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dla-x90r dla-x70r dla-x30 d-ila

the power of 4k image display super high-def inition picture that surpasses full hd unpre ce de nte d v isual se ns ations c a n now be re alise d with 4k-re solution re alism as if one is actually imme rse d into the picture jvc s profe s sional proje ctor busine s s nur ture d by its high-def inition ex pe r tise has be e n inte grate d with e -shif t te chnolog y to e nha nce the pote ntial of home the atre proje ctors t he incre dible picture re solution of 4k proje ction sur pas se s that of f ull high-def inition to e nsure a maste r f ul re production of details as we ll as cle ar re alistic re pre se ntations of tex ture now eve r yone cane njoy a re mar kable v iewing ex pe r ie nce like that neve r before se e n in a home cine ma e nv ironme nt 3,840 x 2,160

s uperhigh definition 4 k p r oje ction 3 8 4 0 x 2 16 0 p i xe l s in addition to a full hd d-ila device the dla-x90r and x70r feature a newly developed optical engine incorporating the new e-shift technology to realise super high-defi nition projection of 4k-resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions is virtually doubled thanks to e-shift technology which shifts one pixel for every 0.5 pixels to realise 4k projection unlike a resolutionupscaling technology for full hd projectors the use of a device that is capable of displaying 4k-resolution 3,840 x 2160 pixels drastically improves picture quality to ensure exceptional precision and full presence j vc soriginaladvancedimage processing te chnologies jvc s advanced image-processing technologies ensure high defi nition through the use of precise detection and restoration algorithms the former analyzes pixel information within different areas of the frame the latter restores the

d -ila 3d projection leaps forward in quality fully equipped with an array of beneficial 3d functions such as 2d-3d conversion and 3d picture adjustment jvc s d-ila projectors take a significant leap forward in picture quality by delivering a more realistic 3d video experience packed with presence frame addressing the d -ila method thanks to jvc s original d-ila driving method frame addressing reproduces more colourful and vivid 3d video content with reduced crosstalk image overlapping what s more this technology incorporates newly developed driving circuitry that helps to drastically improve image brightness this means that with jvc s d-ila projectors anyone can enjoy breathtaking and impressive 3d video content just like that seen at cinemas right in the comfort of their living rooms an alternative driving method known as line addressing utilises a fast-shutter approach but when the shutters are switched between the left and right eyes crosstalk can be generated where the left

crosstalk cancelling the innovative crosstalk cancelling function drastically reduces crosstalk from intensity levels that are likely to generate this phenomenon by first analysing the video signal for the left and right eyes and then correcting the levels via an original algorithm this ensures the reproduction of more natural and clear pictures that are easier on the eyes to heighten the viewing enjoyment of more realistic 3d video content crosstalk cancelling off crosstalk cancelling on dispar it y adjust ment to adjust for the parallax difference between each eye this function finely controls image disparity between the left eye and right eye to ensure more natural stereoscopic reproduction with less distortion disparity adjustment low disparity adjustment high 2d -3d conversion the real-time 2d-3d converter featured on jvc s if-2d3d1 professional 3d image processor which has earned an excellent reputation in film and 3d video production/editing studios has been modified for home

cinema-li ke qualit y realised by d -ila nat ive cont rast rat io a high native contrast ratio is achieved by an enhanced optical engine featuring jvc s original d-ila device and a wire grid the d-ila method features a wide video dynamic range to display peak whites and deep blacks on the same field of a picture helping to realise remarkable presence with smoother greyscale and increased depth j vc suniquerealcolourimaging te chnology real colour imaging technology accurately detects film colour specifications to optimise colour replication and dl a -x 9 0 r x 70 r heighten picture quality to reproduce colours that are as faithful to the original source as possible exclusive colour profile jvc has succeeded in creating an exclusive colour profile from video content by accurately analysing colour information to reproduce images faithful to the original source by combining this colour profile with the array of picture modes users can enjoy up to twelve different levels of picture

a narr ay of conven ient fu nct ion s lens memory function this function records up to three separate lens adjustments for zoom shift and focus that can be easily recalled when needed focus zoom size and shift display position characteristics can be recorded for video content in different aspect ratios such as when using a cinemascope screen size 2.35:1 or standard 16:9 screen and readily switched between each setup via the remote controller lens memory examples when using cinemascope screen un ique automat ic lens cover dl a -x 9 0 r x 70 r a unique automatic lens cover opens and closes upon power on/off to protect against dust or damage to ensure users of easy trouble-free operation via the remote controller even if the projector is installed on the ceiling lens cover closed power off memory 1 standard 16:9 memory 2 cinemascope size lens cover open power on flexible installation guaranteed memory 3 cinemascope size with subtitles outside of the screen the flexible installation is

