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Catalog Electronics box ECON® Flex 2016

electronic box flex tubing m flex junction box w terminals thin wall box halogen free conduit halogen free cables halogen free cable fully insulated terminal gang box 5 gang box 2 gang box 3 gang box 6 gang box conduit box flex connectors junction box 2 terminal big kaiser 4 gang boxes thin wall conduit terminal lug thin wall cable 2 hole lug 0 3 wire lug conduit and cable support t and b connector lugs

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job application  to the electrical trade e ‘v uoyenoehti‘m rofde it a w s alway the basis for good

hello here i am kaiser‘s electronics box econ® flex as the newest box in my family i‘m sending a job application to the entire electrical trade that‘s because i have a range of abilities which you should know about i‘m convinced that i can make things go quicker and faster with me what‘s more i can deal with the situations which have been difficult for you in the past hich wxob ll a w y it vaci‘m the only ion t a ll atsni ­ retfae iz s increases its g in nepomm 8 6 ahgu thro product

here‘s what i can offer you • i answer to the name of electronics box econ® flex • i‘m thin during installation and afterwards i‘m twice as big • i keep things tight take my word for it • i‘m a genuine brand name product •m  y father invented the cavity wall box •m  y family stands right behind me with 112 years of experience examples of my work your work can look like this when you make use of me combination with econ® cavity wall boxes is possible additional space for connection terminals accepts electronic components e.g actuators space for cable reserves standardised cable retention elastic sealing membrane permits toolless cable entry… … and conduit entries up to m25 in an airtight version my special strengths i can do more existing Ø 68 mm installation openings can be used air-tight and fully-insulated combination by means of support connectors art no

working practice if you use me the way you see here we will become a great team create Ø 68 mm installation opening for refurbishing centre distance 71 mm using profix ​feed cable or conduit air-tight through the elastic sealing membrane for easy installation fold in the elastic tunnel insert the box into the component opening tighten box lug screws and fold out the tunnel insert electronic into the tunnel through-wiring takes place by means of support connectors art no 9060-98 guaranteed air-tight secure terminal compartment for electronic components component · f or accessories and electronic components · air-tight design with sealing membranes · e lastic tunnel ·c  ombinable with econ® one-gang junction boxes air-tight for panel thickness length x width x depth cut hole Ø device screws cable entries 3 x 2.5 mm² or 5 x 1.5 mm² cable entries of up to Ø 11.5 mm halogen-free air-tight tube entries up to m25 7