-page examples there are also four interviews with proprietors of these inventive establishments s1039 s1039 medium plain pipets use these for transferring ink from bottle to dinky dip or inkwell polyethylene plastic 3.2ml draw about 6 in length 10 pack $3.25    50 pack $14.25   100 pack

hermann zapf b2926 alphabet stories a chronicle of technical developb4127 scripsit 37.2 ments by hermann zapf 2007 38.1 double issue 150pp 7.25 x11 hardcover $65.00 hermann zapf a life in zapf provides us with an illustrated letters 2016 72pp story of his life with letters pen drawn 8.5 x11 paper $28.00 metal type and computer programs a tribute to hermann and pixels from the early 20th century zapf 1918-2015 through 2006 masterfully printed in compiled written and color on an uncoated cream-colored paper alphabet designed by julian waters stories includes the illustrated narrative a plate secnearly 200 illustrations tion a selected bibliography and a postscript by david chapters early years the pankow curator of the melbert b cary jr graphic arts wartime sketchbooks pen collection which maintains one of the most comprehen graver das blumen abc early calligraphic typefaces sive american archives of zapf ’s work designed by palatino optima gudrun zapf manuale typographicum

cherryl moote cherryl diligently tests each set of instructions with a group of papercrafters so her how-to’s are easy-to-follow and problem-free her books have received rave reviews b2429 simply bound beginnings in bookbinding by cherryl moote 2001 80pp 8.5 x11 spiral-bound $29.95 for papercrafters others wanting to start making books this manual gives clear precise instructions with step-by-step illustrations for 16 projects including meander books lotus books tea bag books flutter books single signature b2480 sleight of binding by cherryl moote 2002 88pp 8.5 x11 spiral-bound $29.95 cherryl’s second how-to manual is about trick books including flexagons jacob’s ladders and folded forms full of fun stuff a best seller at conferences s1044 laser square mat the laser square is the perfect tool to keep your projects in line it folds for easy storage and takes the guesswork out of alignment measuring and placement on your projects the laser square has inch and

kuretake brush pens m139 kuretake clean color real brush pen the clean color real brush is a real nylon-tipped brush that is highly recommended by paul antonio the tip is super-flexible gives a good variation of thicks and thins and bounces back well it is a somewhat “juicy” pen with vibrant and fairly opaque color for a great ombre effect try dipping the tip in ecoline watercolor or touch the tips of two colors together for easy color blending choose color black blue bright yellow cobalt blue dark gray emerald green green gray brown lemon yellow light blue light carmine light gray light pink lilac mid brown mustard oatmeal orange pale green pink purple red turquoise green or violet $3.58 jnb $2.96 each m139-c kuretake clean color real brush pen set classic colors this set contains blue green lemon yellow orange red and violet $21.48 jnb $17.50 m139-j kuretake clean color real brush pen set jewel colors this set contains bright yellow cobalt blue emerald green pink

fp152 shown actual size fine medium flat fp152 niji waterbrush set this set of waterbrushes includes 3 different sizes fine medium and flat a great price for three waterbrushes $6.95 s1061 s1061 bow compass with ruling pen use this tool to draw circles and ovals the ruling pen included allows you to draw lines of different thicknesses $24.75 kuretake tambi s1007 kuretake tambi watercolor sets each set has 6 pans of high-quality mica-based paints for pen calligraphy brush lettering and illustration from japan individual pans are 1 x1.75 and are held in a folded paper tray blue gold pearl pink scar red lemon yel may green cobalt blue white gold kuretake pearl colors set contains pearly pastel colors great for adding shimmer to your projects on light color papers $20.00 jnb $17.99 gem pink yel gold gem green gem blue gem violet kuretake gem colors set these colors are metallictoned and sparkle like gemstones the opaque color stains the paper and stands out boldly $22.50 jnb $19.99 18

b4242 100 days of lettering a complete creative lettering course by jay roeder 2018 208pp 8.5 x10 paper $19.95 with 100 exercises divided into ten sections this workbook offers a fun and friendly way to improve your lettering techniques every day each section focuses on building a particular skill or exploring a design application learn how to form letters pair different lettering styles and design motivational quotes as you work on these beautiful full-color pages featuring the striking artwork of author and illustrator jay roeder you’ll find plenty of ideas and encouragement to help you develop your own unique style b4235 artful alphabets 55 inspiring hand lettering techniques and ideas by joanne sharpe 2018 144pp 9.3 x10.9 paper $24.95 you’ll delight in this lighthearted collection of 55 alphabets ranging from basic block and stick letters to fanciful illustrated forms with beginner-friendly instructions where each alphabet is broken down into just a few simple

b4267 sumi workbook by christine flint sato 2014 130pp 8-1/4 x11-5/8 paper $30.00 an extensive introduction to the use of sumi ink with the brush written for western artists and thoroughly covering brush ink and paper and their interactions it is written by a western-trained artist who studied japanese calligraphy and sumi painting in japan and who teaches sumi workshops her first language is english chapters include tools and materials getting started sumi design elements sumi techniques and effects more sumi techniques composing a sumi artwork and gallery which includes student exercise work as well as the author’s finished pieces b4172 drawing in space the art of peter furlonger 2016 52pp 8.25 x11.38 paper $24.95 sale $15.00 a presentation of peter furlonger’s intricate works of lettering on fine bowls vases plates and cylinders which are complex and colorful his screen prints where he takes inspiration from his 3-d works and his stained glass windows where

i156 jacquard silk colors judy melvin uses these colors in her multi-media work she likes that they are dyes and can be used in the bleach technique she presents in her book art exposé b3044 these liquid colors are a replacement for the inks that she previously used and mentioned in the book those inks no longer work for bleach technique 2oz 60ml plastic bottle choose from black chocolate royal blue scarlet yellow $4.79 each pl30 pl30 pentel orentz 0.2mm mechanical pencil has a very thin hb lead 0.2mm and produces the finest of lines it is great for finely detailed work but you must use very light pressure to prevent lead breakage $8.95 pl22 refill leads .02mm hb $2.15 fp59 pentel pocket fp59 brush pen nylon bristle brush tip that comes to a fine point and that has a great spring back it is a little stiffer than the pentel color brush fp57 and a little easier to control comes with two cartridges of black pigmented ink $19.95 sale $13.53 h132 aqua new color h132 crystalline