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uv skylight /prote c tion filters the uv filter uv 0¡0 blocks ultraviolet radiation which can cause blur or ­ in color shots ­ blueness it is ideal for photos in the mountains by the sea or in areas with very clear air pictures become more brilliant irritating blue haze is avoided and color reproduction remains neutral this uv filter is also suitable for use as front lens protection the recommended product for digital cameras is the uv/ir blocking filter 486 a steep-flanked interference filter which additionally blocks infrared and prevents blur and color cast with ir-sensitive ccds the skylight filter kr ¡.5 also blocks uv radiation and has a delicate reddish yellow shade to counter the high blue portion in shadow caused by the sky s light in color transparencies with a warmer picture hue the clear glass protective filter clear 007 has an optically high-quality clear glass with an mrc coat and serves only as protection for the front lens also for digital uv 0¡0 uv/ir 486 kr ¡.5

color cor re c tion filters the b+w filter range also includes cc filters for professional applications in the subtractive primary colors of cyan magenta and yellow and in the additive primary colors of red green and blue in each case in four density steps of 05 ¡0 20 and 40 more information can be found in the b+w filter handbook the available sizes and mounts can be found in the tables on pages ¡2 to ¡4 of this brochure fluorescent light produces a disturbing green cast because of a pronounced green spectral line a b+w color correction filter magenta 20 or the special b+w fluorescent light filter 499 fl-d eliminates the cast cyan 40 magenta 40 yellow 40 red 40 green 40 blue 40 i nfrare d filters also for digital infrared filters transmit ir radiation but block visible light either completely or largely the black b+w infrared filter 093 allows pure ir photos in scientific or technical applications e g material research forensic investigation criminology the b+w filter 092 is the

black white filters also for digital black and white filters are color filters for photos on black and white film but also for digital shots which should be output in black and white via a camera function or subsequently using a photo-processing program they are designed to modify the conversion of the colors into gray values such that the actual color and its related colors are brightened while the complementary colors and their related colors are darkened b+w black and white filters are available in a number of stages from bright yellow to red and in yellow-green and in green the bright yellow filter 02¡ suppresses violet and attenuates blue thus the blue sky appears a little darker in the photo white clouds are emphasized the medium yellow filter 022 and the dark 023 attenuate blue a little more in each case the blue sky is made correspondingly darker yellow orange and red appear brighter in contrast all three are ideal for landscape photos since white clouds are reproduced

clo se -up lense s /macro lens close-up lenses expand the close-up adjustment range of analog or digital cameras for much larger imaging scales in a simple manner the b+w close-up lenses nl ¡ to nl 5 with +¡ to +5 diopters allow a matching to the focal length of the lens close-up lens nl ¡ is ideal for zoom lenses up to around 200 mm with a near focus limit of around ¡ m nl 2 is recommended for standard lenses with a near focus range of up to around 50 cm or for zoom lenses where nl ¡ is no longer sufficient nl 3 permits an even greater near focus when nl 2 also does not do enough for zoom lenses and for wide-angle lenses which can be focused to around 35 cm nl 4 continues the range of nl 2 for standard lenses and is the maximum for portrait zoom lenses nl 5 continues the focusing range of the wide-angle lenses beyond that possible with the nl 3 the b+w macro lens ¡0 diopters has been specifically designed for digital compact cameras also for digital closest focusing distance

cro s s s cre en att achment s the b+w cross-screen effect attachments have a linear grid pattern at which stars are created at light spots which produce attractive effects on a dark surrounding field of the light spots the stars largely have the same color as the light source but can also have weak spectral colors the ray direction is always at right angles to the extent of the lines rotary mounts permit optimum alignment in the viewfinder of a reflex camera or on the monitor of a digital camera all three b+w cross-screen attachments may also be used with video cameras the b+w 4x cross-screen attachment has a rectangular line grid with a square grid pattern the b+w 6x cross-screen has a grid of lines in the directions of the sides of an equilateral triangle the rays therefore form angles of 60° in each case the b+w 8x cross-screen has the appearance of two right-angled line grids placed over one another offset by 45° with respect to one another the rays it forms create pairs of

filter mount s and adapters b+w standard filter mount f-pro the b+w standard filter mount f-pro provides some substantial enhancements over the previous b+w standard mount it has been given a shallower design while maintaining the excellent material and production quality and its unchanged high mechanical stability and can therefore now also be used without any risk of vignetting for many wide-angle lenses while no exact focal length limit can be given since the vignetting depends not only on the height of the filter mount but also on the tube design of the lens it can generally be considered that the b+w standard filter mount f-pro can be used without any vignetting with 35 mm film and indeed always up to 35 mm almost always at 28 mm and frequently even at 24 mm focal length another advantage of the new f-pro mount is that the screw ring which holds the filter glass in the mount is no longer inserted from the front but from the rear this means that the screw ring can no longer be

