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2 5 electrical installation in concrete on-site mixed concrete and precast concrete requirements product solutions installation in on-site mixed concrete electrical installation in concrete walls one-gang junction box for fixing to the reinforcement practical housing sizes sturdy design one-gang and one-gang junction boxes prefix® concrete building box junction casings 8 10 12 variable for various installation accessories universal installation housing 14 ceiling installation ceiling boxes and ceiling junction boxes 18 empty conduit installation wall and ceiling transitions wire-pull and junction casings 20 solutions for luminaires and loudspeakers system halox® 24 system b2 slab ceiling boxes 115 105 and for retrofitting wall-ceiling transitions and oval funnels system halox® 32 34 35 32 halox® installation kit halox® for concrete solid ceilings 44 46 installation in precast concrete one-gang junction box for precast concrete slab ceiling installation for luminaires

on-site mixed concrete wall installation 1 71 71 71 91 91 71 91 2 use the robust support technology for the secure and sturdy bridging of the clearances between the formwork units 91 3 1 t hanks to the large installation opening without a bridge the two-gang junction box makes possible the use of pre-wired devices pre-wired block inserts and many more 2 the combination distance for one-gang boxes or one-gang junction boxes is 71 mm din 49075 use distance piece 91 to create a distance of 91 mm for separated low-voltage covers 3 for multiline installation use distance pieces 91 line distance 91 mm to separate the individual lines multiple cover frame one-gang box 58 mm art no 1255-40 one-gang box 41 mm art no 1255-43 one-gang junction box 82 mm art no 1265-40 one-gang junction box 79 mm art no 1260-40 junction box art no 1276-70/71 wall lamp connection box art no 1248-40 one-gang box perilex® art no 1276-40 one-gang box cee art no 1275-40 electronic box art no 1268-40 two-gang

universal installation housings for concrete ceilings and walls variable for diverse installation accessories the universal installation housings can be used for the easy secure installation of many applications for which the market does not offer any standard installation solutions in concrete for example devices such as touch panels for smart home uses can be fitted in the best possible way by means of the installation opening which can be created individually in the mineral fibreboard in addition the universal installation housings always provide the optimal solution for additional applications for control systems lighting and sound systems in rooms and buildings processing of the universal installation housings is the same as the processing of the junction casings so it is easy to carry out both the planning and the processing the housing system is suitable for installation work in both on-site mixed concrete and prefabricated concrete elements and also for use in walls and

on-site mixed concrete ceiling installation 2 3 1 the universal ceiling and wall exit with a screw-on surface of Ø 85 mm can be used for all types of formwork ceiling junction box art no 1264-50 1265-50 4 1c  eiling box with m5 metal nut for light hooks hook length min 75 mm plaster thickness is especially suitable for attaching using hot glue 2 the universal conduit entries are opened with a hammer blow up to 4 conduits can be inserted 3 the ceiling boxes are equipped with various combination entries 4 the ceiling junction boxes provide plenty of space for connections and 8 markings for cable entry up to Ø 25 mm the domed cap nut integrated in the rear part permits the fitting of a light hook in accordance with din en 60670 part 21 ceiling large conduit box art no 1260-50 ceiling box 45º art no 1248-50 1249-50 Ø 35 mm Ø 35 mm Ø 35 mm Ø 60 mm large slab ceiling box 115 art no 1227-50 Ø 60 mm slab ceiling for retrofitting art no 1247-01 domed box 45º

one system for all situations – for processing in on-site mixed concrete the front parts can be nailed to the working formwork prefix® installation kits are available for fixing to the opposing formwork pressure-resistant tunnel for holding operating devices minimal effect on the statics – no reinforcement cuts required in the tunnel area continuous housing system – modular flexible for all installation diameters heights and openings for luminaires and loudspeakers up to 250 mm diameter system halox® for on-site mixed concrete product film 24

