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electronics box econ® and two-gang junction box econ® easy-to-use installation compartment for modern building installation air-tight electrical installation in masonry

electronics box econ® two-gang junction box econ® the electronics box and two-gang junction box using econ technology are ideal for installation in masonry walls on which the interior plaster forms the air-tight closure on the room side the electronics box econ® provides a generously-sized accessory installation compartment and an additional space for switch actuators or other electronic accessories the two-gang junction box econ® makes it easier than ever to instal special accessories the large installation opening and the large installation compartment make it possible to instal block and pre-wired accessories etc and create space for the configuring of cables for multi-media connections • elastic sealing membrane for guaranteed air tightness • variable and toolless insertion of single cables duplex cables and din en conduits •a  dditional space for decentral installation of knx lon actuators venetian blinds cut-off relays and many more •

fitting information air tightness the permanently elastic sealing membrane used in econ® technology guarantees the airtight connection of cables up to Ø  11  mm and conduits up to Ø 25 mm even duplex cables can be installed securely and air-tight ­without an installation conduit the sealing membrane fits tightly around the cable or conduit and permanently prevents leakage in external walls and in interior walls next to external walls the all-round sealing lip ­between the box body and the front part ensures an air-tight connection so it also maintains the air tightness of the ­building examples of applications for the electronics box econ® by inserting the separator wall two different voltage types can be fitted in a standardised way in the electronics box in addition they provide a generously-sized installation space … for the decentral installation of for example small window actuators for controlling venetian blinds and heating in the

electronics box econ® two-gang junction box econ® ·w  ith separator wall for standardised voltage separation ·a  ir-tight version with sealing membrane · 4 screw domes · air-tight version with sealing membrane · 6 screw domes airtight airtight length x width x depth installation opening device screws cable entries up to 11 mm duplex cable entries 2 x up to 11 mm conduit entries up to m25 conduit entries in the connector area up to m25 art no inner packaging/dispatch 149 x 80 x 68 mm 60 mm 2 4 149 x 80 x 68 mm 60 x 131 mm 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 • • 1068-21 10 100 1656-21 10 100 signal cover 1181-56 distance support 1159-34 drilling template 1190-65 dust extraction 1088-16/21/41 tunnel connector 1159-36 tools diamond grinding head for dust extraction 1088-02/03 there are also electronics boxes for sound insulation walls for sound insulation walls für brandschutzwände 9062-94 9069-94 technical information and support all additional