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installation flat front part for easy nailing use the kaiser punch pliers or the opening cutter to make exact cable or conduit entries easy fitting of cables and conduits through exact openings the snap-in connection ensures fast installation opposing installation cable entry behind the reinforcement installation on opposing formwork is easy with the tried-and-tested kaiser support element also the integrated spring travel ensures a secure fit and compensates for any dimensional tolerances tie lugs provide additional security if extreme loads are expected can be combined at the standardised combination distance of 71 mm or 91 mm with one-gang or one-gang junction boxes with the electronics box it is easy to install radio actuators etc without excess strain on cables or accessories network connection boxes can be operated with retention of the cable bending radii which ensures the best possible data transfer examples of applications for the electronics box by fitting the separator wall two different voltage types can be fitted standardised in the electronics box in addition it provides plenty of space for decental installation of window actuators for controlling venetian blinds heating etc examples of applications for the two-gang junction box thanks to the large installation opening without a centre bridge the two-gang junction box permits the use of pre-wired accessories pre-wired block inserts and many more it also provides an easy-to-use basis for the installation of multimedia connection boxes the large installation space offers plenty of space for assembling cables it is easy to insert cable reserves and terminal connectors in the box they are then concealed behind the accessories.