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keep in touch whether it s with someone in the next room or halfway around the world everio lets you keep in touch right now that s because many everio models feature built-in wi-fi® the same technology that makes wireless internet access possible also gives you the power to see what s happening somewhere else in real time and share your videos and stills as email attachments without having to use a computer plus there are other everio advantages such as high zoom ratio and image stabilisation that help you capture better images anytime explore a whole new world of visual communication and keep in touch with those you

e/ex series everyone can easily master this entry series everio highlighting full hd image quality and convenient features in a compact body great way to turn your everyday into moments worth sharing v/vx series this series is designed to make an impression with its slim body design special look and feel capture scenes in captivating style gx series top-of-the-line series the result of a quest for higher quality and higher performance built with rich creative capabilities meant to satisfy the serious

reach out now wi-fi® lets you reach out and communicate visually via the wireless lan network in your home or public wi-fi access point reach through walls and watch everio s live video stream on your handheld device reach around the world immediately by sending stills or videos as email attachments live monitoring via smartphone or pc camera images from everio can be transmitted to android phones/tablets iphone ipad or pcs using wi-fi allows real-time monitoring of images taken with everio in other places a parent can be in one room while keeping an eye on the baby sleeping in another room of course if you re miles away monitoring via internet is also possible free app available for android phones tablets iphone ipod touch and ipad via access point via access point wi-fi direct this one-to-one wireless connection of everio to a smartphone or pc allows real-time monitoring from another room using the internet it s possible to access the everio image feed from anywhere in the world

applicable models gz-gx1 vx715 ex215 ex210 everio now with wi-fi® see what s possible video e-mail easy emailing a short video clip with the video email mode you can record a 15-second video clip and have it directly emailed to registered smartphone/computer addresses via wi-fi you can easily send email greetings and stay in contact with those who are far away up to 8 recipients can be pre-set for simultaneous sending image size is 640x360 pixels suitable for net sharing smartphone linking control receive and share videos stills free app available for android phones tablets iphone ipod touch and ipad geotagging using the gps function on your smartphone the current location data can be embedded into recorded video and stills when playing back those files with everio mediabrowser 4 software on a pc they synchronise with google earthtm a great way to visually revisit your memories gps data data transfer from everio to smartphone access the everio via a smartphone with a free app

be creative be confident full hd 1920x1080 recording everio offers full hd image quality throughout the lineup so every new everio is capable of recording 1920x1080 resolution avchd video what s more all new everio models support 1080p output enjoy uncompromising picture quality on a tv that accepts 1080p input touch panel lcd just touch on the various function icons and thumbnail pictures that are displayed on the lcd screen the uniformly flat surface responds instantly to your touch commands with a frameless design to assure comfortable touch access even for functions displayed on the extreme right or left super lolux low light performance is one of the key factors for quality video everio s super lolux ensures superior sensitivity to low light with a back-illuminated cmos sensor you can capture clear images with precise colours even in low light no worry while indoors or in dark situations everio e/ex series models offer 40x optical zoom which is the highest level in the industry

face recognition for shooting convenience everio s face recognition technology allows you to register faces of friends and family with their names so the camera can optimise exposure and focus giving priority to them in addition it can be used for the following convenient functions while shooting time-lapse rec time-lapse rec records one frame at a time at set intervals 1sec ­ 80sec so you can watch movement that s hours long in just a few seconds when played back it s great when you want to observe an event that takes place over a long period of time or to record unique-looking scenes in a creative way smile meter smile shot the smile meter keeps an eye on how much your subjects are smiling giving you a display with smile shot the camera automatically takes a picture in video mode every time the smile reaches a certain level it s a great way to take group shots filled with smiling faces some models even feature pet detection function that detects and tracks the faces of dogs and

aim higher look brighter avchd progressive recording gx series in addition to full hd everio gx series even offers 1080/50p progressive recording this means each individual frame is a complete high-resolution picture allowing capture of blurless still images from recorded video with one-button ease you just keep recording knowing you can always go back and select your hero shot afterwards high-quality high-performance lens f1.2 brightness v/vx/gx series lens is f1.2 which is approximately two times brighter and faster than conventional camera lenses you ll be able to record in low light environments with confidence record indoors or outside in darker situations with brilliant results record birthdays weddings sporting events and everyday life without the need for additional lighting 29.5mm/32.8mm wide angle when recording landscapes or group shots in cramped quarters this wide angle lens is very effective when fully zoomed out the angle of vision is equivalent to a 29.5mm lens gx