installation in concrete halox® for on-site mixed concrete 5 6 7 8 halox® 100 art no 1281-00 halox® 100 with tunnel 190 art no 1281-30 halox® 180 art no 1282-00 halox® 180 with tunnel 190 art no 1282-30 halox® 180 with tunnel 325 art no 1282-40 halox® 250 art no 1283-00 halox® 250 with tunnel 325 art no 1283-40 extension rings halox® art no 1281-21/25/50 art no 1282-25/50 art no 1283-25/50 wall installation kit art no 1299-60 64 prefix® installation sets art no 1299-65/66

precast concrete system b2 1b  ² system for installation in horizontal precast concrete all installation tasks can be dealt with using just a few components the one-gang boxes are self-adhesive and the accessories complete the programme for practical use 2 conduit connectors can easily be snapped in 3 the extension element is used to bridge the wall thickness and support of one-gang installation for installation on the opposing formwork side one-gang junction box art no 1263-60 punch pliers art no 1286-33/34 for making exact entries for cables and conduits conduit connector art no 1261-20 conduit connector 60° art no 1266-25 extension element 10 to 50 mm art no 1261-10

halox® system overview for precast concrete the halox® system for precast concrete consists of various components which depending on their use are ® system overview of concrete ®fortheprecast individually assembled use the following steps to select components system overview ofhalox halox for required precast concrete compartment for 11installation installation compartment for luminaires loudspeakers and luminaires loudspeakers and operating devices operating devices max 140 mm max 210 mm max.tolerance 140 mmcompensation max.tolerance 210 mmcompensation with with with tolerance compensation with tolerance compensation max 180 mm max 250 mm max 180 mm compensation max 250 mm compensation without tolerance without tolerance without tolerance compensation without tolerance compensation adhesive attachment magnet attachment adhesive attachment magnet attachment adhesive attachment magnet attachment adhesive attachment magnet attachment one-piece housing with one-piece

installation in concrete halox® for precast concrete press 45°c 32°c 33°c 1 2 3 1 built-in luminaire lv led 35 w 2 temperature profile lv led luminaire max 35 w 3 the high contact surface of the housings conducts the heat away directly via the concrete which prevents overheating in the housing press kaiser s innovative opening technology for inserting the electrical installation conduits is unique without the need for tools this requires only two fingers and is then available as a combination entry for m20 and m25 electrical installation conduits if incorrect population takes place the opening can easily be closed again and is sealed against concrete the conduit retention provides maximum retention force so the electrical installation conduits cannot slip out during concreting in addition the depth stop ensures that the conduits do not need to be shortened afterwards on the inside

www.kaiser-elektro.org/partslistllgmixedconcrete installation housing for on-site mixed concrete installation dimension up to Ø 100 mm halox® 100 on-site mixed concrete 1281-00 p 24 halox® 100 with tunnel 190 on-site mixed concrete 1281-30 p 24 halox® 100 front parts 1281-01 07 p 24 halox® 100 front parts for quadratic ceiling exits 1281-08/09 p 24 halox® 100 universal­ front parts plastic 1281-10 p 24 halox® 100 universal­ front parts with mineral fibreboard 1281-11 p 24 halox® 100 extension rings 1281-21/25/50 p 24 prefix® installation set 1299-65 p 24 halox® 180 with tunnel 325 on-site mixed concrete 1282-40 p 24 halox® 180 front parts 1282-01 06 p 24 wall installation set 1299-60 64 p 24 prefix® installation set 1299-66 p 24 halox® 250 front parts for facing concrete 1283-61 66 p 24 halox® 100 front parts for facing concrete 1281-61 67 p 24 halox® 100 front parts for quadratic ceiling exits for facing concrete

systems and solutions for professional electrical installation since 1904 kaiser has developed and manufactured systems and products as a basis for good installation planners and users benefit internationally from the practical solutions for their daily operations in all areas of installation energy efficiency innovative kaiser products support you in satisfying the requirements of the eu guidelines and the national regulations such as the energy conservation regulations enev fire protection kaiser fire protection systems offer you reliable protection for electrical installations in fire protection walls and ceilings kaiser‘s innovative sound insulation boxes ensure the structural requirements for sound insulation walls even with pre-fitted installations radiation protection the use of the new radiation protection boxes maintains the wall‘s radiation protection without the need for any additional screening measures refurbishment dc0817drde7.5 subject to errors and