st andard filters lens ho o ds explanation of symbols standard mount for thicker filters/prisms/close-up lenses standard mount f-pro slim wide-angle mount see page ¡4 oversized wide-angle mount see page ¡4 single-layer coating mrc multi-layer coating single-layer and mrc multi-layer coatings are available uncoated and mrc multi-layer coating are available digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro m 25.0 x 0.75 m 25.5 x 0.5 m 27.0 x 0.75 m 28.0 x 0.75 digital-pro m 30.5 x 0.5 m 34.0 x 0.5 m 35.5 x 0.5 m 37.0 x 0.75 m 37.5 x 0.5 m 39.0 x 0.5 filter 007 clear 4 protection filter uv 0¡0 uv-blocking uv ir-blocking filter 486 digital filter kr ¡.5 skylight filter according to käsemann linear 4 polarizing filter according to käsemann circular polarizing polarizing filter circular polarizing filter top-pol linear polarizing filter linear circular warm-tone 49¡ 4 redhancer density filter ¡0¡ ¡02 5

hasselblad series 93 9 a 74 Ø for 28 mm f/2.8 pc astro filters m 28.5 x 0.5 digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro digital-pro astro filters m 48 x 0.75 hasselblad bayonet 60 hasselblad bayonet 70 rollei bayonet vi rollei bayonet iii rollei bayonet ii rollei bayonet i m 43.0 x 0.75 m 46.0 x 0.75 m 49.0 x 0.75 m 52.0 x 0.75 m 55.0 x 0.75 m 58.0 x 0.75 m 60.0 x 0.75 m 62.0 x 0.75 m 48.0 x 0.75 m 67.0 x 0.75 m 72.0 x 0.75 m 77.0 x 0.75 m 82.0 x 0.75 m 41.0 x 0.5 m 43.0 x 0.5 m 86.0 x ¡.0 m 95.0 x ¡.0 m ¡05 x ¡.0 m ¡12 x ¡.5 m ¡22 x ¡.0 12 13 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 only x 0.75 64 can oversized filter m67 on page be used 2 only x ¡.0 oversized filter m86 onpage 64 can be used partially a special hasselblad adapter ringis

slim and oversize d wide angle filters explanation of symbols standard mount for thicker filters see pages 62 and 63 standard mount f-pro see pages 62 and 63 slim wide-angle mount oversized wide-angle mount single-layer coating mrc multi-layer coating single-layer and mrc multi-layer coatings are available uncoated and single-layer coating are available m 49.0 x 0.75 m 52.0 x 0.75 m 55.0 x 0.75 m 58.0 x 0.75 m 60.0 x 0.75 m 62.0 x 0.75 m 67.0 x 0.75 m 72.0 x 0.75 m 77.0 x 0.75 m 82.0 x 0.75 filter uv 0¡0 uv-blocking digital uv ir-blocking filter 486 skylight filter kr ¡.5 4 filter according to käsemann linear polarizing filter according to käsemann circular polarizing circular polarizing filter warm-tone polarizing filter linear circular 4 49¡ redhancer 5 neutral density filters ¡0¡ ¡02 neutral density filter ¡03 neutral density filters ¡06 ¡¡0 ¡¡3 ¡20 5 filters lb filters kb ¡.5 kb 3 kb 6 kb ¡2 kb 20 conversion filter lb filters kb ¡5 conversion filters lb filters

magnifiers 3x large field of view for 6x7 cm the generously proportioned optical system covers an area of 7x7 cm with outstanding imaging performance ideal for examining roll films and large format sheet films interchangeable bases skirts for viewing reflection copy or transparencies large lens diameter and ample diopter compensation permit comfortable and effortless viewing as well as a large field of view for eyeglass wearers 14 15 4x universal magnifier a versatile magnifier with brilliant high resolution optics eyeglass wearers can see the entire image comfortably up to the corners for fatigue-free working distortion-free even at long eye relief interchangeable bases skirts for viewing reflection copy or transparancies a sophisticated quick fastening device permits fast attachment or removal of the gently elastic neck strap 6x asph maximal magnification strong magnification for critical evaluation of sharpness while still covering the full 35 mm format an aspherical surface

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