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parts for twin cam 88® s&s® replacement pinion gears high quality s&s pinion gears are carefully machined heat treated and then finish ground s&s color codes match harley-davidson® color codes so that replacement is easy just pick the appropriate color s&s gear that matches the color on the damaged stock gear see notes 1986 87 style gears are required for all engines with s&s flywheel assemblies 1991 93 style gears are required to match to tooth profiles of s&s cam gears when installed in 2000-up models with stock flywheels s&s pinion gears for 1986 87 harley-davidson® sportster® models these gears are required for s&s flywheel assemblies parts for sportster 86 06 parts for evolution® fitment vintage engines s&s pinion gears for 1991 99 harley-davidson® sportster® models these gears must be used when installing s&s cams in 2000 03 engines 1986-up sportster® 1994 02 buell® tools replacement parts for victory® off-road metric shop supplies parts x-wedge® s&s pinion shaft oil pump drive gear for harley-davidson® sportster® models s&s® pinion gears for 1986 87 sportster® ­ required for all s&s flywheel assemblies 1986 03 application 1986 87 biggest color code h-d® part no s&s part no blue 24056-86 33-4152 red 24057-86 33-4153 average white 24058-86 33-4154 green 24059-86 33-4155 smallest yellow 24060-86 33-4156 s&s® pinion gears for 1991-up sportster® with stock flywheel assembly application 1991-up biggest color code h-d® part no s&s part no blue 24056-91 33-4162 red 24057-91 33-4163 average white 24058-91 33-4164 green 24059-91 33-4165 smallest yellow 24060-91 33-4166 pinion shaft components for 1986 03 sportster® models racing products item 1986 87 style pinion gear nut 1986 87 style pinion shaft oil pump drive gear 1 h-d® part no 1 7913 26318-75 s&s part no 33-4254 33-4228 warranty dealer services company policy promo items note no longer available from harley-davidson® notes if the stock gear is unmarked and the size is unknown or you are scratch building an engine and have no gear we recommend that you order a gear in the middle of the size range these sizes were used more often and should provide adequate gear clearance under most circumstances when in doubt use a gear from the middle to the small side of the range because a combination of looser fitting smaller gears is less likely to cause binding and premature wear consult the chart for the size and appropriate part number required if you wish to achieve optimum cam gear to pinion gear fit consult your factory service manual for instructions on fitting these gears before making a selection some sizes particularly those on and near the ends of each range are available on a limited basis because they are the extremes order toll free 866-244-2673 3-32