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gs-td1 full hd 3d camcorder

experience full hd 3d video with exceptional picture quality full hd 3d recording and side-by-side format compatibility the gs-td1 gives you both 3-dimensionality and high quality recordings it s now possible to shoot 3d videos in either 1920x1080 full hd resolution using the l/r independent format or in the side-by-side format adopted by broadcasters this allows for these videos to be burned in 3d to blu-ray discs or to avchd dvds always viewable on 3d tvs either way the gstd1 also highlights simple operation allowing you to enjoy 3d right away l/r independent format side-by-side format falconbrid engine this newly-developed high-speed imaging engine enables highly efficient processing of two individual full hd images simultaneously at as high as 34 mbps within a single chip these two full hd images are what comprise the l and r images of this camera s exceptional 3d image much the way your eyes actually see things offers maximum resolution offers maximum compatibility

full hd 3d camcorder gs-td1 as 3d as your 2 eyes the gs-td1 works just like your eyes seeing and recording an individual full hd video from each lens and combining them for a 3-dimensional image side-by-side format is also supported to provide superior 3d archiving and playback compatibility while 3d special effect modes and digital stills let you maximise your 3d experience face reality in a whole new way with gs-td1 jvc 3d twin hd gt lens new optics were custom designed and manufactured by jvc incorporating the finest high-precision materials such as aspherical lenses and extra-low dispersion glass what s more this camera is equipped with twin lenses to capture true 3d images just like your eyes do high quality multiplied by two is what gs-td1 optics are made to deliver super lolux with two f1.2 bright lenses and back-illuminated cmos sensors the f1.2 lens is approximately two times brighter than conventional camera lenses and is a perfect match for the back-illuminated cmos

designed for maximum 3d experience glasses-free 3d lcd monitor you can enjoy 3d viewing right on the camera s high-resolution 3.5 lcd without any special glasses needed this means you can check out how the 3d image actually looks in real time while you shoot no unwanted surprises rely on easy and intuitive touch operation while you re at it optical 5x zoom in 3d clearly capture the subject in 3d even from a distance the camera automatically adjusts the parallax level while zooming so the 3d depth always looks natural and the scene looks real 3d digital stills in addition to videos you can also shoot still images in 3d these 3d pictures offer up to 2 megapixel 1920x1080 high resolution plus you can also take 2d pictures that deliver 2.9 megapixel 2304x1296 higher resolution either way you ll love the results 5x advanced image stabiliser camera-shake compensation is another important feature of a video camera our advanced image stabiliser a.i.s expands the effective area at wide

c re a tive s hooting ar ch iv i n g smile meter smile shot just say cheese the smile meter keeps an eye on how much your subjects are smiling giving you a display with smile shot the camera automatically takes a picture in still mode every time the smile reaches a certain level based on face detection technology both these features are effective in 3d as well as 2d everio mediabrowser 3d for windows® provided gs-td1 comes with high-value pc software that provides everything from viewing data management simple editing as well as easy uploading to youtubetm/facebook within a single application · data management and editing there s a variety of functions to let you fully enjoy recorded 3d video/stills even more features are anticipated with future upgrades full hd 3d video · · · · · disc backup copy back to everio 3d playback on pc convert to side-by-side 3d video 3d upload to youtubetm 3d time-lapse rec shoot incredible 3d footage with time-lapse rec it records one frame at

gs-td1 specifications specifications system format video [3d mode mp4 mvc video mpeg-4 mvc/h.264 audio aac [3d mode avchd video mpeg-4 avc/h.264 audio dolby digital 2ch [2d mode avchd video mpeg-4 avc/h.264 audio dolby digital 2ch stills [3d mode mpf [2d mode jpeg storage media 64gb internal memory sdxc/sdhc memory card1 not provided video recording times for each mode approx internal memory mode 3d 1920x1080/50i x2 sdxc/sdhc card 64gb 4hr 10min 6hr 20min 8hr 20min 11hr 50min 5hr 50min 8hr 20min 11hr 50min 29hr 50min 32gb 2hr 3hr 10min 4hr 10min 5hr 50min 2hr 50min 4hr 10min 5hr 50min 14hr 50min 16gb 1hr 1hr 30min 2hr 2hr 50min 1hr 20min 2hr 2hr 50min 7hr 10min 64gb thr 34mbps tsr 22mbps 4hr 6hr 10min 8hr 10min 11hr 40min 5hr 50min 8hr 10min 11hr 40min 29hr 10min 3d 960x1080/50i x2 txp 17mbps tsp 12mbps 2d 1920x1080/50i uxp 24mbps xp 17mbps sp 12mbps ep 5mbps camera image sensor lens zoom ratios 1/4.1-inch 3.32m back-illuminated cmos x 2 jvc 3d twin hd gt lens [optical 5x 3d 10x

another choice for 3d enjoyment gz-hm960 hd everio with 2d-3d conversion capability for more casual enjoyment of 3d images the alternative choice is everio model gz-hm960 it offers a professional grade real time 2d-3d converter that allows you to play back 2d recorded video and stills as 3d images you can enjoy 3d viewing on the camera s glassesfree 3d lcd monitor or connected external 3d tv of course regular 2d viewing is also possible gz-hm960 hd memory camcorder · · · · · 2d-to-3d conversion output 16gb internal memory and sdxc card slot jvc hd lens gt with 29.5mm wide angle super lolux with f1.2 bright lens and back-illuminated cmos sensor built-in bluetooth® wireless technology optional accessories data battery bn-vf815/vf823 gs-td1 note not all accessories available in every region please check with your dealer battery charger bn-vg114/vg121/vg138 gz-hm960 hdmi® cable aa-vg1 gz-hm960 aa-vf8 gs-td1 vx-hd315f · hdmi® ­ hdmi® mini cable 1.5m · for charging bn-vf series

pre c a utions on recording an d pl aying ba c k 3 dimages recording 3d images gs-td1 makes use of the misalignment between the images that enter the left and right eyes to create the 3d effect during 3d recording as the images that enter the left and right eyes are different fatigue may be experienced in addition depending on the content of the video an illusion of movement may be experienced and result in motion sickness take note of the following when recording 3d images securely hold a camera during 3d recording recording stable images · hold the camera and the lcd monitor with both hands while recording · keep elbows close to your sides to avoid camera shake · open your legs slightly 50m notes · make sure that you have stable footing during recording · do not swing the camera horizontally or vertically during recording · if the subject is not recorded within the recommended shooting distance 3d effect may be weak · when recording night scenes or landscapes 3d effect of