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basics laws and technology energy costs rise and energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for assessing the value of a building this applies to both new build projects and to renovation work refurbishing in addition the requirements in respect of overall energy efficiency in residential and non-residential buildings were increased by 25 on january 1 2016 accordingly heat insulation work must be improved by about 20 the top floor ceiling in existing buildings must be insulated if the roof above is not insulated or if it does not comply with minimal thermal insulation requirements the energy certificate is the central component of the enev and is binding for the sale renting or leasing of all buildings it evaluates the energy losses through the building shell and provides purchasers and tenants with more transparency in respect of a property s energy efficiency in germany the energy certificate has been compulsory for residential buildings since january 2009 and for

installation without heat bridges secure accessory fixing to or on the external wall insulation the quality of external wall insulation depends primarily on the uniformity of the insulation and the prevention of heat bridges balconies or external installations such as sockets outdoor switches and luminaires motion detectors intercoms or letter boxes are a special risk in addition to considerable heat losses heat bridges can also cause structural damage as a result of condensation or even mould which can be harmful to health the purpose of mechanically secure and heat bridge-free fixing to the insulated facade is to create a stable fit while at the same time not destroying the insulation layer to ensure this kaiser offers a comprehensive programme for the secure and optimal energy-saving fitting of electrical devices and components etc both for retrofitting in or on the insulated facade 8

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air-tight installation econ® technology innovation air-tight installation with additional installation space electronics box econ® flex because the air-tight electronics box with econ® technology can be installed very quickly it is ideal for use in modernising or expanding existing installations the flexible tunnel ensures easy fitting and creates space for electronic components cable reserves and terminals • additional side terminal compartment for communications and network technology • elastic membrane for guaranteed air tightness • toolless cable and conduit entry • integrated cable retention • can be combined air-tight and fully-insulated with support connectors airtight in addition to this system s guaranteed air tightness toolless cable and conduit entry and the integrated cable retention are just some of the clear advantages which everyday installation work using econ® makes efficient and safe a support connector makes possible the

air-tight installation installation housings 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 guaranteed air tightness even with expanded fixing springs thanks to flexible expanded pockets swivelling hollow allows targeted alignment of the installation spotlight flat housings allow use in low ceiling constructions e.g wooden slat construction temperature profile for installation led spotlights the rear surface structure ensures minimal contact of the vapour barrier and optimal heat dissipation in addition the thermox® led installation housing has other advantages its completely air-tight design ensures that neither dust nor dirt from the intermediate ceiling can penetrate and affect the function of the heat sink together with the thermic separation between the luminaire and the operating device this guarantees maximum operating life thermox® led art no 9320-10 thermox® led art no 9320-11 Ø 74 mm t 70 mm thermox® led art no 9320-20 Ø 74 mm t 95 mm thermox® led art no 9320-21 Ø 86 mm t 70 mm

for air-tight conduit and cable feed-throughs air-tight sleeves kaiser air-tight sleeves are ageing-resistant and can be used in many temperature ranges the extremely powerful adhesion ensures a good fit on many surfaces and also permanent air tightness the cable or conduit is fed through the elastic sealing plug which adapts itself to the relevant diameter • • • • • • large contact area to cables and conduits sealing even when cables are severely kinked guaranteed air-tight entries especially in the attic extremely powerful adhesion 10 variants for different cable and conduit diameters suitable for moisture retards foils sarking membranes osb boards if fibreboard is used we recommend an initial coat of primer 22

air-tight flush-mounting installation with econ® technology airtight flush-mounting boxes with econ® technology are especially suitable for use in masonry walls in which the plaster on the internal walls forms an air-tight closure on the inside they ensure that with fitted sockets and switches no air flows take place between the chambers in the masonry and the interior of the residence which guarantees an air-tight installation econ ® flush-mounting boxes provide a wide range of opportunities for air-tight conduit and cable entries and can be plastered in or processed using klemmfix® • air-tight version with sealing membrane • prevents leaks in external walls made of hollow chamber blocks • variable and toolless cable and conduit entries • torsion-proof guaranteed standardised combination distance of 71 mm with combinations 26 toolless cable and conduit entries using econ® technology make installation work much easier and

secure fit without a heat bridge equipment carrier the telescope equipment carrier and the universal equipment carrier make possible the installation of various accessories such as external luminaires and motion detectors on the insulated facade fixing both equipment carriers to the masonry takes place mechanically so that the weight of the accessories can be supported on a permanent basis the universal equipment carrier adapts easily with the use of extension elements to insulation elements up to 360 mm the telescope equipment carrier is infinitely adjustable to insulation thicknesses of 80-200 mm the large-area universal screw-on surfaces can be plastered over and are used for flexible accessory fixing • • • • secure mechanical fixing to the masonry prevention of heat bridges flexible adaptation to the insulation thickness universal screw-on surface for accessory fixing 30 the telescope equipment carrier is also suitable for ceiling

installation in external facades one-gang boxes the system equipment carrier with multi accessory insert is suitable for insulation thicknesses from 160-310 mm the modular construction and the assembly of the individual elements in 10 mm steps make possible flexible adaptation to the insulation system fixing by means of a single knock-in anchor reduces installation time to a minimum and at the same time it ensures secure and safe anchoring to the masonry the multi accessory insert makes possible the installation of single accessories but also permits the combination of 2-way or 3-way inserts • • • • fast mechanically-secure fixing to the masonry modular adaptation to the insulation thickness combinations up to 3-way are possible two product types make many applications possible universal equipment carrier with combination insert art no 1159-26 telescope one-gang box art no 1159-61 combination one-gang box art no 1159-62 system equipment carrier with multi

retrofitting in facades later installation securely anchored without heat bridges econ® styro55 the econ ® styro55 one-gang junction box makes possible the retrofitting of accessories such as sockets and switches in organic composite thermal insulation systems wdvs fast securely and without heat bridges the box is easily and quickly inserted and fixed in position • • • • • by using the kaiser hardened metal cutter 180 Ø 68 mm and the centering aid the composite thermal insulation system is given a secure fit and only opened as deeply as necessary there is no damage to existing cables for retrofitting in insulated facades cutting system prevents cable damage guarantees heat bridge-free installation 4 swivels for safe secure anchoring no penetration by moisture econ® technology with its toolless air-tight entry prevents cold draughts from getting to the masonry when cables are fed directly after pressing into the wdvs fix the box in position by