accessory shoe and mic input designed for serious shooting gx series gx series has been designed to satisfy serious video enthusiasts accessory shoe allows attachment of external microphone or video light you can also attach commercially available conversion lenses wide or telephoto for shooting in various situations conversion lens attachable high-speed continuous still recording just like the motor drive equipped on slr cameras this mode allows you to record stills in rapid succession get sharp crisp images for every split-second of movement capture even fast-paced action as high quality digital stills available with v/vx/gx series note saving may take some time after recording many continuous shots 250fps high-speed video recording for super slow motion playback high-speed recording enables super slow motion playback so you can analyse movements that may not be visible to the naked eye in real time use it as an effective tool for sports technique analysis and nature studies

feature comparison chart gz-gx1 gz-vx715 gz-v515 gz-ex215 body colour sdxc/sdhc/sd card slot1 image sensor lens optical zoom ratios dynamic digital max wi-fi function ieee802.11b/g/n full hd 1920x1080 recording avchd progressive recording standard definition recording 1080/50p output falconbrid engine super lolux hdmi® terminal lcd size and resolution touch panel lcd continuous still recording high-speed video recording optical image stabiliser advanced image stabiliser dsc function time-lapse rec auto rec intelligent auto face recognition smile meter smile shot pet detection pet shot face sub-window animation effect silent mode zoom microphone k2 technology video light flash accessory shoe mic in headphone out filter attachable lens cover bundled pc software pc-less archiving to external hdd/bd burner provided battery remote control hdmi® cable provided dimensions with battery mm weight with battery g 1/2.3 10m back-illuminated cmos jvc hd gt lens f1.2 29.5mm wide 10x 15x2

note not all models available in every region gz-ex210 gz-e205 gz-e200 gz-e15 gz-e10 1/5.8 1.5m back-illuminated cmos konica minolta hd lens f1.8 40x 70x in sd 200x 1/5.8 1.5m back-illuminated cmos konica minolta hd lens f1.8 40x 70x in sd 200x 1/5.8 1.5m back-illuminated cmos konica minolta hd lens f1.8 40x 70x in sd 200x 200x 1/5.8 1.5m back-illuminated cmos konica minolta hd lens f1.8 40x 1/5.8 1.5m back-illuminated cmos konica minolta hd lens f1.8 40x 70x in sd 200x 3.0 230k-pixel 3.0 230k-pixel 3.0 230k-pixel 2.7 230k-pixel 2.7 230k-pixel 2m 2m 2m face detection face detection 4 auto illumi light 4 manual everio mediabrowser 4 provided with cd-rom bn-vg114 manual everio mediabrowser 4 provided in camera manual everio mediabrowser 4 provided in camera manual everio mediabrowser 4 provided in camera manual everio mediabrowser 4 provided in camera bn-vg108 bn-vg108 bn-vg108 bn-vg108 51x55x119 235 51x55x119 215 51x55x119 215 51x55x119 215 51x55x119 215 other models mode

optional accessories battery and charger for e/ex/gx series for v/vx series starter kit for e/ex/gx series vu-vg5k starter kit · data battery carrying case bn-vg114 data battery · 3.6v 1400mah bn-vg212 battery · 3.7v 1200mah bn-vg226 battery · 3.7v 2600mah available in summer 2012 vu-vg1k starter kit · data battery carrying bag bn-vg121 data battery · 3.6v 2100mah aa-vg1 bn-vg138 data battery · 3.6v 3750mah battery charger · for charging bn-vg114 vg121/vg138 for v/vx series vu-vg7k starter kit · battery carrying case attention be sure to use only genuine jvc batteries to operate jvc video cameras jvc cannot guarantee safety or performance of the video camera when it is operated by other batteries usage of other batteries may result in malfunction injury or other damage for assured optimised performance choose genuine jvc batteries carrying bag provided accessories ac power adapter rechargeable battery pack av cable usb cable ® hdmi cable gz-gx1/vx715/v515 hdmi® cable