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humidity measurement along with temperature humidity is a very important process variable for example the relative humidity of an environment has a major effect on our sense of well being and state of health in industrial processes the right humidity level is often a determining factor for the competitiveness and quality of products a correctly adjusted humidity level can also contribute to considerable savings in energy consumption the list of applications in which air humidity measurements are important could go on forever continuous monitoring of the air humidity is highly relevant wherever chemical physical or biological processes are caused or affected by the content of water vapor in the

capacitive measuring probes capacitive measuring probes work according to the principle of absorption this means the sensor constructed in the multilayer system functions essentially like a moisture-dependent condenser water molecules bond to a special hygroscopic polymer layer depending on the retained moisture the result is a change of the dielectric constant and therefore a change in capacity then a downstream electronics unit generates a corresponding standardized electrical output

technical data application measuring probes for challenging industrial and cleanroom applications description humidity and temperature measuring probe in a sturdy industrial version intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes for humidity temperature and derived measurands capacitive hygrothermal transducers with intelligent interchangeable probes type/data sheet 907023 907025 907027 version industrial version in wall design type with process-specific probes industrial version in wall design type atex with intelligent interchangeable probes air conditioning and lab version in wall design type with intelligent interchangeable probes application measurements in challenging industrial applications as well as under harsh operating conditions pharmaceutical industry petrochemical industry food technology air conditioning measuring technology pharmaceutical industry greenhouses cleanrooms storerooms and cold stores sensing element capacitive resistant to condensation fast response

humidity humidity measurement  capacitive measuring probes co2 measuring probes  hygrometric measuring probes and hygrostats  wireless measured value transmission application industrial drying process measurement in the intake air h2o x in g/kg humidity and temperature measuring probe measurement in the exhaust air h2o x in g/kg humidity and temperature measuring probe product to be dried type 907023 type 907023 x = 0 to 500 g/kg 4 to 20 ma x = 0 to 500 g/kg 4 to 20 ma differential exhaust air – intake air – water content as an analog value for process control application – humidity measurement technology humidity measurement in the drying process product emits the releasable moisture through evaporation if a product needs to be dried one must generally have con to its surroundings tinuous information about the water content material hu the moisture in the exhaust air therefore increases by the midity of the

humidity humidity measurement  capacitive measuring probes  co2 measuring probes  hygrometric measuring probes and hygrostats  wireless measured value transmission our state-of-the-art co2 measuring probes enable precisely eu standards and regulations such as the “energieeinspar controlled exchange of air in rooms halls and similar struc verordnung” enev energy saving ordinance tures the probes ensure a healthy indoor climate and the measuring ranges can extend from 0 to 2000/5000/10000 optimal well-being of the occupants while at the same time ppm standardized analog outputs with 0  to  10   v or ensuring significant energy savings potential as required by 4 to 20 ma are available as the measurement signal technical data application co2 measuring probes for determining air quality concentration of carbon dioxide description co2 measuring probes type/data sheet 907021 version indoor wall-mounted/duct version application building

hygrometric measuring probes and hygrostats the special properties of hygroscopic fibers are used in hygrometric measuring probes and hydrostats to determine the relative air humidity due to a special preparation the hair measuring element is capable of absorbing moisture the change in length of this element is the externally measurable effect that is used to determine the prevailing air

sender – jumo wtrans e01 wireless measured value transmission in buildings the measurement of parameters such as air humidity and temperature often requires that cables are laid which is cost and time intensive this installation work can be reduced to a minimum by using wireless data transmission here the jumo wtrans series offers an effective and cost-efficient alternative to conventional cabled measuring probes the measured value is initially transmitted to the jumo wtrans receiver from there the signal can be forwarded in either digital or analog form for further processing to various measurement and control technology devices such as controllers automation systems indicators or

jumo wtrans t receiver for data transmission the wtrans receiver can control up to 16 channels each measured value from the jumo wtrans e01 transmitter is assigned to one of the 16 channels as a result if only one measured value is transmitted per transmitter up to 16 transmitters may be connected to one receiver offset alarms limit values and other parameters can be configured individually for each separate transmission channel the receiver can be configured and operated using the keypad on the front or via a pc setup program which can be operated intuitively the measured values are displayed in an alternating sequence on the lcd display and can be tapped at the outputs in digital or analog form for further processing features jumo wtrans receiver with din-rail housing „„ operation directly on device or by using setup program on pc „„ compatible with all jumo wtrans series devices „„ ambient temperature -20 to +50 °c „„ up to 16

humidity humidity measurement  capacitive measuring probes  co2 measuring probes  hygrometric measuring probes and hygrostats  wireless measured value transmission are you familiar with the jumo wtrans series the wireless measuring probes for temperature pressure co2 and humidity have multifunctional capability and offer numerous advantages „„ up to 16 transmitters per receiver „„ reduced installation work „„ reduced costs for plant reinstallation maintenance your benefits in a nutshell „„ process reliability and repair wireless acquisition of measured values in moveable parts or areas which are hard to reach „„ enables measurements particularly at those locations where cable routing is not possible or where it would be technically problematic „„ suitable for permanent installation or temporary spontaneous measurements „„ complete spatial mobility open air range up to 300 m „„ unlimited

information training would you like to increase the process quality in your company or optimize a plant then use the offers available on the jumo website and benefit from the know-how of a globally respected manufacturer for example under the menu item “services and support” you will find a broad range of seminars videos are available under the keyword “e-learning” about topics specific to measurement and control technology under “literature” you can learn valuable tips for beginners and professionals and of course you can also download the current version of any jumo software or technical documentation for both newer and older products product service we have an efficient distribution network on all continents available to all of our customers so that we can offer professional support for everything concerning our product portfolio our team of professional jumo employees is near you ready to help with consultations product selection engineering or

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