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measurement and control technology ph l /min ppm μs / cm mv mΩ • cm °c ms / cm liquid analysis the beginnings of jumo are closely tied to glass processing meets the highest requirements for easy startup safe oper for the production of technical measuring devices in tem ation and digital access the digital networking of sensors perature measurement based on this more than 70 years for liquid analysis enables a higher level of automation and of experience in glass processing electrochemical glass functionality sensors for measuring the important water parameters ph many sensors for measurands pertaining to water analyses and redox potential have been produced since the 1980s require proper fittings for installation into the process the later jumo added sensors for measuring electrolytic con fittings protect the sensors against mechanical or hydrau ductivity and for disinfection measurands such as free and lic loads ensure

water and wastewater engineering measurement and control systems  drinking water  swimming pool water  highly-purified water  cooling water  wastewater ensors connection option 1 the multichannel measuring devices in the jumo aquis measure various liquid analysis measurands with just one system touch series were designed especially for liquid analysis they are ideal as a central platform for the display and fur „„ measurands ph value temperature redox potential conductivity oxygen concentration turbidity ther processing of measurement data up to six digiline sensors can be connected to the modular devices and as many as 25 sensors can be connected using correspond „„ disinfection measurands for industrial applications ing input modules and interfaces in addition to measured in the process food pharmaceutical and water value recording up to four independent control loops can industry be implemented and process values can be recorded in a

water and wastewater engineering measurement and control technology  drinking water  swimming pool water  highly-purified water  cooling water  wastewater recording – automation – engineering – service recording important process parameters in a tamperproof all required components ranging from single-channel data format continues to be a legal obligation for operators monitoring of a parameter to complete process control in aquiferous plants here jumo offers measurement and jumo engineering provides support including planning control devices with integrated recording function as well as implementation and startup of complex plant controls standalone paperless recorders up to the highest security after sales service includes the technical hotline mainte level with fda audit trail functionality nance contracts and calibration services whether you use the process visualization software svs3000 or the extensive complete automation system

groundwater where does our drinking water come from from groundwater to drinking water drinking water treatment refers to the treatment of spring most drinking water comes from groundwater the water surface water or groundwater treatment of drinking water involves a number of different spring water refers to water that emerges out of the earth processes from underground water sources surface water is taken flocculation is a process of wastewater and drinking from standing or flowing bodies of water above ground water treatment that reduces existing turbidity the finest dam reservoir water lake water and river water are three suspended or colloidal particles in the water coagulate and types of surface water groundwater is part of the natural then settle or can be filtered the solid matter and turbidities water cycle it comes predominantly from rainwater seeping can be isolated by sedimentation filtration describes the through the soil and the subsoil into the aquifer process whereby a

swimming pool water swimming is a popular and healthy leisure activity – as long as the water has the right quality to keep it consistent swimming pools are continuously monitored and controlled here too jumo provides solutions that you can rely

swimming pool water production swimming pools include certain risks such as infections the usual practical procedure is to first prepare a chlorine so that they must always have a guaranteed water quality gas or hypochlorite solution in water and then to add an as a result all swimming pools have to be continuously appropriate quantity of it to the water to be treated monitored and controlled when the water is treated the aim is to get as few undesirable water is primarily treated to kill or reduce the microorgan byproducts as possible to be formed by disinfection to isms within it bacteria viruses etc this process can also a certain extent this outcome can be controlled by the be called disinfection or sterilization chlorination is the conditions amount of chlorine temperature ph value most commonly used method for water disinfection prevailing at the time of disinfection flocculation disinfection chlorine

water and wastewater engineering measurement and control technology  drinking water  swimming pool water  highly-purified water cooling water wastewater ph measurement in highly-purified water jumo tecline ph jumo ecotrans ph/lf 03 in some areas a ph measurement in ph combination electrode with liquid kcl filling refillable type 201020 microprocessor transmitter switching device for ph value redox voltage conductivity and temperature types 202723 202732 highly-purified water is mandated but the low conductivity and low ionic strength of highly-purified water usp<645 cause technical problems when measuring the ph value jumo’s solution here is the refillable jumo tecline ph electrode with a kcl storage vessel conductivity measurement monitoring the quality of highlypurified water through conductivity is the safest and most reliable method jumo dtrans ph/cr/as 02 jumo aquis touch s/p transmitter/controller series for ph value chlorine chlorine

water and wastewater engineering measurement and control technology  drinking water  swimming pool water  highly-purified water cooling water wastewater highly-purified water production highly-purified water is required in a wide variety of ultrafiltration is a typical membrane process the pores production processes such as a cleaning agent in the are very large for ultrafiltration matter is excluded by size semiconductor industry as a cleaning operation after the so that components larger than the membrane pores are actual washing with cleaning agents in the food industry retained and for cleaning and dilution purposes in the pharmaceu electrochemical deionization is the latest technology in tical industry highly-purified water production when a voltage is applied depending on the demands on highly-purified water across the anode and cathode the anions and cations different processing steps have to be upstreamed or combine and the resulting ions are

wastewater wastewater is treated in sewage treatment plants biological and chemical processes as well as mechanical ones are used here whether pressure level or flow with jumo you are ready for everything our pressure measuring devices can be adapted to all wastewater engineering

industrial wastewater industrial wastewater refers to the wastewater that arises example treating wastewater from electroplating from industrial production processes e.g in the food in a plating bath objects made of base metals such as zinc paper chemical textile and metal industries the com or iron are given a protective finish this coating can con position of the industrial wastewater can vary greatly de sist of chemical elements such as copper or nickel the pending on which branch of industry is involved wastewater first wastewater treatment stage for plating wastewater in the paper industry contains organic substances that are is cyanide and chromate detoxification detoxification is not easily degradable oils greases and heavy metals are performed in continuous-flow systems once detoxification found in metalworking is complete the next stages take place neutralization industrial wastewater must be cleaned before disposal the precipitation removal of the precipitation products and

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