t h e to p o f t h e linepremiumd ilaprojector the name d-il a itself speaks of high-quality home cinema projectors but the dl a-x90r represents a step above the rest in terms of exquisite image reproduction incorporating a select choice of premier components and technologies the dl a-x90r offers remarkable levels of picture quality with its 4k-resolution and a native contrast ratio of 120,000:1 viewing setting to match the env ironment the dla-x90r s premium picture quality can be further enjoyed by creating an original viewing setting using jvc exclusive software and a commercially available optical sensor for example when the interior environment of a white wall or indirect lighting affects the quality of the projected picture application of the software and an optical sensor on the dla-x90r can easily create an optimum viewing setting by minimizing undesirable effects allowing everyone to enjoy a premium level of outstanding picture reproduction auto cal ibrat ion funct ion

dist i ng u ishe d pr em iumd -i la p rojector equipped with special feat ures only available on the premium line-up thedla -x 9 0 risanopportunitytoexperiencethefullpotentialof limited-edition specif ications 4k project ion in addition to a hd d-ila device the newly developed optical engine features new e-shift technology to realise a super high-definition 4k 3,840 x 2,160 pixels display this means that unlike a resolution-upscaling technology for full hd projectors 4k display performance drastically improves picture quality to ensure exceptional precision and full presence full hd 1920 x 1080 4k 3840 x 2160 except ional ly h igh nat ive contrastratioof 1 2 0 0 0 0 :1 as a top-of-the-line d-ila projector the dla-x90r delivers ultimate performance in all aspects of image reproduction including the industry s highest native contrast ratio of 120,000:1 this extraordinary figure is realised by reducing unnecessary light leakage from the optical engine which is comprised of an original

h ig h def i n it ion p rojector t hat pe r fectly replicatesmoviequality 4k p roje c t ion nat ive cont r a st r at io of 80,0 0 0:1 a nd va r iou s fe atures for a n i mp r e s sive p ic ture 4k-resolution d-il a projector with 3d viewing d l a -x 70 r · 4k 3,840 x 2,160 pixels d-ila projector · high native contrast ratio of 80,000:1 · minimised crosstalk for brighter more realistic 3d picture · 2d-3d conversion creates dynamic 3d video content from 2d video sources · jvc original real colour imaging technology · various picture adjustment functions ensure a high-quality picture · convenient lens memory function · pixel adjust function corrects colour distortion in 1/16-pixel increments · motorised lens cover automatically opens or closes the lens 3,840 x 2,160 pixels 4kresolution screen adjustment max 255 modes native contrast ratio 80000:1 brightness 1200lm 3dcompatible pixel shift 1/16-pixel increment 2d-3d conversion clear motion drive 7-axis colour management

re m a rk able p ic turequal it y eve nina we l l litroom 1 30 0 -lu me n br ig ht ne ss l evel a nd a nat ive cont r a st r at io of 50,0 0 0:1 d-il a projector with 3d viewing d l a -x 3 0 · 1,300-lumen brightness level and 50,000:1 native contrast ratio · bright high-definition 3d picture without crosstalk made possible by d-ila · 2d-3d conversion creates dynamic 3d video content from 2d video sources · convenient lens memory function · 16-step aperture function adjusts brightness · pixel adjust function corrects colour distortion in 1-pixel increments · 2x motorised zoom lens for flexible installation · screen adjustment modes 3 modes · clear motion drive ensures smoother picture reproduction · available cabinet colours black and white native contrast ratio 50000:1 brightness 1300lm 3dcompatible 2d-3d conversion clear motion drive screen adjustment 3 modes pixel shift 1-pixel increment lens

projection distance chart screen diagonal inch 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 display size 16:9 w mm 1,328 1,549 1,771 1,992 2,214 2,435 2,656 2,878 3,099 3,320 3,542 3,763 3,984 4,206 4,427 h mm 747 872 996 1,121 1,245 1,370 1,494 1,619 1,743 1,868 1,992 2,117 2,241 2,366 2,490 projection distance wide m tele m 1.78 3.66 2.09 4.28 2.40 4.89 2.70 5.51 3.01 6.13 3.31 6.75 3.62 7.36 3.92 7.98 4.23 8.60 4.53 9.22 4.84 9.84 5.14 10.45 5.45 11.07 5.75 11.68 6.06 12.30 specifications dla-x30 device e-shift technology resolution lens lens shift light source lamp brightness 2 dla-x70r 0.7 inch full hd d-ila 1920 x 1080 x3 dla-x90r 1920 x 1080 yes 3840 x 21601 x2 zoom focus motorised f=21.4-42.8mm f3.2-4 ±80 vertical and ±34 horizontal motorised 220w ultra-high pressure mercury lamp lamp life approx 3000 hours when the lamp is in normal mode 1,300lm native 50,000:1 component hdmi analogue rgb pc native 80,000:1 1 rca y pb/cb pr/cr 2 3d/deep colour/cec compatible