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gc-px10 hd memory camera capture every split second seize every moment

capture every split second seize every moment life can change in a split second an athlete can win or lose a match or a nature watcher can catch or miss a crucial moment that once-in-a-lifetime hero shot can happen any time and it s all yours if you re ready gc-px10 allows you to capture scenes and discover what s really there through high-resolution digital stills at 50 frames per second or progressive full hd videos from which you can grab the best frame as a digital still or with 250 fps high-speed recording to slow the action down and see what you ve been missing grab the gc-px10 and get ready to capture every split second and seize every

new style of hybrid camera gc-px10 is not a video camera that also records stills nor is it a digital still camera that also records videos it is a true hybrid that has been redesigned to provide satisfaction no matter what you choose to record and offers unique advantages of being an all-in-one camera gc-px10 hd memory

performance for all performance with ease high-speed stills 50fps continuous still recording up to 130 shots just like the motor drive equipped on slr cameras this mode allows you to record stills in rapid succession enjoy being able to record 8.3 megapixel stills at 50fps for up to 130 shots about 2.6 sec get sharp crisp images for every split-second of movement capture even fast-paced action as high quality digital stills note saving may take some time after recording many continuous shots high-speed processor falconbridtm engine at the heart of gc-px10 is the falconbridtm imaging engine which provides high-speed processing of large amounts of pixel data for both video and stills the one-chip design helps to reduce size and energy consumption while optimising efficiency and speed time-lapse rec ­ another creative video fun time-lapse rec records one frame at a time at set intervals 1sec 5sec 40sec so you can watch movement that s hours long in just a few seconds when played back

high-precision progressive video 36mbps full hd 1080/50p recording videos are recorded at full hd 1920x1080 but that s just part of the story progressive video means that each individual frame is a complete high-resolution picture unlike interlace and the 36mbps high sampling rate means each frame image is filled with more image detail combined these factors allow capturing of blur-less still images from recorded video with one-button ease you just keep rolling knowing you can always go back and select your hero shot afterwards capture of 36mbps progressive video capture of interlace video konica minolta hd lens with 10x optical/19x dynamic zoom gc-px10 uses a new konica minolta hd lens with a 10x optical zoom and magnifies up to 19x without any picture degradation thanks to dynamic zoom technology 18x when advanced image stabiliser set to on real 12m digital stills with high-sensitivity iso6400 the 12 megapixel cmos also allows gc-px10 to record real noninterpolated 12 megapixel

designed to be innovatively intuitive large 32gb internal memory and sd card slot the internal flash memory allows you to simply grab the gc-px10 and start recording immediately for additional storage capacity as well as easy data sharing there s an sd/sdhc/sdxc card-compatible slot so you can record onto readily available sd cards as well smile meter smile shot still mode just say cheese the smile meter keeps an eye on how much your subjects are smiling giving you a display with smile shot the camera automatically takes a picture every time the smile reaches a certain level tiltable 3.0 touch panel lcd touch operation makes using gc-px10 so easy and intuitive the lcd screen is also tiltable making it easier to record low-angle shots or even self-portraits intelligent auto wherever you point the camera it instantaneously analyses faces brightness colour and distance to automatically select the best settings for the scene brightness sharpness chroma and gamma values and more are

interview with gc-px10 developer the ability to capture beautiful photos from video gives you a whole new way to enjoy both video and stills kazuyoshi hayashi senior chief engineer home mobile electronics business group victor company of japan limited beautiful video is actually a sequence of beautiful still images basically video is made up of still images one after the other so by offering the ability to record beautiful video we consequently are delivering the ability to capture beautiful stills as well what makes this possible is our falconbridtm technology because of this high-speed processing engine all the pixel information acquired from the image sensor is accurately transferred at 36 mbps and recorded in progressive formatwhichp ro videshigh density videos we believe this boasts the highest performance levels among consumer video cameras today camera signal processing high-speed camera processing video compression processing high-speed video codec still compression

optional accessories data battery bn-vf815 · 7.2v 1460mah · continuous operation time approx 2 hours when the monitor backlight is set to standard mode provided accessories battery charger aa-vf8 · a compact portable stand-alone battery charger for the data battery multifunction carrying bag cb-vm30 cb-vm80 · convenient case to easily carry store and protect gc-px10 with its series of accessories like ac adapter and extra battery etc cb-vm80 · ac power adapter · rechargeable battery pack · av cable · usb cable · shoulder strap · software cd-rom hdmi® cable vx-hd315f · hdmi® ­ hdmi® mini cable 1.5m attention this product includes patented and other proprietary technology and is made to be used with the jvc data battery and not with other batteries jvc cannot guarantee safety or performance of this product when it is operated by other batteries for additional information about jvc data battery please contact an authorised jvc dealer in your country stereo microphone